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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>The Myriasphere Origins
    Book one
    The Shadow Rises</p>
    I took the feathers of my children, the Archangels, and breathed life into you. Your purpose is to be my shield for all life that is born from my life. Soon the time of enlightenment will end. My children will return to the Golden City. I granted you a long life to learn and grow together and defend all existence. Be the firstborn son of the planet Malon and lead your people with honor and love.
    -Last words God said to High King Thureos.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Chapter one
    Prince Arthus Arkwright</p>
    Breathing heavily, he jolted awake. His blood was boiling as he tried to look around, realizing quickly he could only move his eyes. “What’s going on?” He thought to himself. His heart was pounding and beating against his chest. “Where am I… and how did I get here?” He asked himself as he moved his eyes in all directions, and still, he saw nothing. He tried to get up, but his muscles again weren’t responding. Croaked as he attempted to make a sound, but his throat clenched. He gasped for air and saw the cloud of his breath. He realized that he could not hear anything. He wondered if he was alone, and all he felt was the cold stone and metal ground beneath him.
    Shut his eyes tightly while he tried to allow his thoughts to wander out of there, but they could not. As he opened them back up, he saw stars as his vision came into focus, and he realized his eyes were finally adjusting to the darkness that surrounded him. He now saw a dark fog that shrouded itself around him. Pushed against this sluggishness with all his energy, he lifted his right hand and managed to wave it, pushing the dark foggy air away. He looked to his right and realized something or someone was there! Wrestling with his neck, he turned his head to get a better view.
    There was a massive, black, stone, and metal throne with carvings of skulls, symbols, and some kind of creatures carved into each side that had long skinny arms and a long head that looked like it was coming out of where the massive man’s shoulders shaped like a cone with one black eye and sharp fangs. On the throne sat an enormous man who sat there. There was a giant shadow that overlooked him. He was wearing a suit of black metal armor. The faceplate of his helmet had constant black flames coming out of it. He had dark and black-flamed-eyes. He turned his head and stared straight at him!
    Instantly he felt himself lift into the air and could feel his limbs pull away from each other. Silently his soul screamed as it tried to tear itself apart from his now writhed body. Just as suddenly, he dropped down to his hands and knees.
    The attack intensified, his pupils felt as though they were about to burst out of his head. He started to lose consciousness as all the energy he had left now gone.
    “Time to show you the future of your planet and people!” Thundered the man on the throne with a voice that was filled with malice and hatred.
    He closed his eyes, and in the blink of an eye, he realized he was standing on his home-world of Malon as he stood in front of God’s Tree. The same shadow he saw before now overlooks the sky. God’s Tree, the source of all life, was soon consumed by the dark flames. He twisted frantically in a circle looking around at everything he once knew and loved was now just a mix of dust and ash. The air filled with that dark fog. “How could the Archangels and my people have let this happen?” He said to himself out loud.
    “Now that you have seen your world, I will show you the fate of all of the universes,” thundered the man.
    In the blink of an eye, the scene around him changed as now he overlooked the vastness of the universes, and all he saw was the shadow, dark flames, and the fog as they steadily destroyed each universe one after another.
    “The universes I was supposed to protect are dying, and I could not do anything! I failed.” He screamed out loud in a cry of defeat.
    “Wake up! Hey, Arthus, you need to get up! Your Grandfather has been ready and waiting for you!” He recognized by the voice that the lady yelling at him was Sylla, Arthus’s Caregiver.
    She was an Ignole female that watched over him while his father was away. She made sure that he was at all his appointments and helped him with other tasks as well.
    “Huh … Was I asleep?” Asked Arthus, while he rubbed his eyes, sat up, and pushed Sylla’s long blond hair out of his face.
    “Did you have another nightmare? You look like a sweaty mess,” responded Sylla with a questioning look.
    “I must have. Oh, no, am I late waking up again, Sylla?” Arthus quizzed back while he looked frantically for his time clock.
    “I wouldn’t say you are late yet, but you better get dressed and get ready. Your Grandfather wants to leave in fifteen minutes and directly asked me to come to make sure you get ready. I am not about to let the High King down. So get up and get dressed, Prince.” Sylla snarled as she motioned and gave Arthus the command.
    “Okay, I am up. I’ll get ready and meet you in about ten minutes. Then we can meet with my Grandfather,” replied Arthus as he made eye contact with Sylla’s large cat-like blue eyes. With that, Sylla left the room and walked down the hall to wait on Arthus.
    Arthus finished getting ready. He left his bedroom suite and started walking down the hall. As Arthus walked up to where Sylla was standing, he said, “Alright, let’s go find my Grandfather.”
    “Oh, he already grabbed your luggage and is loading up the Golden Griffin as we speak. Let’s hurry and get to the Griffin loading dock,” Sylla told him.
    They started to walk up this grand root-tree looking staircase that twists up three stories. Once both reached the third story, they turned right and walked down the hall. Sylla turned and started opening a large metal door with a symbol of a Griffin on it.
    Arthus could already feel the soaring gust of wind blowing as he walked out on the platform and saw his Grandfather loading the Golden Griffin with his luggage.
    As the two approached his Grandfather, Arthus turned toward Sylla and said, “Thank you for waking me up out of that horrible nightmare. I appreciate everything you do for me.”
    Sylla, smiling and looking at the large luggage, said, “Oh, it’s nothing. I like working with you and your Grandfather. I wish I could have woken you up a little sooner, though. It seemed like your Grandfather could have used some help loading this luggage.”
    Arthus turned to his Grandfather and asked, “Can I help you with those?”
    “No, it’s okay. I can load a few pieces of luggage onto the loading straps of a Golden Griffin. Don’t you worry about this old man!” Exclaimed his Grandfather with a laugh.
    Arthus couldn’t help but admire his Grandfather, for even though he was old, he was a strong and healthy man. He looked very young for his age except around his eyes where you could see the wrinkles that formed.
    His Grandfather turned to Sylla and said, “Thank you for getting Arthus up for me. It would have taken a lot longer had I tried. He can be a stubborn person to wake up.”
    Sylla laughed and replied, “No, thanks, needed. I am here for you guys anytime you need me.”
    “Okay, well, we will see you later, Sylla. We got a decent flight ahead of us, so we better mount up and take off,” said his Grandfather. He turned back to Arthus and commanded, “Make sure to say goodbye, it’ll be a while before you see Sylla again.”
    “Oh, okay, Goodbye, Sylla and thanks again!” Exclaimed Arthus as he waived.
    Sylla smiled, waived as she replied, “Goodbye, Arthus, I’ll see you soon.”
    Arthus and his Grandfather mounted the giant gold-brown bird known as the Golden Griffin and took off flying westward.
