The Left and Non-U.S. Schools (Please Help)

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    Hi everyone, I’m a high school student from Southeast Asia. Recently, my English teacher, who is American, assigned us Citizen by Claudia Rankine for required reading. It is a collection of short stories about the “microaggressions” that black people supposedly face in their daily lives.

    This is the single worst book I’ve ever read, and I do not say that lightly. It’s full of Leftist jargon, the arguments that it makes don’t make any sense, and some of the “racist” incidents it describes aren’t even racist. It’s a disgrace to literature. Even worse, my class has to write about how the book relates to critical race theory. We live on the other side of the world, in a place that is mostly homogenous. How does critical race theory even apply to us?

    By the way, I’m supposed to be in the best English Literature class in my country. This is the standard we’re setting apparently.

    So my main questions are:

    1. What is your opinion on the Far Left infiltrating non-U.S. education?

    2. Is there anything that I can do to stop it? (Keep in mind, I am still a student.)

    I will be open to your suggestions.


      Well, i’m sure glad i’m not in high school anymore!

      I have a feeling far left infiltration outside the US is pretty common, now even more

      I was in 5th grade (primary school) when Obama first got elected, and part of the school curriculum was basicly just saying how great he was for being the first black presidential candidate, and none of my teachers were american!

      Election day came, and the whole school was listening to the results on the radio, i have zero interest in politics and no care as to what all the hype was about, but i remember one of the kids in the year below me standing next to me and blurting out “i hope Obama wins”, i asked him “why?”, he said “’cause he’s black”, baffled i kept questioning “yes, but why do you like him as a person, as a leader?” “who’s he running against?”, the answer to those was “i don’t know”, even more baffled i ask him “well, if you don’t know anything about him, or who he’s running against, then why do you want him to win?!”, and the conversation circled back to his original answer “’cause he’s black”

      About what you can do to stop this, there really isn’t anything you can do, one student alone’s not gonna change the whole system. What you can do for yourself, for your own sanity is one of 2 things, 1) play dumb and write the nice little essay the teacher wants, and survive high school by bull shitting your way thru it, no one’s gonna change the way you really think and feel about things anyway, or 2) if n. 1 really goes against all your morals and you can’t bear doing it, just write the essay you want critisizing the book and saying outright what you didn’t like about it, or even use a non direct approach, but still being honest to yourself, just bear in mind, picking this road’ll probably get you a zero and have you become your SJW teacher’s worst enemy

      In the end you have to way the pros and cons of your situation, do you care about high school? What kind of job or higher education do you want in the future? Also you’re the one who knows how much of an SJW your teacher is (and how much he/she likes/dislikes you in the first place), not me, so you should know what you can get away with without jeopardizing your grades, or if playing dumb’ll help your grades

      When i was in high school, i always chose the 2nd option, but, i didn’t give a shit about school, i never did my homework, was late every day except the first and the last, and pissed off teachers for my own entertainment, and ultimately, dropped out of high school

      So if your not like me, and actually care about high school, i strongly suggest you do not follow in my footsteps

      Hope this longer than expected post is of some help to you, and survive high school, you can do it 👍

      PS. I’m very curious as to what the “racist” incidents that aren’t even racist from the book are now, be cool if you could provide some SJW material for us here on G+G to have a laugh at 🤣🤣


      Ok, thanks so much for your advice! I tried the first suggestion today. Not gonna lie, it hurt my ego a little bit, haha. Might go for the second one later this week. As an Asian, getting kicked out of school is kind of a death sentence, so I plan to be careful.

      Also, I’d be happy to post some dumb quotes from the book! I’ll put the link here when I’m done writing it up. (Gonna make a whole new thread so it’s easier to find.)

      P.S. Thanks again. You’re probably the nicest person I’ve met online so far.

      Have a great day! :)


      1. What is your opinion on the Far Left infiltrating non-U.S. education?

      IMO, I think it is disgusting.

      At the fall of the USSR, they had to throw out all final exams/curriculums are it was not an education system, but an indoctrination system.

      People had been warning since WWII of the steps marxist/communism will take to destroy freedom and liberty in the world.

      This is just one of those steps.

      2. Is there anything that I can do to stop it? (Keep in mind, I am still a student.)

      The rise of home schooling, to which parents teach their kids the difference between right and wrong, to install morals and principles, to let them know they are responsible for their own actions (and to not blame others for everything), etc.

      As a single student, all you can do is remember to be yourself.  Answer the questions the way your instructors want to hear, but never forgot the truth.

      Also, I would personally watch channels like PragerU on u-tube.


      However if you just get homeschooling from your parents then their views are automatically getting pushed on the child. And the quality of education isn’t going to be nearly as good, depending from which country you are of course.

      My country has pretty much if not the best, at least one of the best education systems in the world and over here getting homeschooled is an unthinkable concept as your education would be really lacking.


      Sometimes you gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em, so to speak, which means there are times you are forced to play the game if you wanna get out of the Left Wing mine field.

