This isn’t fun any more (FNT scene cannibalizing’s each other)

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    Another win. A heartwarming moment as EVS promotes an Indie comic and makes a huge difference in the lives of a young family. See, this is where he will surprised you, with unpredictable moments like this. This and Driver Cody are gestures and worked out incredibly well.
    This is what makes it fun. Just to see someone out there get a break. Granted, they are people who actually have their own specific goals though. It’s like seeing a totally different person, when that ginger guy was humbled and now, grateful. Love the voice of the wife in the background.


    For all the shit he gets, EVS actually gives a damn about creating stuff and the medium, and he’s genuinely happy to help save entertainment and help others become successful. Compare that to Mr. July who goes out of his way to pull the rug out from everyone else.

    And this is my biggest gripe with this scene. Geeks and Gamers and FNT have increasingly shown themselves to be meaningless grifting. They don’t have an eye for talent or work ethic, they just want to hang out with their friends and make money. They’ll shill a comic or two… but only if it lines their pocketbooks.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, but they took a lot of people’s hard earned cash and destroyed the fan base and their own brands shilling lots of junk over the years while pretending to give a damn. There is no altruism here, no principle, just the endless pandering to viewers who throw money at them believing they are helping the culture war. They’re the other side of the same coin, Rippa is the Kathleen Kennedy of comics and FNT are the Pablo Hidalgos.

    The elephant is still in the room, no one has addressed the rippa situation, or how they have done NOTHING to further the fight for better entertainment. It was all hollow bullshit. Everyone’s a critic.

    It would be something if these guys ATTEMTED to do right by creative endeavors, if they shouted out Epicverse or other cool projects and tried to make a positive difference. But no, only when it lines their own pockets, and when it’s revealed it’s trash, they just sweep it under the rug, under the veil of “friendship”. It’s really easy to be friends with people who are helping you make lots of $$$.

    I still like all these guys as people, they’re fun. They’re like that friend that comes over, is loud, doesn’t have a job, and steals all your booze/ weed but you put up with them because they’re the life of the party. But as influencers and heads of this movement we’ve come to realize they bring nothing of value to the fight for culture.

    Tim Pool makes TERRIBLE music IMO, but you can tell he’s trying, he’s putting his heart into it. He’s making an effort to enact positive change and takes this seriously. He puts his money where his mouth is and gives back to the scene.

    I’m actually dreading to see how their partnership with Grumms is going to go. I fear Rippaverse 2.0. Artificially pump up a key creator, rally around them, release some shit product using the good faith of the fans, show no actual tangible value, and suck up shittons of money. Then when the project fails spectacularly because no one in these sphere knows how to create anything, sweep it under the rug and act like nothing happened.

    I worry they will monetize and subvert the culture war in gaming just as they did with comics at the cost of the medium again. They’re probably coming up with some BS organic project headed by grummz, Side Scrollers, WDW Pro, Geeks and Gamers and the whole crew are going to rally behind it, they’ll talk about how expensive gamedev is and how they’ll need lots of money to get it off the ground like Rippaverse did.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I just see all the wheels spinning up and all the grifting and shmoozing happening in real time. Rippa especially seemed interested in working with Grumms to get his game off the ground. Please, no.

    Grumms’s current game project is dead and he blows off years of stagnant development as family issues. I don’t buy it, he’s shown himself to be untruthful in regards to his history and it raises red flags. He has also shown no remarkable ability to make his own games outside of blizzard, but it’s not stopping these guys from falling over each other to build this guy up and Astroturf this new grift venture to line their own pockets as the shepherds of gaming.

    Simply put, Grumms as far as I can tell is an idea guy, he doesn’t code incredible gameplay or features. Idea guys are a dime a dozen. We’re long past the era where you could scrap together a team of comopetent devs to produce a great game, those developers are far more rare these days as this industry goes to shit. I do really like Grumms as a figurehead in this fight on Twitter, but it’s that feeling of grift I feel building up. His ascent and intentions don’t feel genuine and all these guys rising all as one just doesn’t sit right with me and this grifting is poised to have a negative affect on gaming for the same exact reason that the throng of leftists had a negative affect. Meritocracy must be king, or we’re going to end up with a cult of personality grifiting and putting out shit products destroying the medium.