    Arthus felt the wind blowing. It had a lovely crisp freshness about it as it whistled and danced around them. He could hear the flapping of the giant wings as they swooshed about at the air, and he felt the strength of the bird’s back muscles with each stroke.
    His Grandfather said to him, “As Prince of Malon, you will need to experience many things to understand our planet. I am taking you to the head of Clan Ariel, one of the six clans of Malon. They are in charge of all agriculture and trade. Named after the Archangel Ariel, who taught them everything they need to know. He taught them how to fish, farm, and utilize land and trees without killing the planet’s ecosystem. Allowing the clans to live on Malon and have a perfect harmonic balance with all life.”
    Arthus could barely make out Ariel Valley in the distance. He could see the start of the fields, the ranches, and all of the farmlands that stretch out in front of them, filling the massive valley. The closer they approached, he saw many clansmen out working, which surprised him. The sun was not even peeking up over the mountains, yet, here they were, working like it is late in the afternoon.
    “We are here!” Arthus’s Grandfather shouted to him as they swoop down onto an open area by a large grey barn. Arthus could tell by the sound coming from inside the barn that it housed many Golden Griffins and other domesticated animals native to Malon.
    Arthus saw a large Cundo man with short dark brown hair, chestnut brown eyes, and a full beard that reached his chest. The large man walked up to his Grandfather and hugged him.
    “Howdy! Welcome, High King, to my humble home here in Ariel Valley!” Shouted a deep voice that came from the large man.
    High King yelled back, “Grag, my good friend! It seems like many years since I have seen you. How have you been?”
    Smiling, Grag, answered, “It is great to see you, my High King! I have been well! Thanks for askin. How are you doing?”
    High King wore a broad smile on his face and responded, “I am well. Time has been very generous to me. I am happy to hear that you are doing great as well, Grag.”
    The High King turned toward Arthus and said, “Grandson, this is the head of Clan Ariel, Grag. He is in charge of the valley.”
    Arthus noticed a young female Cundo around the same age as himself that stood sort of behind and beside Grag. She had blazing red hair and deep green eyes. She seemed to be a little shy as she was hiding behind her father. Since he couldn’t quite see her, he could not make out too many details about her just yet.
    “I see you brought your Grandson, Prince Arthus.” Grag stated as he turned and nodded toward Prince Arthus and declared, “It is good to meet you, Prince.”
    Prince Arthus nodded back and said, “It is good to meet you, Grag.”
    Grag turned his head and looked at his daughter, and stated, “This is Jade, my daughter. Come on now, Jade, say howdy to the Prince and the High King.”
    Jade slightly and shyly walked around her father, and timidly said, “Howdy everyone.”
    High King and Arthus, nodded to her at the same time, and replied, “Hello, Jade.”
    Arthus noticed that she is about the same height as himself and half the size of her father.
    The High King turned toward Grag and said, “We come to see how the harvest is going, Grag. I am also hoping to show my Grandson what life is like outside of Harmony City.”
    “Ahh… I see. So how long will you two be staying with us, my King?” Asked Grag.
    “I will only be here until dinner time, but I would like to leave Arthus here to stay with you for one year. I would like him to learn everything he can about life as a member of Clan Ariel. I believe a Prince should know everything about the world at which he is gifted”, declared the High King.
    Grag, looked up at the sky and stroked his beard and said, “Ahh… I see he’s coming of age soon. You know. I do have a small building we can make into Arthus’s home for now. Here’s a great idea. Jade, show Prince Arthus the grand tour of the land and lands around Ariel Valley.”
    In a whiny voice, Jade complained, “Ugh!… Do I have to, Dad?”
    Grag looked at her questioningly and asked, “Oh… what… do you think Arthus is cute or something?”
    Jade screamed, “NO, EWWW!”
    Arthus’s face turned a bright red, almost the same color as Jade’s hair. Both Grag and the High King started bursting out laughing.
    After Jade spent a couple of hours showing Arthus around the lands of Ariel Valley’s farm fields, Jade turned to Arthus and told him, “Now that I have shown you the mainlands of the Ariel Valley. I will take you to see the lands around it.”
    “Sounds like fun, let’s go!” Exclaimed Arthus.
    “Alright, we gotta mount on Yaules if we want to cover ground quickly,” said Jade.
    “What are Yaules?” Arthus asked.
    “What do you mean, what are Yaules?” Jade asked.
    After hearing her confusion, he realized that she probably never met someone who did not know what a Yaule was. They did not travel on Yaules in the central city but did take Griffins everywhere. He turned to her and said, “I mean, I have heard of ride-able animals out here in the valley, but have never seen any.”
    “Well, that just means you’re about to find out first hand!” Exclaimed Jade as she grabbed Arthus by the arm and just about drug him over to one of the large grey barns that he noticed earlier in the day. When they reached the barn doors, Jade opened it and took him inside.
    Arthus saw a ton of stalls with these massive felines with long greyish-green fur that looked almost like the ground inside the barn.
    “I have never seen any creatures that have greyish green fur! They are awesome!” exclaimed Arthus.
    “Yaules fur changes to the environment, it’s a defense against other predators,” said Jade in a matter of factly tone. She looked at him while shaking her head, and questioningly asked, “Wow, you haven’t seen much outside of Harmony City, huh?”
    Arthus shrugged and responded, “I have never spent any time outside of the city.”
    “Ugh! You are the biggest city dweller I have ever met!” Exclaimed Jade snickering at him.
    “I am probably the only city dweller you have ever met! I happen to have read books and have seen something that resembles these in the holos in the library,” added Arthus as he tried to sound smart.
    Jade rolled her eyes at that and said, “I am sure you have. What has your oh so smart city books told you about them, then?”
    “I mean… I read something about them living a very long life. I also read that they are one of the most intelligent creatures on our planet,” responded Arthus.
    “Well, at least you know something about them. Did the holo books show you how to tame them, ride them, work with them, and treat them?” Asked Jade.
    “No, they didn’t even mention all those things just that they were wild felines that are large and predatory in nature,” replied Arthus.
    “Ugh!… Well, since I don’t have time or want to teach you how to ride one properly, you will have to ride with me,” commanded Jade.
    Jade opened up one of the stalls and walked in. The large Yaule leaned back as if it invited Jade to mount on its back.
    Jade grabbed a small brush from a tray attached to the gate of the stall. She walked over and started to brush the large Yaule as if to thank the feline for its loyalty. The Yaule purred at Jade with each stroke of the brush.
    After a couple of minutes of brushing the Yaule, Arthus noticed it started to relax more.
    Jade got on the Yaule and wrapped her hands around two larger fur areas on the back of its neck, looked back at Arthus, and commanded, “Come pet the Yaule, say hi to it and mount behind me and we can go on our ride. Wrap your arms around my hips and hold tight.”
