The war on women (and common sense) continues

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      This article nearly broke my brain.


      It  wreaks of insanity and drips with authoritarianism.


      If you find yourself asking, “why does the trans thing get pushed so hard?”, “why does such a tiny minority wield such power?” the answer is to cause division and create 2 tribes.  Those that will deny reality and do what they are told in spite of it, and those that will not.  And if you don’t, the punishment will be swift and egregious so you can be made an example of so that the tribe of “do as you are told” grows in ranks.


      Norwegian feminist faces up to three years in prison over tweet saying biological males can’t be lesbians


      Considering the smog breathing demented dem in Kommifornia has just made it law that a BEE is a fish, shows you these libtards are ignorant of science/biology.

      The mental illness of the extremely toxic far alt-left needs to be addressed…. and treated.

      When their delusion is not based on reality, they are a threat to not only themselves but to everyone around them.

      Heck, if they can’t define what a woman is, how are they to protect woman’s rights.  Answer:  they can’t and won’t.


        Here is my take… There are two genders period. People keep complaining about mental issues as being the root problem of gun violence, yet protect and support people who associate as genders that do not exist. They keep condoning the mental illness in one hand and denouncing it in the other. You cannot have it both ways.

        The Mentally Ill, ARE running many State Governments. They are the minority with the loudest mouths, and there will come a time Gandpa’s old solution to what they truly are “Bullies” will get used. Which is the only way to stop a bully is to knock that bully out, or in my Grandfathers Generations case Fight through several European Nations and Pacific islands watching many of your friends and fellow humans killed because people let the Mentally Ill run the country (yet again).

        History if we do not learn from it will repeat itself!


          Many good points gentlemen.

          But what I see is less of a mental illness issue (although that does truly exist) and more of a will to harm others or to do for yourself regardless of the cost to others.

          Again, the center of our societal is the lack of a morality.


          Even as late as ten years ago these people would’ve been put in a mental hospital🙄.


          The plan is destabilization. If you’ve seen the South Park episode where the crab people were first introduced, you know what I mean.

          “If you can’t beat man, change man.”


          I covered the issue a little a couple of years ago. A lot has changed, but a lot has remained the same. At least more people are catching onto what’s happening.

          PUTTING IT BLUNTLY: Twitter Hates Free-speech

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