    It’s so frustrating, we finally start winning this culture war and for a short couple weeks I was so damned happy seeing this cultural battle shift in gaming, to see the commies on the back foot. I had high hopes that developers who were once canceled would get eyes on them, hoped maybe publishers would be in talks about ending the rot and the political predjudice.

    I have to imagine the guys at Epicverse are pretty pissed at the blatant hypocrisy. They may not be making the best stuff, but they’re putting the hours in, only problem is it’s not going to make all that Rippaverse money so everyone turns a blind eye. There’s finally a venture in this sphere where guy are put elbow grease in and really going for it and where’s the spotlight?

    I’m an indie gamedev myself, so i take this stuff seriously. For years gatekeeping and nepotism has plagued the scene to the point only specific projects with specific idiologies could get any eyes on them from anyone. With comics it was a morbid fascination with Rippaverse as an indie creator. But now that I see some of these guys licking their lips and shilling Grumms so hard I’m VERY skeptical. I know how hard this shit is, I know how expensive it is, I know how gullible the audience is, and I truly hope these guys aren’t about to sell us more snake oil.

    Never imagined things would unfold like they would a year ago, but here we are. It’s still fun to be part of this scene, but the grifting has been exposed, the lack of accountability has been exposed, and there is that ever present fear that these grifts are going to fire it up again and get to shilling for their shitty product. Worst of all, these guys act like culture warriors, they act like they give a damn about entertainment, they act like they care about creative endeavors, but they do fuck all about it. Only thing they give a damn about is $$$.

    Glad EVS is doing this stuff to uplift other creators, it really sheds a light on the hypocrisy of these in-crowd grifters. I’m sure he’s partly motivated by spite and to make Rippa look bad, doesn’t change the fact he’s actually doing good.

    This scene has turned into another layer to the monopoly and gatekeeping holding back creators from breaking in.

    Anyway, enough angsty blathering about silly drama, I’ve gotta go get to work on my project doing endless tedious bullshit to hopefully produce something of value. Something this scene has absolutely not concept of or respect for.


      At some point Tuna, maybe go hit the bathroom and take care of that tiny hate boner you have for Eric and the raging hard-on you have wanting to suck off Ethan. It’s degenerated into repetitive sperging, ridiculous bias, and a ton of false narrative.

      This entire thread has been wildly embarrassing and discredits you as being unable to post anything that’s not inherently tainted with skewed subjective b.s.


        Let’s get some clarity on this asinine circus act from Tuna here.

        Ethan Van Sciver was never canceled, ge was fired. Not because of his politics, because he’s clearly got a poor attitude and work ethic.

        Context matters. EVS has been in the comic industry for decades, knows dramatically more creators, and is in a position to promote if he chooses. He also sits on backer’s money, in some cases, 4 tears and counting now. He has no desire to do timely fulfillments, and prefers drama farming and playing victim to his audience who gobbles that nonsense up.

        Ethan also acts like a mob boss, holding evidence over people’s heads for years, by his own admission. Now that we have “finger gate” with that degenerate Mandy, it’s become clear that Ethan knew she was blackmailing other creators. Ethan never thought to shut that down and let degeneracy run rampant and used it as leverage.

        As far as Eric. He is just coming up on 2 years in the comic industry. He has promoted some smaller guys, donated to campaigns, but honestly is still new to the industry. He is running an entire company and has to focus on money because many of his employees and their families are dependent upon the company’s success. He is in a completely different position than Ethan, who can sit on money and collect interest for years before fulfillment. Eric is also hiring and “uncanceling” talent from the industry. He has brought a new audience and actual interest. He is building up his other business in his fulfillment, and offering valuable services that even G+G’s very own Drunk3po is about to use in RippaSend. Eric also has a band to worry about. Acting like Eric has time to promote as often as Ethan is dumb AF.