    Arthus did as instructed and climbed on the back. He wrapped his arms around Jade’s waist. The Yaule started moving forward. He felt the animal’s strength of its hips and legs as it walked.
    As they got out of the barn, Jade said, “lelelya,” Arthus saw her grab onto two large patches of fur and push with both hands. The Yaule sped up as they travel westward from the Grey Barns.
    As the Yaule sped up, Arthus could feel the wind whistle through his hair and tickle his face and ears. The Yaule started to leap forward as it grew in speed. Jade looked back toward Arthus and yelled, “Make sure you hold on tight!”
    Arthus grabbed her tighter and pulled himself closer to her.
    Jade then shouted, “Campe!” This command caused the Yaule to move faster as it leaped forward instead of just running. The leaps were far, and he can feel the strength of the mighty Yaules’ legs, even more so now, as it leaped almost 10 feet with each jump. It was fast in speed, and he felt like he was riding a Golden Griffin but on the ground.
    Arthus started to make out a broad mountain range on the horizon as they reached the end of the valley. Jade yelled, “Lenca!”, this command caused the Yaule to stop leaping and slow down.
    Jade said, “Putta,” while she pulled back on its fur, which caused the Yaule to stop completely. She then pointed to the mountains, turned to Arthus, and said, “Those are the Golden Mountains. I love coming out here before the sun comes up because it turns the peaks gold. Hence the name Golden Mountains”, laughed Jade.
    “I cannot wait to come out and check out this sight!” Exclaimed Arthus.
    “Alright, let’s head North,” said Jade as she grabbed the right side fur on the neck of the Yaule. “Lelelya,” the Yaule turned to the right to face north and started to run again. She then yelled, “Campe!”
    Arthus almost forgot to hold on tight for a second as he got jerked back but grabbed onto Jade before he got blown off. Jade started laughing at this but is muffled quickly by the whistling wind.
    It felt like they had been riding for almost an hour as they started to see another mountain range on the horizon. Jade then yelled, “Lenca!” The Yaule stopped leaping and slowed down. She again said, “Putta,” which caused the Yaule to stop. She turned to Arthus and said, “those are the Northern Peaks. They are very far out there, but you can make out their snowy ice-capped peaks. I have never been there, but someday I would love to go out there and meet the Cundos that live in North Peak City and those that work in the North Peak Mines.”
    “I would also like to go there someday. I would like to travel all around our planet and see as much as I can,” added Arthus in agreement.
    “Well, I would hope so since you are the “Prince of Malon,” said Jade as she laughed and used quotation marks with her fingers at his high and mighty title playfully.
    They sat in silence for a little bit staring at the beautiful mountain tops. Out of nowhere, Jade said, “Lelelya.” Again she grabbed onto the right side of the fur on the back of the Yaules neck. The Yaule then turned eastward and started running again.
    Jade yelled, “Campe!” This time Arthus was ready for it and was holding tightly.
    They have been riding for almost another hour. Arthus started to see the beginnings of the vast forest just beyond a fence. Jade slowed the Yaule down by yelling, “Lenca!” Once the Yaule slowed down enough, Jade stopped the Yaule again by saying, “Putta.” She turned to Arthus and pointed to a vast forest and asked, “Can you at least name that forest?”
    Arthus laughed and replied, “Of course, I live in Harmony City around the heart of God’s Forest!”
    “Finally, something you know,” laughed Jade jokingly.
    “Oh, hey look, there is a pack of Yaules and their cubs!” Exclaimed Arthus as he pointed to the pack of wild-looking Yaules outside the fence.
    “Oh wait, I know that pack of Yaules! It is Fang’s pack!” Jade excitedly yelled while she jumped up in the air. “Let’s go play with Fang and his Yaule friends and family. Jade turned and ran up to the fence and started to climb and jump over it.
    “Wait, are you serious?! Have you not heard that wild Yaule’s kill Cundos all the time?” Questioned Arthus.
    Jade replied, “I helped save Fang as a baby cub. He is one of my best friends. They love me, come on it will be fun!”
    “Alright if you say so,” said Arthus reservedly as he jumped the fence to follow Jade.
    “Fang!” Exclaimed Jade as she ran up to the Yaule pack.
    Fang turned and saw Jade and let out a growl as it ran toward her. Once Fang caught up to Jade, he started to purr loudly and rub his side and back on her leg.
    “Wow, Jade, this Yaule likes you.” said Arthus as he put his hand out for Fang to rub against.” Fang, however, growled at him questioningly as he looked up at Jade.
    “Oh, Fang, you overprotective cat. This is Arthus; he is the Prince of Malon,” stated Jade.
    Fang continued to growl at Arthus.
    “I know… I know, but my Dad made me take him around and show him the area,” added Jade.
    Fang backed down a little bit but kept his distance from Arthus.
    “Fang, it’s ok. I think we will become friends as well over time. I am glad you watch over Jade here. She needs someone to keep an eye out”, Arthus said as he let out a laugh.
    Jade gave Arthus a playful slap on the shoulder and said, “I don’t think I am the one that needs someone to keep an eye out, Mr. Prince of Malon, who doesn’t even know how to ride a Yaule.” Jade let out a laugh herself. Fang rolled over while kicking his feet in the air with a smile on his face.
    After playing with Fang and his pack of Yaule’s, Jade and Arthus said goodbye to their friend and watched him take off with the other Yaules back into God’s Forest.
    “Before we go back, let’s take a small break of riding the Yaule and sit down for a bit on the hill over there by the fence line. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to ask you more about yourself and what it’s like growing up as Prince of Malon”, said Jade.
    As they walked to the small hill by the fence line, Arthus asked, “Well, what would you like to know?”
    Jade leaned in closer as if inspecting him. This made Arthus swallow hard as his heart raced, and sweat started to trickle down his forehead.
    Jade then asked, “Why do you have silver hair and eyes? I have never seen anyone with eyes like yours before.”
    “I am a halfbreed born of both Cundo and Ignole. My mother was Ignole, and as you know, my Father is Cundo,” responded Arthus.
    “Your eyes look like twin silver moons,” said Jade “I did not think that Cundo and Ignole were able to mate and have kids together. I thought that is why they don’t usually marry,” added Jade.
    “You are correct, Ignole and Cundo do not usually marry or mate. It is challenging for Ignole or Cundo to procreate with someone of the opposite race as themselves. My mother, however, sacrificed herself to give me life. It was the greatest gift of all. At least that is what my father says. I am of a rare blood breed. My mother was a direct line to the first of the Ignole. My father is a direct line to the first of the Cundo, being my Grandfather and Grandmother,” said Arthus.
    “So, is this also why you have a greenish tone to your skin color?” Asked Jade
    “Yes, that would be correct. I believe it comes from my Ignole mother,” replied Arthus as he laid down and looked up at the sky. “I do wish my mother was around. I still have tons of questions I would like to ask her,” added Arthus.
