The Void, 1 of the Best Lovecraftian Horror movies

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    Hey Geeks & Gamers, hope your week is going well. It’s almost 3am in good old Montreal & I have Lovecraft on the brain, as one naturally does lol
    There is horror, then there is Lovecraftian Horror, it’s unlike anything else. This movie was filmed in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
    It’s starts off slow, building it’s story but the pace is steady, but once it goes into 3 gear, you better be wearing your sh*tting pants.
    This is a cult of an Eldritch being, speculated to be Azathoth, the Sleeping Idiot God, the being we all, every single being in the entire infinite universe, live in him. Are we the byproducts of Azathoth? Are we his dreams? Hopefully the flutes keep him sleeping because if he ever wakes up, there is no relief we could ever find.
    So in this movie, we have a pretty large cast of characters, it’s pretty diverse (there is nothing woke in this movie) our Protagonist is a good guy cop, a large cast of hospital staff, a father/son team, a drug addict & a few patients. The officer is just about to finish his shift & wouldn’t you know it, he gets work dropped off right in front of his car. Once he steps foot in the hospital, it’s all over. I’m not going to go into too much detail, the video goes far deep into the movie, a doctor & a cult are attempting to wake up the being Eldritch & bring him to our world to cure us of Death.
    But with the Eldritch, it’s never that simple. Without the release of death, they are free to torture us on every single level you can think of & we see it in full display in this movie. The patients in the basement, your heart almost goes out to them, they can’t do anything to end their suffering. Guys, the movie is a lot darker than many of you will be able to handle, especially if you understand  the implications of what is going on.
    The acting is solid all around, without any exceptions. The story is dark, the music is stellar & the visuals… you have not seen this before. It’s mostly all practical effects with minimal CGI. ALL the monsters are practical &, My God they will make your skin crawl.
    There is something with CGI that never ever sells horror to me. It never looks right. But practical effects, even decent ones are far better & give you a sense of realism, even the decent ones.
    I don’t know when would be a good time to watch my movie review, it is likely to stay with you since I explain things that lay out the implications. But if you are a horror fan, you must watch this movie, it is truly special & unique. It’s better than The Color Out Of Space & I LOVE that movie. I don’t love the void, but  I think of it a lot & have watched it 3 times.
    Everything in the video was done by me: I edited all my footage & spliced in all the movie scenes, I did the thumbnail, music, everything. If I remember correctly it took me 4 days to complete the video with 8-10 hours of editing work. I hope you guys enjoy it. The studio was kind enough not to Copywrite Claim or Block the video which is always great :)

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