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    Howdy, all!

    So, some of you may or may not know, I have a YouTube channel, whose purpose alongside fighting the culture war is also supposed to act as a launching point for creating a independent novelist space similar to Comicsgate where independent ready for prime time authors can promote and sell their original IPs so that we can create an alternative to the shit entertainment industry we have today.

    In order to help do that live streaming on a regular basis is a must, and while I do have a solo live stream I run on Wednesdays live streams featuring panels for fun and promotion is part of what Comicsgate taught us leads to successful crowdfunding ventures. To that, I had entered into a partnership with another channel to start a dedicated panel show called The Round Table, meant to give seats to creators where they could help their channels grow and sell their products in the future. Due to creative differences, however, that partnership dissolved last weekend, leaving The Round Table without any co-hosts at the moment.

    I believe in the purpose and potential of The Round Table to be a fun panel show, so I am not giving up on it as a show and its purpose. I had originally hoped to organically find more co-hosts to take seats at the round table, ie. simply meeting and getting to know other YouTubers and writers over time to create solid relationships, but what audience I do have now does want the show to continue as soon as possible, therefore, I feel I must take proactive measures to get the show back on the air as quickly as possible. Since I am a new YouTuber, the size of my channel has not put me out there super visibly, which means I have not really met other YouTubers in the organic manner I was hoping to over time in a leisurely manner.

    So with that being said, I am basically putting out this casting call of sorts. If you are a writer/creator/fledgling or experienced YouTuber and you might think you and I would have some chemistry, you believe in what I’m trying to build, and just want to have some fun then consider reaching out to me and trying your hand as a guest co-host on The Round Table as I seek to fill the seats.

    The Round Table as a show is meant to cover a wide range of topics from discussion and debate over current pop culture news topics, analysis of events, shows, videogames, and movies, nerding out over all forms of gaming, and a great appreciation of science fiction and fantasy books, and eventual promotion of novel projects like an EVS stream on Comicsgate.

    So if you are interested, please reach out to me at

    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to the possibilities.

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    The Round Table will be returning at its regular time 2PM EST on Saturday November 27th with guest co-host GrumpyOldVapingGamer!

    Hope to see old and new faces join us!

    And remember, the invitation for trying out as a guest co-host is still open! There are many seats yet to fill at The Round Table!

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    Looks like I jumped the gun on the announcement.

    GrumpyOldVapingGamer’s RL hours changed for this weekend this  morning, so as of this moment the show remains on hiatus still. We’re attempting to reschedule, so stay tuned.


    Good for you Roas, glad you found a new co-hosts, as the old ones we give our full blessings and best wishes to this. We truly hope this works out for the best for you buddy, despite being ourselves on hiatus from the RT, and hope that you guys sort out a good schedule for all involved!

    Also to all the fans of the Round-Table don’t forget to dance on tables, whilst listening to the CanadianFantasyCorner’s content; which includes fantasy-lore podcasts, videos, reviews and Book-Clubs. We’re currently doing a series of podcasts on Tolkien’s work and a Hobbit Book-Club so come subscribe to our channel over at

    tldr; congrats Roas, and subscribe to our channel too!


    Check it out!

    New show for Sunday.


    Thanks to GrumpyOldVapingGamer for a great show today!

    Remember! There are still plenty of seats at The Round Table! If you think you might fit in, drop me a line and we can schedule a guest co-host day for a try out!

    Also: Today’s episode will be re-uploaded once I make a small edit…cuz I’m a boomer…


    A Boomer?

    I thought you were a grifter?

    Or are you a boomer grifter?

    < HA Ha ha > 🤣

    Us irregulars must know.



    Us irregulars must know.

    I think we’ve got a name for the folks in the chat, now…The Irregulars.


    We are going LIVE:



    Join us Live!



    The Round Table is still seeking to add co-hosts to help grow and build the show!

    Read my opening post, and please feel free to reach out to me via email if you think you might like to give it try as a guest for a couple of shows.

    The more voices the better!


    Wouldn’t mind doing something like this but I think I’m in a different time zone and country lol!


    @DragonLady If you are interested, please shoot me an email and we’ll see if your timezone really is an issue. Don’t deny yourself the chance of a new adventure!


    Monthly bump!

    The Round Table is always looking for new blood to join us every Sunday.

    If you are a creator of any kind, have a channel, or are thinking of starting a channel and want to give streaming a try and think you might like to join us, please reach out to me to discuss the possibility.

    Email is still the same.

    Self promotion over.


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