    Jade laid down beside him and looked up at the sky as well. Changing the subject said, “You know you are pretty cool for a Prince,” which caused herself to laugh slightly.
    Arthus turned, smiled, and playfully added, “You are not so bad for a country, Cundo yourself. Do you think I am a weird Prince?”
    Jade replied, “No… I think we can be friends.”
    Arthus saw the sun start to turn downwards slightly to the east.
    Jade must have noticed it too as she exclaimed, “alright, one more stop then back to the farmlands!”
    Arthus and Jade got up, walked over, and jumped the fence again, and then walked up to the Yaule. After they mounted the Yaule once again, Jade said, “lelelya.” She grabbed onto the right side of the fur with her right hand on the back of the Yaules neck. This time the Yaule turned to the south and started running.
    Jade yelled out, “Campe!” Arthus was again ready for the sudden jolt of speed and was already holding tightly onto Jade.
    They had been riding for one and a half hours until they finally see another mountain range in the distance. Arthus noticed that these mountains do not seem nearly as significant as the other two but still distinctive as they had a silver glow. He remembered seeing them in a holo-book he read.
    Jade slowed and stopped the Yaule by yelling out “Lenca!” and said “Putta” once the Yaule had slowed down enough.
    Arthus turned to Jade and exclaimed, “Those are the Silver Peaks! I have read that they are famous for their silver-toned glow. However, they are not as tall as they seemed in the holos, but they are very wide in stature!”
    “Yes, and quite beautiful at night when the moon is above! They also glow like that of your eyes,” exclaimed Jade.
    “That sounds amazing. I must come back to see it when the moon is full someday. Jade, will you bring me back here one of these nights so we can see this together?” Arthus Asked.
    Jade replied, “I’ll have to think about it. Maybe when you learn to ride a Yaule by yourself. Alright, well, we need to head back to the farmlands before the High King, and my father starts to worry that we got eaten by wild Yaules.”
    Jade looked to the Yaule and said, “lelelya.” This time Arthus noticed her pull onto the Yaules neck twice with her right hand. The Yaule then turned directly north. Jade yelled out, “Campe!” Arthus was again already holding onto Jade tightly as he braced for the leap.
    After another hour passed, they got back toward the main path that led back to the farm fields.
    Jade turned her head and yelled, “Just a bit further. I did have fun with you today, though!” Arthus started to laugh because of how her voice sounds in the wind.
    Arthus yelled back, “I did too!” He started to see the Grey Barns up ahead. Only a few hundred feet left to go.
    Jade yelled, “Lenca!” Which again, caused the Yaule to slow down. Once they reached the barn, Jade turned and asked Arthus, “can you dismount and open the doors to the barn and stall for me?” Arthus then dismounted and did as instructed.
    Once the Yaule was back in the barn, Jade grabbed the brush and started to brush the Yaule once again. She then looked at Arthus and commanded, “Alright, Prince Arthus, it’s your turn to brush the Yaule.” Arthus then started to brush the Yaule, but Jade interrupted him and said, “Ugh… you are doing it wrong. Here let me show you.” She grabbed his hand and started to show him how to stroke the brush on the Yaule.
    Arthus’s heart started to race once again as he blushed.
    As they finished with the Yaule, they started to walk back to the farm fields. After they arrived, Arthus noticed that his Grandfather was getting the Golden Griffin packed and ready to leave.
    “Ahh! Arthus, I thought I would have to leave without getting to say goodbye”, said Arthus’s Grandfather picking him up in a great big hug. “I will return to get you during the Harvest Festival, during which you will witness the gift sacrifice.”
    “Goodbye, Grandfather, I will see you in a year!” Exclaimed Arthus sadly. His Grandfather jumped on the back of the Golden Griffin. A big gust of wind followed as he flew off. Arthus kept waving at him until he was out above and behind the sunset sky.
    “Alright, Arthus, let’s eat, and you can tell us how your first day of adventuring around the fields went,” said Grag.
    Soon after, they all sat around a table where Grag and Jade waited on Jade’s mother to bring in the food.
    As Jade’s Mother entered, Arthus noticed she had red hair, almost the color of blood, and green eyes, a lot like Jades. She was a foot shorter than Grag. She pushed in a cart with a big dish of stew, and fresh vegetables picked from the garden that day.
    Jade’s mother looked over at Arthus and exclaimed, “We are so glad to have you, Prince Arthus! My name is Shelly. Welcome. How do you like the humble Ariel Valley and its farmlands and all it has to offer?” She asked.
    “I love it and am already learning a lot. Jade showed me the Yaule and took me for a ride around to see the mountains to the South, West, and North. We also saw Fang by God’s Forest,” Arthus replied.
    “Sounds like a lovely time! You can tell us all about it while we eat. First, we must give thanks to God for providing us with such a meal!” Exclaimed Shelly as she turned to Grag and asked, “would you like to lead us?”
    “Alright, let’s teach Arthus our common table prayer, shall we?” Asked Grag
    “Yes… Arthus needs to learn all our traditions. Isn’t that right, Grag?” Shelly responded questioningly.
    “Agreed… bow your heads, and let’s pray,” instructed Grag. Everyone then bowed their heads. At the same time, they all prayed, “Come, God, be our guest. Let these gifts to us be blessed. May our souls be fed ever on your living bread.” Trying to act like he knows this prayer, Arthus mumbles it along with them.
    Shelly grabbed the large serving spoon and started scooping up the stew, poured it into her bowl first, then passed it around, and said, “Careful, it is hot.”
    Arthus poured the stew into his bowl, noticed that it has meat, potatoes, and some vegetables. He then asked, “What type of stew is this?”
    “It is a potato and Dreg sausage stew, it is one of our most famous traditional dishes,” responded Shelly.
    “Well, it smells amazing,” said Arthus as he grabbed his spoon and took a bite. Right away, he noticed that it burned his tongue, so he grabbed his ice water and took a swig to cool down his mouth. “Oh, that was hot, but it’s also excellent!” Exclaimed Arthus
    “Well, thank you, Arthus!” Exclaims Shelly smiling.
    Grag laughs at this and interjects and asks, “So… Prince Arthus, how was your first time riding on a Yaule?”
    Arthus smiled and responded, “I had a lot of fun. They are so fast and strong. I very much enjoyed my ride and can’t wait to learn to ride myself!”
    “Yes, riding a Yaule is one of the best experiences a person can have here at the farmland, but did Jade tell you that Yaule is not native to Malon?” Asked Grag.
    “No, I did not know that. I figured Yaule were native predators on Malon,” Arthus replied, looking shocked. I have read some stories but never knew that.”