        As far as FNT, many have spawned smaller creators and promoted them and their channels. Numerous creators have credited them with help growing their channels. Look at people like project Eggroll for example.

        I will end with this thread being generally moronic as far as Tuna’s clear love for the drama queen Ethan himself, and having a clear hatred for Eric and massive issues with FNT. This nonsense is some of the most disingenuous and idiotic shit we’ve ever been subjected to on this forum.


          <p style=”text-align: center;”>Oh, if anyone doubts how much of a piece of garbage Ethan is, just do a little research.</p>
          Take how he treats those who don’t kiss the rings and swear allegiance. Renie (RenieDraws), did the unforgivable to Ethan by, God forbid, just wanting to stay neutral, avoid drama, and make comics. She went on Flashcast and Ethan decided to start trashing her. His fans all turned on her like a hive mind. She doesn’t start trouble with anyone.

          He’s turned on others like Joe Ball for doing some art for YellowFlash, and even insulted Graham Nolan for doing a Yaira (Rippaverse) cover.

          Ethan claims Eric is demanding loyalty when he’s the biggest culprit of it and the worst cancelpig in indies. The list of people he’s turned grows constantly.

          It is hilarious to witness how dedicated to the hive mind his simps are. They truly represent the Vyzpzz from his awfulCyberfrog  books.

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            @Flash : I didn’t know about the Renie stuff because I had quit watching him right before that I guess. Renie is a sweet, genuine, and very talented girl. I have all her books. She didn’t deserve that at all from EVS and that group. She used to be on EVS’s broadcasts multiple times a week, and frankly I looked forward to her being on there more than anyone else. I guess this just shows you their true colors. Ya, they might do some helpful things, but in the end it all ends up with drama queen nonsense. I am still waiting for a few different things I contributed to from EVS 6 months to nearly a year ago. After the Eric July bashing started and then the Trashcast began, I dumped ALL those people. I find it all childish, immature, and destructive. There is nothing to be gained from the drama, and I have no place for drama in my life, or viewing other people’s drama.

            I have thought of starting my own YT channel, but I do not want ANY drama in my life. I also fear it would get me fired from my job because I work in a very “progressive” health care facility, and my opinions are NOT progressive.


            @Flash for all the accusations of dick riding, you’re spinning real hard on Eric’s dick.

            And FFS, who posts on this message board about being above drama? This entire scene is based on shit stirring, I just watched a video where Jeremy shat on the rock for a solid 40 fucking minutes straight. Every video Eric has ever made he’s talking shit about something. Drama is the lifeblood of the entire Geeks and Gamers sphere.


            I feel like I’m taking crazy pills responding to you guys.

            You don’t have to convince me EVS is an asshole, everyone knows he’s an asshole.

            Rippa supporters are like those congregations who follow those mega church priests, and if you dare try to convince them that they’ve been used to help buy them a luxury jet and various mansions, they’ll come at you with a vengeance.

            It blows my mind people’s ability to take in selective bits of truth and they way for some people they’ll assume positive intent.

            I’ll be totally honest, I am actually a bit of an EVS fan lately. But it wasn’t always like that, I saw all the attacks and all the dog piling and I figured, “well if everyone hates this guy he’s gotta be an ass”. And he is kind of an ass, but after all the shit being thrown at EVS from all these grifters I kinda get it. He’s the Trump of comics, while everyone else  is playign bullshit games and trying to scratch each others’ backs, he’s the only one that gives any fucks about actually making anything great.

            I’m repeating myself, but EVS actually fucking creates shit. He actually gives a shit about making comics. That RADICALLY changes the way he’s going to interact with all these people who ONLY make their money in the cult of personality. I’m pretty beat, I’d normally explain this shit in greater detail, but what’s the fucking point?

            Good god you Rippa supporters are the most toxic fucking people i’ve ever fucking engaged with in my entire damned life. Like holy shit.

