The Tucker Carlson – Putin Interview

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    Honestly it didn’t alter my perception of the situation:

    * Russia arguably has valid reasons for invading Ukraine –  To protect its people and borders. Putin’s history lesson on the region was impressive.

    * The West precipitated the situation by encroaching on Russia’s borders through NATO and its alliance with Ukraine.

    What stood out in the interview was Putin’s claim that it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of the US (alluding to the upcoming elections and whether or not Trump can change the status quo). There are forces beyond those who are publicly in charge pulling the strings.

    As Jeremy suggested Tucker probably had to tone it down as he was in enemy territory but it’s clear Putin controlled the discussion.


    ‘Twas kinda anti-climatic given all the fuss over the last few days.


    Happened to catch the MeetKevin version because someone posted it on a forum. Normally, don’t listen to him, but liked his observations of it. Prior to this, I had no interest in the interview and had forgot all about it, but people posted it.

    Good call on enemy territory, and that’s the thing. He commands respect, even if one does not like him.

    Below is the Oliver Stone interview from years ago.


    From what I could tell, Putin was telling the truth.

    From the promises broken about nato not expanding, to the minsk agreements.

    The Minsk agreements were a series of international agreements which sought to end the Donbas war fought between armed Russian separatist groups and Armed Forces of Ukraine, with Russian regular forces playing a central part.

    To the continued fighting/hostility towards Donbas – and the need to protect the people.

    To people behind the scenes controlling the west.  Even thought the USA is a Republic, it acts more like a Corporatocracy, with the deep state (whom might also be influenced by such groups as the illuminati, wef, members of the Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group, skull & bones, etc.)

    With politicians changing views once a lobbyist makes their case (and gifts/donations).

    Talk about pipelines, to a shifting world (brics being an example).

    Most of what Putin said was reported in the news a long time ago, but was buried as it did not fit the agenda/narrative of the west.

    As a non-american/non-russian, based on facts and disinformation and omitting of facts by others, if asked whom do I believe was more truthful and what lead to the conflict and why there has been no peace yet, between biden and putin points, I would have to easily say I agree more so with putin.

    If asked who loves his nation, his people, his heritage, his culture more, who serves his nation in the nation’s best interest… putin.

    And then seeing the biden embarrassment afterwards, and biden saying he won’t be criminally charged (since one: no prosecutor wants to be clintoned, two: no jury will be wanting to convict a dementia patient).  And the wh hoping people will be too distracted by biden than to be talking about the points brought up by putin, did not work as they had planned.

    Yes, you could tell putin was well prepared for what he wanted to talk about, and was ready for carlson.

    While I too agree that carlson had to tone down the type of questions he was gonna ask, the fact that he did travel to moscow and was able to interject without putin getting visible upset (as putin knew such things were gonna happen from western media personal), you have to give carlson credit for.  Any other western media interviewer would have constantly interrupted, trying to get under the skin of the person they were interviewing, and pushing their talking points into the interview.  To make themselves and their own views the reason for the interview, and not that of the person being interviewed.  Carlson allowed putin to have his say, his point of view heard, to be known for everyone to see.

    Did putin use carlson?  Yes.

    Did carlson use putin?  Yes.

    Both got something out of it, and we got alot out of it we would never have been able to get to see/hear otherwise.

    Open dialogue and getting to know the other sides views is part of the process of making peace, and long standing peace.


    Putin Interviewed by Charlie Rose 60 Minutes September 2015

    Did you know Charge Of The Light Brigade was about the Crimean War?

    From over a hundred years ago.

    It was also said by The Punisher in the Netflix show: ‘ours is not to reason why. Ours is to do and die.’.




    House Speaker Mike Johnson called it disturbing that Biden’s mental state and alleged limitations are cited as reasons not to charge him.

    “A man too incapable of being held accountable for mishandling classified information is certainly unfit for the Oval Office,” Johnson said in a statement.

    And remember, just cause one is not being charged does not make them innocent.  Being unfit to stand trial does not make you innocent.

    Just like if someone is being charged, that does not make them guilty… it is innocent till proven guilty.

    The bottom line: “Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview… as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

    And after reading some articles written by the legacy media, and them calling this interview a “weapon of mass education”, anger that they did not get to do the interrogation/ interview, that tucker did not push “their” talking points, etc.


      There are some truths here.

      Is Putin an authoritarian?  Yes

      Do the his people currently love him anyway?  Yes, for the most part.

      He saved them from a dark economic time post fall of the USSR and they adore him for it.

      Just because someone is not what we ourselves would want does not mean they do not bring stability to a region.  Saddam and Kahdafi keep their war-torn regions fairly quiet and stable.  They were iron fisted and brutal but at that time that worked for where they were.  That is until we brought them “freedom” which turned in chaos.

      Overall, it is not our business to take out dictators and tell others how to live by enforcing our will through military means.  If we want to influence the world in a positive way and sell our way of life, you do that through example and success.  All we did was take out a violent dictator and essentially became the new one and when we were done we tossed countries aside like a newspaper we read twice.

      I know Putin invading is a bad thing.  But screwing around in Ukraine and poking Putin until he acted is as well.  I am not saying we are as guilty as Putin but clearly we are partly to blame.

      The media attacking Tucker shows you how awful the media and the politicians are.  That Hillary Clinton “interview” about it tells you all you need to know.


      <p>I would have wanted to see more in depth about the conflict instead of a history lesson, but then again if Putin agrees to an interview with an outsider it has to be a puff piece or Tucker would be rotting in a Gulag</p>

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