    “Yes, it’s true they were discovered on Creed one of our twin moons. You should ask Your Grandfather how he gained the favor of the Yaule Matriarch. You know Creed also was where we found the Dwarven people. You will probably meet most of them as they dwell in North Peak City. It is a huge above ground and underground city built by both Cundo and Dwarves within the Northern Peaks. It is getting rather late. I will share more stories about the Northern Peaks and surrounding areas later. Let’s get you to your cabin where you will spend your nights during your visit here. Let’s let the girls clean up. Follow me,” said Grag.
    “Okay,” said Arthus, getting up from the table. Grag opened the door, and they walked outside.
    Grag took Arthus around a couple of barns to a sizeable looking tool shed. As Grag opened up the shed, Arthus noticed that it was still in good shape. Grag and Shelly have brought a hammock made out of Dreg leather, and a blanket made from its fur and hung it neatly in the shed. There was also a small desk, chair, and a small chest where he could keep the extra clothing he had brought.
    “It looks very cozy,” said Arthus admiring the shed.
    Thank you and Goodnight,” Grag said as he walked back toward the house.
    “Goodnight,” said Arthus, feeling tired after a long day. After Grag left and Arthus changed, he laid in bed, thinking about his father. His father was usually off training with God’s Thorn, the elite soldiers of Malon’s Guard and Knights. Arthus thought about how great it would be to join him someday.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Chapter 2
    Clan Arial
    Arthus stood up after he helped Jade and Grag birth a new Yaule. They had been working for almost five hours straight. He smiled and walked out of the barn and up a nearby hill where he wiped the sweat from his brow and inspected his now dirty set of work pants, boots, and the remnants of a white tunic. He stepped outside and felt the stiff cool breeze for the first time in like forever. The wind’s cold kiss was refreshing. He had always loved the feeling of the wind flow around his body. It rushed as if flowing in a current of a river. It felt apart of himself. His hairs on his arms standing straight up as the goosebumps formed. He then took off his dirt-covered tunic and bathed in the waves of fresh air. He felt as if he had become the air itself. He opened his eyes and realized the air around his body glowed a hint of greenish silver as he floated above the ground, albeit just inches. Instantly he dropped back to the ground as if the moment had left, and as he looked up, he saw Jade had left the barn.
    “Arthus! We are going to check on the Griffin’s eggs; then, I got a surprise to show you. Come on.” She yelled and giggled as she ran off. He smiled, then followed after. Grag had already inspected the machine in one of the barns that seemed to keep the eggs warm.
    “This machine is amazing! You can see the handiwork put into every detail! I have always thought the farmers here had used mostly hand tools.” Arthus said to Grag feeling somewhat surprised.
    “No, in fact, we use a ton of machinery here on the farmlands. All our machines were given to us by the Clan Gearhead. They are the Dwarfs and Cundos that live in North Peak City and within the Northern Peaks,” explained Grag.
    “Wow, I am astonished. I knew of machines and stuff used in Harmony City but never thought they had created so many different things,” said Arthus.
    “Yes, Clan Gearhead is Malon’s main source of all kinds of craftworks. They are the best Engineers in the world. Well, that’s what they tell us anyway,” laughed Grag.
    “Do you know how the Clan got their name? All the other clans named after the Archangels, but they aren’t?” Asked Arthus as he was trying to learn more about Malon’s people and culture.
    “Ah! Yes, their Clan was awarded their name by your Grandfather and the Archangels. They bestowed them with high honors for creating inventions that helped Malon and advanced our technology. They are the only ones to have this honor granted to them. They are amazing with their handiwork. I’d be careful around that lot, though. They are a cheery crazy bunch and can get worked up over some of their inventions!” Exclaimed Grag, almost as if he reminisced over the past.
    “I hope I get to work with them someday. I would love to see there Clan at work and see the different creations,” said Arthus excitedly. He wanted to ask about what he reminisced over but thought better of it.
    “Yes, the Clan’s machines have made life more comfortable here. I am so glad that we all live so harmoniously here on Malon. Every Clan has its roll in our world; not one Clan is above another even Clan Arkwright does not rule our planet alone,” said Grag with a smile on his face.
    He stood up and looked to Jade, “Alright, now that we have finished the work here. Why don’t we head over and show Arthus the Pilgos?”
    “Wait, Pilgos, I have read about Pilgos in the Library of Holograms in Harmony City.” From the holograms, he knew that they were a massive domesticated animal known for their many uses. One was its meat. And the other is their creamy milk that is known even to have healing properties.
    “Do you know what a Pilgos is, Arthus? “asked Jade, looking at him quizzically.
    “I believe so. From what I read about Pilgos in the Library of Holograms, they are a domesticated animal known for their many uses. One is its meat, and the other is their creamy milk, which even has healing properties.” Arthus responded. He couldn’t help but smile as he felt proud of himself for remembering some of his private tutoring with Sylla.
    “There is more to them than that. Especially care, it takes a lot of work to raise them and keep them within the confines of the property. They tend to stray off easily.” Added Jade as they walked.
    When they had arrived at the fenced area that housed the Pilgos, Arthus was a bit shocked at the sheer number that lived within the fenced area. He had Pilgos meat before. It tasted amazing. It’s been one of his favorite additions to meals. It made sausage, bacon, steak, and a lot of other things. He remembered that they even made jerky out of the meat to keep it to go. He had lost himself in the thought of all the foods he had back at the palace. He noticed that they were almost as large as a Yaule, and the females had udders that produced milk. The males had broader snouts and massive tusks. They didn’t have any fur but a thick leathery hide.
    “Well, what do you think, Arthus? These are Pilgos. Do they look different up close?” Asked Jade, who had a mocking smile on her face.
    “Yes, they do. The Pilgos are much larger than I imagined. I have eaten Pilgos meat many times, but it’s still impressive to see up close,” replied Arthus.
    Grag walked up to the female and attached some hoses with pumps to her nipples. He activated a machine that started to pump the milk from her. Grag went over to another Cundo who was sitting outside the fence. Arthus noticed that they exchanged some words, but couldn’t hear what they were saying and Grag motioned them to follow.
    Arthus and Jade walked into a big building built to hold meat in freezing conditions, and one hook is already holding up a skinned Pilgos. They kept following into another room with massive furnaces and barrels of something white. Touching the little white rocks, he realized that it was salt. “Rock Salt?!” exclaimed Arthus questioningly and asked, “Why are there barrels of salt?”
    This question caused Grag to burst out laughing. “Good question, my boy, the salt is used to keep the fresh meat longer. That way, we can transport the meat to the different clans and cities that need it.”
    “Ahh, I see,” said Arthus.