            I know that feeling. I worked in Portland Oregon in the gaming space and it was a nightmare. I had coworkers literally screaming at the top of their lungs how much they hated orange man. I’m not even shitting you. And these are the people who proclaim to be the most tolerant. It’s a really crazy world we live in, hopefully things get better soon, because it’s hard to live like this.


            They seem to have fun trash-taking. As long as someone is having fun, some others will play along. I find punching sideways petty and meaningless, but it’s super safe. Not sure if that is even respectable.

            One thing though, about Jeremy talking about The Rock. Everyone I knew about 7 years ago loved Dwayne Johnson. After the Maui fires, he showed up like Oprah’s sidepiece, literally looking like her handbag or a piece of her luggage, as Oprah hit up people for money, after buying up cheap land from the people who had just been incinerated. I met some Hawaiians during that time, and, in the past, they had always treated me to good, but there was silence and anger on faces. No words spoken. These days, after Max Halloway got that big KO, I’m sure TPTB hope that they do not have any attention span, but it seems like The Rock is losing fans. He sat there being used like a token, so that Oprah could show up in Polynesian face and extort money out of people. It was so damn weak, that I think the natural predator that lives in all red-blooded people pounced on him for that.

            Plus, I think the only reason he ever even wanted to be a politician was so that he could serve and then, sing this song after leaving office:

            DV nailed it about the drama. Real professionals like him stay away from stuff like that. It ruins all workplaces, but really, it just ends up ruining everything. Best thing about FNT and EVS is the helping of others, some of the original music from Dan Vasc, the viral rants from AZ, and, of course, the best, which is Nerdrotic Gary, who is basically ONLY asking for good movies and shows, which is why he takes on the powerful in Hollywood and has never faltered on that and I think that all people who want to see good movies owe Gary thanks and gratitude because he is right. The FNT space, with Jeremy, Ryan, RenNerd, George, they are doing very good things by pointing out the lack of quality. Every one else is afraid of the popularity of people like The Rock, Oprah, Iger, Disney, WB, Snyder, Gunn, and other actors. I admire people not afraid to punch up. I admire people not afraid to take another side because they think they are right and the power system is wrong, which is what the GAMERS have been doing lately. They inspire me a lot. It’s getting pretty bad out there where the majority will go along with whatever mental illness is programmed into them. Today’s music, in particular, is awful. We are in an Emperor has No Clothes situation at every level with forced wokeness from Fink, Schwarzmann, Bloomberg, Ari Emanuel and others.


            Wasn’t defending the rock, more than anyone he symbolizes the fall of the west. He’s this presentation of peak masculinity but under it all is this network of corruption, greed and vile secrecy. He’s subverted.

            I’ve tried to tell it like it is. We are living through a cultural crisis, and the only way we’re going to get the hell out of it is if we hold others and ourselves accountable for our actions.

            We live in a society…

            Societies live and breathe by meritocracy, by the quality of the work of those who live in this world. Rippa, Jeremy, Gary, EVS, Az are all top tier talents in the arena of personality, in the YouTube space.

            But MASSIVE problems arise if we become a cult of personality, if we allow our “friendships” our personal connections to cloud our judgement in areas of life of paramount importance.

            When pampered, likeable people, who are unaccustomed to hard work and sacrifice start getting their hands on the levers of society, everything goes to shit. People who live in bubbles, people who form whisper networks, people who see “their own truth”, people who are privildged to live in their own little reality away from the demands that build character and competency.

            The heart the issue is these guys rose to prominence on the promise they would lead this fight, that they would fight for meritocracy, that they would champion hard work and quality entertainment. Rippa sucked the oxygen out of the room from those who would have worked hard to produce QUALITY entertainment. He furthered this decline of worshipping icons and brands over the actual quality of the work put behind it. When Rippaverse failed, it didn’t just cut into Rippa’s pockets, it burned the bridge to indie comics as a whole as it was so prominent.

