The misconceptions about social distancing and masks

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      I don’t understand why people are so fast to believe conspiracies but fail at even at the lowest level of logic.

      Yesterday on Friday Night Tights, they also started harping on about children not being allowed to go school.

      Their argument was that but children don’t get sick from it, and very rarely die from it.So home schooling is dumb!

      But this is not the point of social distancing.
      You are not protecting yourself by social distancing you are preventing the spread of the virus. Just because children don’t get serious symptoms doesn’t mean they can’t spread the virus.  And exactly because they don’t get serious symptoms likely most will never even realize that they had the cough. All the while happily spreading it to everyone who they come in contact with, including people who are more vulnerable to getting seriously ill. The only way the virus can run its course if we do everything in our power to prevent it from spreading. And opening schools is the exact opposite of that.

      And the same goes for masks. They are not required as a protection for you. Yet I still see people harping on about “studies” that show masks don’t protect you from getting infected. FFS. The point of the mask is not to protect the wearer. It is to protect others in case the wearer has an infectious disease that can spread by bodily fluids.  You thought surgeons wear masks during operation to protect themselves? No they wear it to protect the patient.

      Yet people still think of masks as if they serve the function of a gas mask.

      Not everything is a conspiracy and the government isn’t trying to get one over on you as a joke by forcing social distancing and the wearing of masks. Like they have anything to gain by forcing Joe Nobody to wear a mask.

      Seriously! If you want things to get back to normal as fast as possible don’t defy social distancing rules! And wear that damn mask in public, it’s not that hard.

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      Don’t you get it? Masks and social distancing are Bill Gates and government hoaxes in order to spy on us and turn us all into gay crocodiles!

      But seriously, I 100% agree. I don’t think they should be ”obligatory or otherwise you should get penalized in some way”, but for the sake of other people why can’t people just wear them in crowded places? If you sneeze, the droplets spread across a closed room in a second.

      And before people (most likely Niko :-D) call me an SJW libtard snowflake black gay dude again, I 100% am a Trump supporter. I just think you should be able to laugh at jokes against your own kind.E29C25B8-06D5-4DBA-975D-949B5775E37A


      The issue stopped being scientific a while ago. It’s become political, ethical and psychological.

      While this virus is serious, its danger has been vastly overstated. Authorities have proven themselves incompetent and keep giving conflicting information, while left-wing zealots have turned pandemic regulations into some kind of bizarre new religion. This is something that shouldn’t have been politicized, but it absolutely was. As far I’m concerned, it’s a symptom of our cultural malaise: Neoliberalism has utterly eroded the national identity and taken away people’s desire to feel like part of something greater than themselves. What better way of feeling like you’re part of a team effort while putting as little work into it as possible? And you get to shame people who don’t conform! Yeah, selfish assholes. I did my good deed for the day, no need to be concerned with the social ramifications of the future this might hold.

      I don’t have an issue with masks themselves but being mandated to wear one when you’re not even sick isn’t consideration of others. It’s compliance. The lockdowns have done jack shit other than delay the inevitable. Countries like Sweden that refused to go into lockdown have had similar death tolls than countries that did, so basically we shut down our economies and made things harder on ourselves for nothing. This virus might’ve been more serious than the average flu, but it was hardly the black death.

      And let’s not forget, after months of being told to stay at home and make sacrifices for the good of the country, cringe anarchists were then permitted to attack and tear down our national heritage. Social distancing rules no longer applied. Whatever trust there remained in the government was likely completely shattered after that. Why should anyone have to listen to what they say?


        Those are entirely different issues you talk about.Masks aren’t political. If you cut all politics out of it, at the end there is still scientific reasons to social distance and wear masks.

        Yes mobs shouldn’t be allowed to rampage without recourse, but that’s a whole separate issue. Just because they are doing that doesn’t mean you get moral permission to do stupid shit too.

        The right is just as guilty of politicizing the pandemic as the left. Only they advocate the defiance of the rules, and for opening things back up prematurely which is worse as it goes against scientific reason.  Symptoms only appear days later at the earliest after getting sick, or not at all for some people. So the point is that you don’t know if you are sick or not. And if you got a negative test, hooray for you, that only confirms that you weren’t infected at the time of testing, you could have contracted it on your way out of the testing lab already.

        I’m not discussing whether complete lockdown is worth it or not, but closing venues wherer lots of people interact in close proximity like schools is absolutely necessary and a must. I agree lockdown would only had a meaningful effect if done immediately. By the time it was mandated in the US it was too late. And prolonging it now in a few states makes even less sense. I think stores should be open with strict enforcement of wearing masks. But theaters, and schools, absolutely not.




        It is absolutely, 100% political – The WHO have flip-flopped on the mask position themselves, stating earlier this year that masks do little to combat the virus. Then they did a total 180 and admitted it was due to political pressure.