    “Arthus, come here and help me prepare another Pilgos for transport we have to skin and gut the animal,” said Greg as he handed a curved skinning knife to Arthus and pointed to a Pilgos that had just gotten hung on a hook. Arthus winced as he watched the other Cundo drain the blood from the Pilgos by slitting its throat. After the blood drained, Arthus started skinning the Pilgos.
    A couple of hours later, Arthus walked out, covered in blood and salt. The sight caused Jade to burst out laughing while pointing at Arthus. He looked at himself and smiled. Arthus then decided to have the last laugh and started charging at Jade as he tried to hug her.
    Arthus kept chasing after her as he replied, “Oh, and what are you going to about it? You laughed at me now. I’m going to get you back!”
    As Arthus caught up with Jade, she said, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry now, don’t come any closer. If you do, you can forget about me teaching you how to ride the Yaules.”
    Arthus looked at her, “okay, fine, but if you laugh at me next time I have blood all over me, I will come after you and tackle you and share my bounty.”
    “Well, I see my Father had you learn how to butcher and carve up your first Pilgos. We better get back to my Dad before my Mom gets angry that we are late,”, said Jade smirking at him. They returned to Grag, and noticed that he was hurrying and loading some of the meat from the Pilgos that Arthus had just butchered up. He had placed the meat in a pouch on the Yaule they had brought with them.
    “Arthus, when we get back, you need to go to the bathhouse and clean up. By that time, we will have dinner almost done. You too, Jade, you both have been working hard all day. Hurry along now,” commanded Grag.
    “Fine, father, it feels like it has been a while since I have been to the bathhouse,” said Jade as she grabbed and pulled Arthus with her.
    They soon walked into a large building with two entries—one for males and another for females. Jade looked at Arthus and pointed him to go through the left door, marked for males. Arthus nodded and walked in. A Lot of other Cundo and Ingole men and even a couple dwarfs were there. They were wearing nothing but towels, getting ready to walk out to a massive steam-filled pool.
    He had read about these in the Library of Holos. They were called hot springs for lava pockets deep underground them heated the water. It felt even better than he could have imagined. All the aches and pains of the long weeks and months suddenly washed away. He took showers, but this was on a whole new level. The Dwarfs were laughing and clanging Mugs together nearby at a small stone table that floated above the water. They waved Arthus to join them. It turned out they had come from the Northern city to deliver some new tools and collect some things needed for producing their Ale. Arthus drank with them. The Ale was strong, but sweet and had hints of honey in it. His head felt light, so it was time to get out and check if Jade had finished. He thanked the dwarfs, but they insisted he take a small barrel of the Ale with him.
    It had been an hour, and he felt refreshed, as he dressed in clean work clothes. He put on a freshly washed tunic and waited on Jade, who came out very soon after. He noticed that she looked very refreshed, and her long red hair was smooth and glistened in the afternoon sunset. Arthus looked at Jade and started to blush. She looked beyond beautiful.
    Jade noticed Arthus’s blush and asked, “You okay, Arthus? Without giving him a chance to respond. I bet you spent a little too long in there. Your light green skin looks a bit red. Okay, Let’s head back to my parents and eat,” she laughed as she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him off toward her house.
    “Alright… easy…” Arthus responded, trying not to fall as Jade dragged him.
    They reached Jade’s house, and they walked into the house filled with the smell of grilled Pilgos steak, and some greens from the farm. As they got to the table, they both saw Shelly pouring a nice glass of cold Pilgos milk.
    Shelly saw them both, said, “Hello, you two. I am glad to see you both finally made it. Well, at least this time, you are both just in time for dinner instead of making your Father, and I wait on you both.” Arthus handed over the small Barrel of Dwarf Ale to Shelly to store in the house for later.
    Jade replied, “Yeah…. sorry about that, Mom. I promise we will do our best to be on time more. The food does smell amazing. Thanks, Mom!”
    Arthus nodded, agreeing at Jade and Shelly, exclaimed, “Yeah, the food smells delicious, and I am starving after the long day we had!”
    They heard Grag walk in, and then with a loud sniff, he said, “Mmmm…I can’t wait. I am starving after a hard day of farming and teaching Arthus how to butch a Pilgos.”
    Arthus turned toward Grag and replied, “Thank you for teaching me, by the way. I have learned a lot these past months.”
    “Don’ even worry about it son, I’m glad to help. Your Father wanted me to work you hard while you are here. I have been thinkin’ about how well you have helped out around here. You are a speedy learner as well. I’ll tell him as such”, responded Grag with a smile and an approving nod.
    Shelly looked to Jade and said, “Jade, why don’t you lead us in prayer this time?”
    “Okay, everyone ready to say the prayer? Jade asked while looking at Arthus questioningly.
    “Absolutely,” Arthus replied.
    They all bowed their heads as Jade instructed them and led them together, saying, “Come, God, be our guest. Let these gifts to us be blessed. May our souls be fed ever on your living bread.”
    With this, Shelly passed around the Pilgos steak, some smashed up potatoes, and the greens from the farm. They all grab some of each item and put it on their plate.
    After they ate, Arthus looked at Shelly and Grag and stated, “Wow, that was amazing. I don’t think I have ever eaten Pilgos steak cooked so perfectly.”
    With a smile, Grag and Shelly exclaimed at the same time, “Well, thank you, Arthus!”
    Grag looked at both Arthus and Jade and said, “Better get cleaned up and off to bed. We have our bi-annual hunt game coming up in a month. It only happens two times a year and helps us freeze up enough Dreg meat for all clans. Arthus needs to become one with his bow before then. For the next month, all I want you two to focus on is the hunt and getting your skills ready. We will need those skills if we are going to get enough Dreg meat for the next six months.”
    After they all finish cleaning up, Arthus walked back to his cabin. Once inside, he sat on his small couch, removed his tunic, and looked himself over. He had grown over the last months and was still barely into his teenage years but noticed his body and arms had become far more defined and corded from the hard labor. He was only half the size of Grag and felt more durable and older than ever.
    Arthus couldn’t wait until the monthly hunt game. He had read about this in the holos, and the team who got the biggest Dreg is gifted the title of best hunters, which is a great honor amongst Malon’s people. Realization dawned on him that he had a lot of work to do. With that, he laid his head down and fell asleep.</p>
    Chapter 3
    The Hunt Begins

    Over the next month, Arthus and Jade worked long and hard shooting at targets, learning how to set up camps, start fires, and ways to survive in the wild. They moved through God’s Forest to learn the lay of the land, learn how to track different animals, and even set traps, all to prepare himself for what’s to come. After the month of hard work, Arthus sat in his shed, ready for the bi-annual hunting game. He knew that soon, it would be sunrise, and one team from each clan would be able to show their skills and how much they learned.