            Creating independent works has to be more than just sucking the money and placating an audience. It must be a celebration of craft, it must be a celebration of talent and hard work. You can’t charge 35 fucking dollars for some 3D assets and a fucking reach around.

            This isn’t about “drama” this is about MERITOCRACY, this is about building the foundations of a quality culture again where we can be ourselves and not be surrounded by a cult who will cut you down and cancel you for speaking the truth. Where working hard has value, where having talent has value. Where there is more to this existence than talking heads blowing smoke up each others’ asses.

            You guys want quality entertainment back? Do you want to live in a world where we can have nice shit and feel proud about what we have built? Where we can take pride in being a nerd for star wars, or video games? Where we can have a love of the amazing stuff other people have poured their heart and soul into? Then we have to grow the hell up and start facing uncomfortable truths and holding one another to standards.

            I’ve tried to levy fair criticsm against everyone in this sphere because it’s important, it’s what we must do. Freedom and prosperity demands eternal vigilance. Here’s a long winded rant I went on against The Drinker:

            I don’t go after Mr. July because because I have some kind of vendetta against him, he’s just been an entitled diva lately. Critical Drinker however owned up to his indie venture and told the community that he is just as worthy of criticism as anyone, and he is willing to own up to his shortcomings, he is not a constant drain on this scene. Drinker doesn’t incessantly tell the world everyone else is wrong and wax poetic about how great everyone in his sphere is because they kiss his ass.

            Here’s the problem: people don’t know how the sausage is made any more. People no longer have ANY perception of the long hours and dedication it requires to create things of value. We all sit around and we surf twitter or reddit, and we do our mundane jobs and we order takeout and we have our electornics and shoes sent to our house, we pop on the TV and game consoles and we watch whatever the fuck we want. People are so damned sheltered and removed from the things they consume that we have lost all ability to value things as consumers.

            We have no concept of the wheels and machinations that create the products we consume, which is why Rippa is able to farm this army of Stans who will die on the hill defending his entitled ass.

            There are a lot of likeable people here. They are good at what they do, and there’s a lot of heart in this scene with lots of value. But don’t let it cloud your judgements, don’t turn into the same cult of personality that destroyed Star Wars and Doctor Who, and comics, and gaming.

            It’s called tough love guys, to be strong and capable we gotta suffer criticism and be able to rise above it, or simply be phenoms. If we can’t, we’re not cut out to be creatives. Rippa is neither a phenom, nor able to put the elbow greese and 10,000 hours in to become good at producing comics, Drinker wasn’t either in regards to film making.

            Try to learn to detach yourselves from your personal connections with people when it comes to craft and business.

            It used to be common knowledge, you DO NOT go into business with your friends, because we human monkeys are REALLY BAD at viewing reality when the connections of friends is concerned and our base natures to rely on petty politics begins to creep in, we start to think that just because we know someone and like them, that they should be successful and everything they do is wonderful. It’s nepotism, and it’s at the very heart of why the world has gone to shit.

            I know these posts are a thorn on this forum where people are just trying to just come together and enjoy this corner of the internet that isn’t subverted garbage safe from all the woke bullshit. But I don’t like seeing it turn into the same bullshit hero worship and wrongthink machine those others assholes pull.

            This group did enough damage to comics. I sure as shit don’t want them fucking up the indie gaming scene.


            That is a great line about sausage.

            They seem to roast each other all the time. They have thicker skins than I do. EVS comment section is like half ripping on him on any given stream.  There is nothing wrong with solid feedback. It’s damn hard to make a good comic or game. We read about it and think about it, but really, what we see is one success in the thousands of failures when we are reading about an artist or developer. Stan Lee was a damn genius, regardless of how anyone feels about him as a person.

            Yeah, subverted masculinity with The Rock. When he showed up with Oprah, and flexed while she spoke, it was this bizarre realization of, who wears the pants in this relationship? He looked the Diva part, while she did the talking and the money pitch. It was like you could see him auditioning for Hillary’s cult, while the pant-suit ladies wielded the power. It was role reversal. Very odd energy reading there.