      In 2012 I made the mistake of thinking the Master’s program I was in was going to be as open minded as the previous program I had just finished. I had no idea one of my profs was a rabid Left Wing Obamaite. I made the mistake in a paper challenging that China was a problem for the world with its totalitarian methods. Well, he slammed my grade hard and beat me down grade wise for the rest of the semester until the Final which was designed to have him grade them blindly. For that paper I “played the game” and went full libtard talking about how great and wide ranging world wide leviathan organizations were and how they were necessary for world stability.

      Stupid ass had no idea it was me and gave me an A.

      Several months later when I was exiting that program and side transitioning to a better one in the school…the death look that man gave me when I passed him in the hall one day was unbelievable…stared him back down and kept on walking since he had no power over me anymore.

      So play the game, my friend. Play the game until you are in a position where you can fight back and make a difference. Let them give you the power to take them down.

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        🤣🤣🤣 Blind grading seems great! I wish my school did that, though come to think about it, it probably wouldn’t work with me, teacher’d figure out it’s me by the amount of spelling mistakes 😅


        George Bush (Jr) was still President when I left High School. I feel pretty bad for a lot of kids coming of age in a time of great political instability like this.

        Don’t think I can say anything which DigiCat has already said, but I’ll add my thoughts, anyway.

        If you have any dreams and/or aspirations for the future, I would strongly recommend just simply enduring this for now – Human history shows we tend go through periods like this in cycles as grown adults lose all their sense of reason and objectivity. It won’t be worth your future being cast aside like garbage because of some idiot ideologue professor gave you a bad grade just because you spoke your mind. They don’t value intellectual honesty or diversity of thought and they sure as hell don’t like being told they’re wrong.

        There isn’t much you can against someone who is in a position of authority over you, so it’s pragmatic and wiser to play the long game: Consider writing what you know your teacher would want to read (honestly, I half expected you to mention White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo – The single worst book in existence. But it might make for good research material as I think it’s actually served as the basis from which Critical Race Theory is derived from, and can help you understand what these people believe in). I know it doesn’t seem very honest, but the far-left consider their opponents as sub-human: You can’t really be afford to be honorable when they won’t afford you the same courtesy.

        (While I’m at it, consider picking up Lauren Southern’s book. It’s a bit outdated, and a bit more aimed at my generation (Millennial’s). But it makes for a good bite-size read and could help younger generations understand how exactly we got to this point (the signs were there when we growing up. Looking back, I suppose we should’ve considered it a bit more ominous).

        Also… Have you considered talking to your parents? I would understand being cautious if you don’t know how they feel politically. Perhaps just ask them for help on homework and then gauge their reaction when they see what you’re being made to write. I’m not saying they can do anything towards the school (nor should they), but they might be able to help navigate you through this.


          It won’t be worth your future being cast aside like garbage because of some idiot ideologue professor gave you a bad grade just because you spoke your mind. They don’t value intellectual honesty or diversity of thought and they sure as hell don’t like being told they’re wrong.

          This is brining back some fond memories of middle school 😂 I once made the mistake of correcting a teacher, i wasn’t even being a smart-ass, it was the first lesson of the day and i though she’d made an innocent mistake due to being a little tired but that she’d know it was a mistake once she realized, turns out she actually didn’t know what she was teaching, and i had a bounty on my head for the rest of the year, add that to the 5 other bounties i’d accumulated that year 😁

          baby yoda - wanted


          Yay, I had that same experience with a former teacher of mine.

          Tried to teach us computer DOS – when they could not even find the on/off switch!

          During labs, fellow students would come to me for answers, while the teacher just sat there reading a magazine.

          I easily got A+ in that.


          What made it worse is that I was stuck with the same idiot for a second year.

          Not in the same subject.  At the time they did not list who the teachers were, just the class/time.

          Needless to say, my two first report card marks in my second year with that moron was 25% and 35%.

          I did pass the class at the end.


          It is with ass-holes like that, once they get senority, can’t be moved/fired for incompentency.


          “honestly, I half expected you to mention White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo – The single worst book in existence.”

          Funny you should mention that. When I was reading “Citizen” I immediately thought of “White Fragility”. The language in both books is so similar that it’s a little unsettling. I haven’t read “White Fragility” in full, but I watched Ben Shapiro’s video about it and heard him read out some quotes. It’s really creepy how these leftist authors all sound the same.

          Also, I talked to my Dad and he agrees that the book is ridiculous. I try not to bother him with my problems though, especially if it’s school-related, since he works really hard to send me there. Neither of my parents care a whole lot about American politics, which makes sense since we’re not American and have never lived there. They are pretty conservative though (otherwise they wouldn’t agree with me very much). They also refuse to complain to my school, which I can respect. Their advice was pretty-much what you said: avoid trouble, but don’t forget what you believe.

          Thanks for your response!


          Am I gonna get in trouble with my school if I get caught posting screenshots of the vocab list we got for English?


          Unless someone tells your school to come here, and since we don’t know your docs, I don’t think any of us will narc you out. And if you are just sending pics from your own home, that’s your private place, not the school, so who can stop you?

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