    Excitedly, he had hoped that he and Jade could be the ones to walk out of God’s Forest with the largest Dreg. He knew that they would be receiving the rules for the bi-annual hunt game precisely one hour before the hunt started. Then they would allow the hunters to get to their respective zones and plan out how to best track and find the largest Dreg. Arthus had heard from another team talking that they could get extra points if they killed the Dreg marked for them on their holo card, a device that would arrive before the hunt began.”
    Arthus, heard a knock at the door of his cabin, “Come on in!” As soon as the words left his mouth, Jade rushed through the door. She immediately turned around suddenly when she noticed that Arthus didn’t have a tunic on and was standing half-naked in the cabin.
    “I am sorry, I thought you were ready,” Jade said as she tried not to blush.
    Arthus replied as he grabbed his tunic and walked to her, “No worries, you can look. I just don’t have my tunic on yet. It’s not like I don’t have my pants on. Your Dad gave me these Yaule fur pants, and they are so warm and comfy. They are going to be perfect for the hunt today.”
    Jade, still somewhat embarrassed, turned around and asked, “Yes, I love these pants. Did you also get your hooded cloak, made from the fur of fallen Yaules?”
    “Oh my… I almost forgot all about the cloak. Thank you for reminding me, that could have been bad”, replied Arthus
    “Ha, yeah, you will need them! Don’t forget your Dreg spray and leather boots made from the skin of a Dreg. They allow you to get closer to the Dreg without them noticing you are there!” Exclaimed Jade.
    “Yes, I packed the Dreg spray, and my leather boots are by the door over there,” said Arthus as he pointed at his leather Dreg skinned boots.
    “Okay… how many arrows did you pack in your quiver by the way,” she asked.
    “Oh… I got around thirty or so, and it’s not a very large quiver,” Arthus replied.
    “Perfect. You don’t want too large of a quiver anyway, especially when you are out in those woods, and you are moving swiftly. A larger quiver will only weigh you down and lessen your stamina, making you weak and tired faster”, she said as a matter of factly.
    “True… I never thought of it that way. I am so excited about this hunt. I feel very prepared and ready, don’t you?” Arthus Asked.
    “Definitely. I could barely sleep!” She exclaimed.
    “Tell me about it, and I almost didn’t get any sleep either tonight!” Arthus exclaimed back, He pulled his cloak out, put it on, and then pulled his hood up.
    He grabbed his telemask, a mask that allowed Jade and him to communicate. It also had night vision and thermal vision settings enabling them to see through the forest better. These masks were a new invention created by the dwarfs. It covered his entire face, as it had two main uses. The first use was to help you breathe in areas of the forest where poisonous plants or animals emitted toxic gas. The second use was to conceal your face so that anyone that looked at you would not see your face and helped you blend in better and covered your head in camouflage. Each team mask was linked together so that even if separated, it would show where your partner was. He looked over at Jade after having all the gear ready and on and asked, “Well, what do you think?
    “You look like a pro hunter. Don’t forget your handbag of snacks and supplies and your bi-annual hunt game holo card”, she replied.
    “Oh yeah, I’ll grab those too, thanks for reminding me again,” he said, as he grabbed his satchel and checked to make sure he had his hunting game holo card. “You also look like a pro hunter yourself!” He exclaimed.
    “Thanks, Okay… you ready to head to the hunter-gathering area?” She asked.
    “I thought you would never ask!” He exclaimed back excitedly.
    “Alright, let’s go,” she said, then ran out the door. As they walked up to the gathering area, they saw five other teams, representing each of the clans, ready and waiting for the rules and instructions to start. They all turned and saw Grag already at his platform in front of them. He waved to them all.
    Grag, let out a loud whistle, which caught the crowds attention, “Howdy all of you! Welcome to our second bi-annual hunting game of the year! It will be the last one of the year. As most of you all know, this hunt is the most important one! It is the one that helps every clan get through the hardest months with the most amount of Dreg meat they can get. So each team needs to kill the largest Dregs you can find. As some of you may know, we also chose the two largest Dregs in each of your team’s hunting zone areas. If you can hunt and successfully bring back these Dregs, you will be awarded high awards and make your clans proud! I wanna hear you all cheer if you all are ready for the hunt?”
    The crowd erupted in a roar.
    Grag laughed, put his hand up, which silenced the crowd, exclaimed, “Alright… alright, you all are going to scare all of them Dregs with that loud of a roar! Okay, let’s get started! This year’s rules are that you all are going to have exactly one week from the start of the hunt to come back with the largest Dregs you can find. Each team is only able to claim three Dregs. If you accidentally kill a Dreg, you will have to claim it. We can tell if you kill a Dreg because each of y’alls arrows has special kill trackers that allow us to see what it hit and if it died. Your hunting game holo card will help you trace what you shoot and kill. We also can see what you see through your telemasks. You are to keep them on until you go to sleep. Do not under any circumstance take them off beforehand or while you are hunting. Failing to follow these rules will disqualify your team from receiving rewards outside of the three dregs you kill. Your clans are counting on each of you to show their skills while following the rules we have laid out! I will have each of your teams line up and scan your hunting game holo cards into the game scanner. Once you scan your holo card, it will fully register you as a part of your team—each team, named after each of their representative clans. We will call you by your clan to come up and register your holo cards. Okay, Clan Gearhead, please come register.”
    Arthus saw two younger dwarfs carrying two strange-looking bows that are sideways with smaller-looking arrows and something that looks like a trigger. Jade looked over at him and asked, “What are those weird looking sideways bows they are carrying?”
    Jade held back a laugh and replied, “Those are crossbows. They shoot out smaller arrows called bolts, but they are mighty and can take down a target. Most dwarfs carry these if they hunt because they are smaller and easier to use as dwarfs don’t like regular bows. After all, they are too long and hard for them to handle.”
    “Oh… that’s kinda cool that the dwarfs have something made for them”, Arthus said quietly.
    “Well, it’s not just for them, but if you want to learn more about them later, I would suggest looking them up in your Library of Holos back in Harmony City,” responded Jade, as she tried to sound funny.
    “Ha… that’s very funny. I might just do that, though,” answered Arthus.
    “Shhh… quiet. I think my Dad is about to call the next clans,” commanded Jade.
    “Next on the list is Clan Raphael. Please come up and sign in!” Grag exclaimed.
    Arthus saw two Ignoles that carried bows dressed a lot like themselves except it looked like they had a healing pack set on their handbags and carried handheld holo devices, separate from the hunting game holo cards.
    Arthus turned toward Jade and quietly asked, “I didn’t know we were allowed outside holo devices?”
    “Oh yeah… well, those are members of the Raphael Clan. They are the researcher clan for Malon, so they carry handheld holo scanners. The stuff they scan gets sent to their research headquarters and converted into holograms that go into the Library of Holos. They are crucial devices and carried by most of their clan members everywhere they go,” answered Jade quietly.