            Read the rant on Drinker. Yeah. I like him, but there wasn’t a massive breakthrough yet. I do like Jeremy Jahns a ton. Both solid guys, but going the extra mile into entrepreneurship and trying to make a film is something different. A bigger challenge. Suppose it would be wise to seek out a director who has a track record of doing something on a budget. If making a comic is hard, making a movie must be much harder. I’ve seen connected people do nothing with it, despite their best efforts.

            It’s tough to find good comics, regardless. My favorite artist these days is Pepe Larraz. Not sure about writers, but I could come up with some if I thought about it more. Believe it or not, even though he’s already connected, I did like Andy Samberg’s comic The Holy Roller, even though it goes against everything I think about. I like the character design and would probably give him a Best New Character award for his bowling superhero, with a bunch of different weaponized bowling balls. The thing is, the villain in the story is basically White Nationalism or Christian Nationalism, so there’s the propaganda angle in it.

            As far as crowdfunded comics go, I kind of liked Lovecraft P.I. – The Curious Case of ReAnimator, and also, Zorro – Man of the Dead. I’m sure there are others, but it’s very slim pickens and, like I said, very hard to create something of quality. Not easy what these people are trying to do.

            Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 23-57-08 Sean Gordon Murphy's Zorro Man Of The Dead Graphic Novel


            It would do these guys a lot of good who want to make their own creations if they watched this recent Trashcast and internalized the lessons within, lots of wisdom to be gleaned from the perspective of creators who have dealt with artists and writers over many years:

            They really get into the trials and tribulations that you encounter in the creative sphere. Liam and the shit he’s going through with his entitled artist is very common, the members of comics gate who all think they’re entitled to more, who think they know better, who think it’s going to be easy, and think they should get a huge piece of the pie and make their own rules.

            Everyone thinks they should have more control, be making more money, is being wronged by the others. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong. And figuring this out becomes murky as people come up with excuses and entitlements and focus diverts from making a damned comic book.

            Making art requires herding cats. You have to be mindful who you work with, the terms you set, and you have to learn how to find the right people and keep a revolving door early. Key people in key positions form the foundation of your enterprise, set the standards, uphold them in time. Eric hired up a ton of friends and kiss asses while taking success for granted, thought it would be easy. It was easy until the product was revealed.

            These ventures are so damned mind blowingly big with so many considerations that it’s impossible to fathom every hurdle you need to vault, and now they’re coming to realize this the hard way. They’re having to stew in their hubris. You’d think it would be easy enough with 3 million dollars to find a few competent artists, find some writers, make a comic book. It’s not, you need the right competencies in the right places and you need to resist falling into the trap of listening to the yes men around you that you’ve installed to elevate yourself. A quality product must be made.

            Eric was the crux of this all falling apart. His entitlement, his petty politics and exploiting of friends. Every single hire he made who valued brown nosing over talent. He created a massive cult around himself where he deemed himself above all criticism and took for granted all the hard work and discerning eye it takes to create a product of cohesion. One can only imagine how many people whose critiques he outright ignored and pushed forward with full confidence in his untested vision.

            I do feel for Eric a bit. Success happened to him so fast that he didn’t have time to take it in, didn’t have much of an opportunity to get feedback and readjust his expectations. He really thought we was making hot shit right out of the gate. Most all us creatives do, we need to be slapped down by reality because we’re so high on the feeling of just putting out our first creations it’s hard for us to gauge them personally. I think once this all blows over, Eric may be able to look back on ISOM and see where he made mistakes more clearly.

            Everyone’s a critic, eveyrone’s an idea person. Everyone thinks, “Why doesn’t someone just give people what they want and get rich!?” The gall to push so hard and invest so much into this shit comic book… All the yes men, all the affirming creators, all the greed and arrogance from everyone in this sphere mixed together and escalated this venture into a truly epic disaster. For all the talk, no one in this sphere stood up to the consumer or stood up for quality entertainment when it was their friends putting it out, their wallet getting fat. It was easy over the past couple years to scream, “FRIENDSHIP!” as the money poured in.

