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    This video is a great “tying into a bow” of everything that is going on with all the weird pushes we see.  The farming.  The bugs.  The land grabs.  The shortages. Etc.



    That it is. But no one’s really fighting it in the west. The ONLY ones fighting it are the Russians. No one else.


    Not true, lots of people are fighting it in the west.  Hence the trucker convoy in Canada and even the farmers in the Netherlands.  But it will take many many more to make a dent.  If not, then we all turn into Sri Lanka.

    But that aside. The interesting thing is this.  If you look at all the globalist pushes.  The farm stuff, the bug stuff, the gender and transgender stuff, the supply chain stuff, the energy stuff.  I think all roads lead to 1 thing. Depopulation.  Take the transgender push.  Why would you want to put that on little kids?  Get to them when they can be convinced and or forced to essentially be sterilized.    Depopulation is the goal.  I think it was Bill Gates who mentioned that the Earth should have no more than 500 million people on it.  So how do you get to that number?  You starve the rest.



    That’s not fighting. That’s just showing up to paint a big target on your back. The truckers in Canada and the farmers in NL achieved nothing.

    Anyone who wants to fight these regimes needs to learn from the best: the Israelis. See how they defeated the British in the war of independence.

    And trust me, they don’t want depopulation. That’s the last thing they want, because it would be a good thing. Suddenly there would be enough for everyone, and we could all live without worries. But as Ayn Rand has said, happy men can’t be ruled. People must be kept miserable and dependent in order to submit to rule.

    They do want population exchange. They want to eradicate whites and replace them with with more submissive, collectivist minded people. The great replacement is part of the great reset. They’re trying to degenerate humanity. From subsidizing the breeding of poor people to taxing the wealthy, from affirmative action to any other form of “redistribution of wealth”, the purpose is always the same: take from the competent, give to the incompetent.

    The transgender stuff is meaningless. If the purpose of that would be sterilization of the masses, then it’s a drop in the bucket. Barely 3% of the population are and always have been lgbt, and they didn’t breed in the past either. Homosexuality and gender dysphoria are birth conditions. They know that no one can be propagandized to be gay or trans. Could you have? Could I have? Never.
    Raising taxes by 1% would reduce the population by more than all transgender operations in the country combined. And just wait until you see how inflation will impact birth rates. Which in a few years they will exploit, by naming it as a reason why we need more immigration from 3rd world countries.

    The transgender issue is and always has been a distraction. The left don’t care about transgender people any more than they care about the Ukrainians who they send to the slaughter. To the left, all people are expendable. Only power matters. That’s why the left won. Evil always wins.

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    Many valid points, let me respond to them.  These are just my opinions, not saying I have all the answers.

    – By fighting I guess I meant fighting back at all.  I did not mean war.  But I agree that the protests will likely do nothing because you are appealing to people who do not care.

    – Depopulation IS one of their goals if not THE goal.  They have stated they want 500 million people in the world.  I do believe that one was Bill Gates specifically.

    – It’s not just transgender stuff it’s also that whole thing of hard pushing the gay agenda on children specifically. Transgender or gay means you likely won’t procreate. And it is landing because the last stats I heard is nearly half of gen Z claims to belong to LGBT in one form or another.

    – I do agree with the misery thing.  They want everyplace to be a 3rd world country that they rule over with an iron fist.


    #2 I keep seeing this 500 million number, but is there a reliable source for that statement? Like is that an official WEF or UN position?
    #3 But again, that would be a ton of effort for a very small effect. 1-3% are lgbt. What’s a population reduction of 1-3% ?  That’s nothing. Especially since that rate of homosexuality has been around forever. I mean they had gay marriage in Mesopotamia 7000 years ago. Not like that ever put a dent into human population numbers.

    Do you ahve any source for half of gen z claiming to be lgbt? That sounds very unlikely. Here’s a recent one from wiki

    “In 2021, Ipsos interviewed people in 27 countries spanning all continents on their sexual orientation and gender identity. For some countries the samples were weighed for representativity, but in others with less internet access, they skewed more urban. In this survey, 80% of people worldwide identified as heterosexual, 3% as homosexual, 4% as bisexual, and 1% each as pansexual, asexual, and other. Results indicated that significant differences in sexual identity have emerged between generations across the globe, with the youngest group, or Generation Z, being more likely to identify as bisexual (9%) than Millennials (4%), Generation X (3%) and Boomers (2%). Generation Z and Millennials were also more likely to identify as homosexual, with 4% and 3% doing so respectively, compared to 2% of Generation X and 1% of Boomers. In addition, the survey found that men are more likely than women to identify as homosexual (4% vs. 1%).[17]”

    This slight increase is still within the margin of error, but there could be reasons. Homosexuality is linked to prenatal stress. With more women in the workforce, this increases the risk of infections and immunological stress. Alternatively, it could be that today there simply isn’t any stigma to it anymore. On the contrary, there’s privilege with it.

    In either case, if the number were as high as you stated, then it sure seems politically unwise to pick a fight with them. The whole lgbt issue is political suicide for the right. Which is why the left keeps pushing it. I’ve sait this a million times before. This will stop the moment conservatives embrace lgbt equality.

    #4 Ayn Rand really went into detail with the psychology behind keeping people stressed and in misery. And not just that, but also guilty. By the mere circumstance of one’s birth, one carries a sin. Be it white privilege or the climate stuff. Eating meat, flirting with women, “manspreading”. Simplest instinctual behavior is declared sinful, and only the left sells absolution of sin. If you but submit.
    They stole that whole concept from religion.


    Yes it was actually on the New World Order stones that got destroyed.

    You can post Wikipedia all day and I will ignore it because it is trash anyone can edit.

    Here is an article citing a Gallup poll claiming 50%. However I hate polls I think they are too easy to manipulate so take that for what it is worth.  I found other numbers though (in multiple spots) that claimed 1 in 6.

    The thing to understand with that is it’s only one facet of the depopulation it is not all of it.


    Here is a clip of this whackjob talking about people as if they were widgets as it relates to overpopulation.

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