    “Wow that’s so cool, how do you know all this stuff, Jade?” Arthus asked.
    “My Father taught me many things about other clans during events like this,” responds Jade back. “Now, shhh… pay attention. We don’t want to miss our clan being called and look like fools,” she commanded.
    Arthus looked back up as he saw Grag call out, “Clan Urial, please come up and register.”
    Arthus saw two soldiers, both Cundos, who wore scout’s armor. They looked more professional. Arthus recognized that they must be members of the Clan Urial’s Scout Squad. They were some of the most exceptional scouts on Malon outside of Silver Thorn scouts.
    After they walked off the platform, Grag announced, “The next clan to register is Clan Raziel! Please come and register. I hope this time you are ready for this hunt. Please at least try to get decently large Dregs”, laughed Grag playfully.
    Arthus saw two skinny, nerdy looking Ignoles who wore greenish lab coat cloaks. They looked utterly unprepared or ready as they stumbled their way onto the stage. They wore larger quivers than needed and didn’t even seem equipped with the right arrows. Arthus turned to Jade questioningly with a half-smile and asked, “Who are they? They don’t look like they are prepared or ready for this.”
    Jade chuckled and answered, “Those are the members of the Raziel clan, and they can never come ready. They are not farmers, hunters, or outdoor types of people. They are the librarians and historians of Malon. They have to participate in the hunt because we all like to try and take part so that all clans can survive during the harder months. Last time they were in and out in less than two days and only managed to kill two smaller Dregs.”
    “Oh, so how do they make it through the harder months on that low of meat?” Questioned Arthus.
    “Well, just for participating, all clans chip in and send some meat their way. They are essential people and assist Clan Raphael with their research, plus we usually kill enough Dreg meat between the clans to help out,” Jade responded.
    “Hmm… well, that’s cool. Malon is a fantastic place, isn’t it!. Arthus said.
    “Yes. I love it here, but I do have dreams of what it would be like to travel outside this world. I just love adventure,” answered Jade as she looked up at the sky as if she was daydreaming.
    “Next to register is Clan Arkwright. Remember, everyone, this is the clan you will want to beat if you want to become known as the greatest hunters of the year! They have won for the past four years in a row. The only other clans to have beaten them are Clan Gearhead, which happened over ten years ago, and Clan Urial, which, as you have guessed, was five years ago.”
    Arthus saw two elite Silver Thorn Scouts, one Cundo male, one Ignole female as they walked up on the stage. They are both equipped with life rune forged bows and perfect hand-created quivers, handbags, and cloaks. They were indeed a sight to see.
    Jade looked to Arthus and asked, “Aren’t those members of the Silver Thorn scouts? I have never seen their armor before. Usually, Clan Arkwright sends Silver Thorn trainees. The High King must think these months are going to be harder than usual. Don’t you think so too, Arthus?”
    “Yes, they are members of the Silver Thorn scouts, and to the looks of it, they must be members of the elite blue team. See the seven blue stars on their scout armor? That means they are the top of the top scouts, just under the blue team Shield Scout Captain,” Arthus observed as he pointed at the shoulder of one of the scout’s armor.
    “I do, what do you think this means? Do you think it’ll be a tough few months ahead?” Questioned Jade, with a worried look on her face.
    “I doubt it, and I bet my Father decided to send some of their top scouts to see how I do during my first hunt. I would almost guarantee they are here to watch over my moves and report back to him,” replied Arthus as he tried not to show his annoyance on his face.
    “Well… if that is true. Do not let yourself get psyched out. We can beat those two. I have faith, and we are probably the most well-prepared team here,” said Jade, confidently.
    “I’m glad you are confident. I feel confident too, but let’s watch the perimeters of our hot zone. We don’t want one of the teams hunting our marked Dregs”, suggested Arthus as he eyed the seven-star Silver Thorn Scouts.
    “You’re right… I didn’t even think about that. Once we make a camp, we will work on creating noise traps around the perimeter. I know how to add some heat sensors that will allow our telemasks to see other telemasks that get into the perimeters,” Jade revealed as she smiled.
    “Sweet, we will need to do that. Depending on the time we have left, we can hunt both our marks and go after another team’s marked Dreg, which, as you know, would automatically make us the winners of the hunt”, declared Arthus with all the confidence he could muster.
    “Woah there… let’s focus on claiming our territory and hunting our marks first. There has only ever been one team that I remember to get three marked Dregs. If I am correct, that was your Mother and your Father. We also have a lot of tough competition,” insisted Jade.
    Grag broadcasted, “Last but not least, Clan Ariel, please come register your hunt cards. This hunt we have a special guest joining in their first-ever hunt, I present Prince Arthus! My Daughter, Jade, gets the honor of joining him in her first-ever hunt as well. Please welcome the newbies to our hunt games!”
    The rest of the crowd started to cheer as they walked up on the platform and registered their hunt cards. Arthus noticed they had just now logged their marked Dregs into their holo cards.
    Grag, held his hand up again to quiet the crowd, and instructed loudly, “Okay, it seems that all clans have their representatives registered in the hunting game. Every team will start in the same area at the beginning of God’s Forest. In exactly one hour, we will blow the horn and allow you guys to make your way inside the forest. Once inside, you have the option to roam as much as you want. I hope you all take this hour to figure out the best camp spots on your three-dimensional hologram maps. Choosing your campsite is the most important decision of the hunt. I hope you are all ready! Now, go to the beginning of the forest and get ready with your teammates!”
    Everyone had split up into their groups to discuss their specified marks. It was almost time for the hunt to begin….

    This ends the Preview to The Myriasphere Origins Book one The Shadow Rises.

    We hope you enjoyed and can’t wait for the full book to be released. Please if you haven’t looked us up on Twitter, YouTube, and look at some the merchandise we have up for sale now on Tee-spring we will also be shortly setting up a Subscribe Star look for it when it finished and all the perks to becoming a member help support The Myriasphere become a place where all fans can come and enjoy good entertainment and cant wait to get all the stories and if the story is well-loved plans on making comics and much more thank you from one small humble father and storyteller and a fan to all of you welcome to The Myriasphere. Let us know how you liked it here or in my blog post I just created love to hear from everyone.

    From the main storyteller and main host.

    and editor



    Don’t have time to read the whole thing in one sitting, but I did take a decent bite out of it. It’s interesting so far. Maybe you could post it in a serial-type format? It’s difficult to read so much on a forum setting. I’ll try to hit it up again soon.


    Thanks for the feedback ya I just dropped these chapters as a teaser full book I hope to be done by Dec this year or Feb at latest its going to be fun bring this new world and story to everyone


    Good luck man! It’s great creating your own world. Even better if other people enjoy it.

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