They really do hate Superman

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      The SJW’s really hate everything Superman stands for.






      He is also portrayed as a white, family man, faithful husband with a son.  Pure Masculinity!


        Is anybody really surprised by this at this point?


        The SJW Hitlist: (Soon to be Cancelled)

        1. Superman

        2. Captain America (They tried, they’ll try again)

        3. Batman

        4. Obi Wan Kenobi/Alec Guiness (Cancelling McGregor won’t do it)

        5. Aragorn

        6. Legolas

        7. Wolverine

        8. James T. Kirk/Shat

        9. The A-Team

        10. Flash Gordon


        I hate Superman simply because he’s lame as hell


        Which doesn’t compute given the Sonic avatar…


        The Big Blue Boy Scout has values and principles the SJW’s are opposed to.

        They don’t like freedoms.

        They don’t like law based justice.

        They don’t like people being responsible for their actions.

        They don’t believe in positive role models.

        They don’t believe in history or culture or pop icons.


        It is all the more reason to support Superman, even if the current version in DC Comics is a sad.


        At the outset of the DC Rebirth era, Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi were killing it; it was the best the book had been in a decade. Everything changed when they brought over Brian Michael Bendis and he began his systematic destruction of the Superman family and the character. Whoever takes over from Bendis after his run will have a lot of work on their hands to restore the character to his greatness.


        It’s perfectly fine to not like Superman but to call him “lame” shows an acute lack of understanding of the character.


        @Shiftygism You just don’t understand the insane depth and dark themes of Sonic you pleb

        What I mean by lame is his abilities and fights. I like more unique abilities, rather than the standard flying buff dude who can shoot beams and is nearly invincible. Which is also my biggest concern with Captain Marvel


        The original concept of 5G would have finished off all the legacy characters.

        And the rumor of Bendis setting his sites on Batman next…. I shudder at the thought.


        Grew up devouring comic books. It’s sad that I so thoroughly despise modern comic book companies.


        Listening to EVS on youtube, the future of the comic book industry is in crowd-funding.

        Only the comics fans WANT to buy will get made.

        All the rest will be left in the dumpster.

        Go Woke Go Broke!


        That’s why I just read manga. The japanese won’t bend the knee like everyone else


        You do know he was the first superhero so those powers started with him.

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