        On July 12, Deborah Cohen, the medical correspondent of BBC2’s Newsnight, revealed an astonishing thing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) had reversed its advice on face masks, from ‘don’t wear them’ to ‘do wear them’.
        But the key fact was that it had not done so because of scientific information – the evidence had not backed the wearing of face coverings – but because of political lobbying.

        She revealed on Twitter that: ‘We had been told by various sources [that the] WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but they recommended them due to political lobbying.’ She said the BBC had then put this to the WHO, which did not deny it.

        In March, the WHO had said: ‘There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can protect them from infection with respiratory viruses, including Covid-19.’

        The American TV news channel CNN reported on March 31 that Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies programme, had said at a briefing in Geneva: ‘There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit.
        ‘In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly.’

        A few weeks ago, the WHO changed its advice to say it ‘advises that governments should encourage the general public to wear masks where there is widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments.’

        Earlier that same month, England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, had said that wearing face masks would do little to combat the outbreak.
        While noting that if someone was infected, they might reduce the danger of spreading the disease by covering their faces, Prof Whitty said wearing a face mask had almost no effect on reducing the risk of contracting the illness.

        He stated: ‘In terms of wearing a mask, our advice is clear: that wearing a mask if you don’t have an infection reduces the risk almost not at all. So we do not advise that.’

        Also in March, the Advertising Standards Authority banned two firms’ advertisements for masks, saying that the adverts were ‘misleading, irresponsible and likely to cause fear without justifiable reason’.

        At about the same time, Dr Jenny Harries, a Deputy Chief Medical Officer, warned that people could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting Covid by wearing muzzles. She said masks could ‘actually trap the virus’, and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in. She explained: ‘For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea.’

        On April 3, the other Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, said he did not believe healthy people wearing them would reduce the spread of the disease in the UK.
        The British Government has also zig-zagged. As recently as June 24, in a series of official pamphlets for reopening shops and services, the Department for Business and Enterprise said repeatedly: ‘The evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small.’

        This was true at the time and it is still true. The evidence is indeed weak. There is plenty of research showing that the case for muzzles is poor, especially a survey done for the dental profession four years ago, which quietly vanished from the internet after mask opponents began to cite it.

        The scientific papers in favour of muzzling are full of weak, hesitant words such as ‘probably, ‘could’ and ‘may’ – which can equally well be expressed as ‘probably not’, ‘could not’ or ‘may not’.

        There has not been any great discovery in the past few days.
        Generally, the main way of discovering if something works is the Randomised Control Trial (RCT), in which the proposed treatment or method is tested directly and thoroughly.

        This hasn’t been done with muzzles, probably because it would be a bit difficult and possibly because muzzle zealots fear the results would not help their case.

        So which is it, then? The most generous assumption is that they’re trying to control something that can’t really be controlled – And have proven they don’t really know what they’re doing. But the demoralizing effect that this has had on people is pretty clear.

        The difference between those who masks and those who don’t is whether or not you trust whatever those in positions of authority tell you.

        And in all honesty trying to debate this is a massive distraction from how the outbreak started in the first place. The only effective way to have prevented this situation was to shut down the borders and to stop any and all travel to and from China and other infected countries. But neolibs love their open-borders, mass-immigration policy too much to even consider it.

        Nothing discredits open borders more than a mass-virus outbreak.


        It has become a political issue.

        Trump wanted to put in protective restrictions right away, while the leftists said it was fear-mongering.

        Now those same nazi-crats want to keep their cities/states closed, and blames Trump for not locking down the country sooner? ! ?

        So anything Trump does, the nazi-crats will do the opposite, not because of science, but because of political ideology.

        Those same nazi-crats “experts” wants to ban large gatherings as being unsafe as the spread of the virus is great, yet cheer with protester/mobs/rioters/looters do the same.  As people have noticed, this double standard of medial advice IS POLITICAL.


        That ass-hole Flunkie of the states constantly states Trump assembles will spread the virus, yet for blm/antifa/etc. he refuses to say those same words, only that they have a right to protest.  What a hypocrate!


        And now, even with masks, social distancing, constant cleanings, hand washing, etc, those “experts” (aka scientist/medical profession/etc.) are still telling people to expect a “second wave” as well as to expect the flu season to be just as bad as in previous years.

        So with masks and all, they still say people will get the flu as always.

        Those “experts” have become nothing by political spawns for the media and their nazi-crat masters to control the narrative, control people, and continue fearing people to do what they want.

        They want to destroy the economy Trump built up, and blame him and his party for it.

        The wanted to destroy homes and business, blame Trump, and extort the country for how many TRILLIONS are dollars, and then claiming for the upcoming election that if not for the nazi-crats, they would not have gotten ANY money.  Well if the lazy nazi-crats did their jobs, protecting the citizens and streets and businesses, they would not have had a change to make this all a POLITICAL issue.


        While science was very slow coming out of the WHO, many times contradicting themselves, and even the head of WHO stated the virus was all about “climate change” and how humans must change their behavior now.  The WHO made it a political issues!  See how clean cities are without an economy!  See how much less petroleum products are being consumed!


        But then, see how much foreign aid has been cut to those in need of it the most.

        Government spending in alot of nations have gone thru the roof.  Certain industries are making a killing because of the pandemic.  Strange how alot of those industries had a meeting a short time before this whole virus began.


        Looking at the facts the biased media won’t report on, you get a clearer picture of what IS going on.


        Why does everything have to be political in America then? Where I live, the government announced that they strongly recommend using masks in crowded places to avoid droplets spreading when sneezing or coughing and that’s it. Most people use masks, and that’s it. No need to make a big deal out of it, and point fingers on ”corrupt people in the government” and nazi-crats etc.

        As someone not from America, I find it very bizarre yet funny watching how anything and everything turns into a political weapon in the never ending tug-of-war between the right and the left.


        An excellent question. I guess the simplest answer is that both the Left and the Right have been drifting further away from the center over the last several years and as such they’re less likely to reach mutual understanding. The reason why that’s happened is complicated: It’s been nearly thirty years since the end of the Cold War, and neolibs/neocons have been running the show since then. While their policies have brought us more social and economic freedoms, they’ve also caused problems that have built up over time (unfettered immigration, endless foreign wars, etc). I guess we’ve simply reached the breaking point and people want dramatic change and they want it now. The main problem is that the populist left and populist right see the other side as monsters who would destroy the country if one group ever achieved power and so they aren’t willing to work together.

        Not to mention American culture in particular incentivizes a certain gung-ho attitude in patriotism. Americans aren’t exactly known for being humble. Personally, I do find it somewhat endearing about them at times, but I understand why it might annoy non-Americans.

        I do think both COVID-19 and George Floyd’s death should’ve been something we could’ve all united around, but man, some crazy people just leap in with the worst partisan takes and will continue to exacerbate the divide. Don’t these people ever get tired of being angry all the time?


        That’s something I find fascinating about Americans. They have probably more pride in their country than anyone else, but at times it can lead to extreme stubborness, idiotism and ignorance towards everything that is not American.

        And I completely agree with the last part. It seems like people only want to prove other people wrong without taking other’s opinions into consideration. As I quoted Jordan Peterson in another thread, people want to ”win” rather than find a real solution which benefits everyone.


          I havent wore a mask yet and I’m not gonna start.

          If you wanna believe the bullshit they spew in the media (the same media everyone agrees does nothing but lie and fear monger), feel free to do so.

          If you think you need a mask, you wear a mask and it wont matter if anyone else is.

          If what idiots think is true, people like me will start dropping dead left and right but that isnt happening is it?

          I was, actually, hoping idiots were right because if they were, they’d be no rioting right now because they’d all be fucking dead.


            Correction, the right, center, and libertarians are proud of America.
            The left and socialist do nothing but bitch about this country and do everything possible to sell us out.
            That’s where the divide is created.

            And, quite frankly, you have no idea what’s going on in this country.
            You know what the media is telling you.
            The media lies for views and control.
            So, assume you dont know shit because you dont.
            You, probably, think the entire country is on fire when it’s, actually just a handful of liberal cities with socialist governors.
            The other 99% of the country is functioning just fine.

            You think everything is a political argument that everyone uses against each other.
            Again, no, the media pretends everything is and reports the story as if it, actually is.
            Most people in America hate politics, period, because of how stupid both sides act.

            Unless you are from China, Russia or India, America eclipses your country’s population.
            Therefor, even a small percent of the population can make something seem like it’s the norm when it’s not normal.
            Especially, when the most active internet users are from that small percentage.


            Well I’m not familiar with exactly how far the riots have spread, but if people die, get injured, businesses get burned down, buildings destroyed etc almost every day for a couple months already then I think it’s really really bad, and it was all started from a political statement. Or is all this something normal for you?

            If I (or someone close to me) get shot, my house burned down etc then I don’t get much comfort from thinking ”at least 90% of the country is fine”.


            What is it you murder hobos say?

            My body my choice. Take your mask and shove it up your ass. Cotton masks dont stop anything and if you think they do you are even dumber than you look.


            Seriously if this ‘virus’ was a vurilent as the communist news claims it is there would be dead homeless fucks on every corner.

            Not one. Get fucked coward.


            Again, the masks do stop the droplets from spreading while sneezing or coughing. In a crowded room, if you sneeze, the room is filled with droplets in a second. Obviously they don’t completely stop you from getting the virus.

            And ofc it’s your choice if you want to wear a mask. I just don’t get why peope can’t wear them (at least in very crowded places) for the sake of other people, if not anything else. Why is it such a big deal? It’s like little children doing the exact opposite to what their parents tell them just because they want to rebel and make things more difficult for no reason.

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