            Now the cognitive dissonances are setting in, now the squabbles, the entitlement, the politics, the hurt feelings and pettiness are going to rise to the surface and it’s going to get ugly fast as promises are unable to be kept and fan outrage remains unanswered.

            The piper has to be paid. And the sooner the people in this sphere own up to it and hold themselves to the standards they set for others, the sooner they can get past this and grow and maybe find success with future endeavors of creation.

            In the meantime. this scene is turning into lolcows with Rippasend looming on the horizon.

            SAME damned shit that happened with woke Hollywood. A inexperienced, friends  lacking the work ethic to really grind and produce quality entertainment getting together thinking they’d all smarm it up and make a ton of money selling consumers hot garbage with no understanding or appreciation of the craft, who were willing to burn the fields others earn their livings in for personal gain. Shameful.


            Still out here defending cancel pig ethan that has attacked FNT and Eric for months while eric continues to grow his comic company and ethan is still late on his.


            I’m lamenting this community’s fall, its wasted potential.

            It’s easy to wallow around in the mud, demand others create great movies. It’s easy to shill for your “friends” lining your pocket. It’s easy to talk shit about anyone that confronts you with painful truth from your bubbles.

            Is this how this saga unfolds? Gary often talks about how it might end tomorrow… maybe it will. Maybe this is all that this community stood for: a fart in an elevator.

            They got to fuck off with their friends while farming huge chunks of money in plushies and super chats. They got to finger other incompetent grifters while holding themselves to no account and being celebrated by a throng of Stans attacking anyone who dare question their shilling of these divas.

            How long has this gone on… 4+ years now? How long did these guys have to at least ATTEMPT to build something of value? ATTEMPT to platform other creators? Attempt to contribute to this cultural fight in some form of meaningful way that will last beyond this petty backlash? This fandom became their “precious”, all this money and power just given to them. No need to produce great movies, no need to produce great comics, the content was handed to them on a silver platter.

            They could have played to their strengths, they could have created interesting talk shows showcasing interesting life lessons or indie ventures, or creative processes. They coulda teamed up with Epicverse to do a series on the trials and tribulations on learning how to make films, or worked with other hard working indies in an attempt to give back.

            Would this have been successful or entertaining? Who knows. What we do know is week after week for the past 4+ years these guys have been more than happy to do absolutely nothing beyond blowing smoke up our asses, too comfortable with that money rolling in, too comfortable with the fun griftings.

            Why attempt to make a difference when grifting is just so damned safe and fun?

            I’ve talked a lot of shit about Rippa in this thread, but to his credit, he did make a business, he did try to create culture and content, he poured his time and energy into this shit and went to fucking bat.

            And these guys shilled HARD for it while it was advantageous for them, while it was safe and lucrative, even when they knew the product wouldn’t be up to quality they kept the grift going and played it off as loyalty as they betrayed the fans.

            I realize this thread is more than cringe at this point, I realize how fucking stupid it’s been to watch this scene decay and bitch about it over all this time, but this is entertaining. The drama, the stakes of society hanging in the balance. As covid tore our lives apart and many of us had our careers and industries going to shit, this scene was a beacon of hope for a long time that things might get better. That we would band together and take back entertainment.

            It’s devolved into a soap opera with EVS talking shit about everyone and wondering what the next controversy is going to be as all this goes to shit, but it’s still better entertainment than most of what’s on TV right now, unfortunately.

            The usual accusations will be levied by anyone who happens to read this in this bumfuck corner of the internet. I’m a hater, I dislike a succesful business man, anyone who makes such a post is “gay ops”.

            I really just wanted to see this cultural rot turned around. I wanted to see people who believed in things, believed in building back better entertainment and bringing back meritocracy would DO LITERALLY ANYTHING to facilitate that outside of bitching and moaning while they had the means and platform to do so.

            In this late chapter of the fellowship, it’s becoming painfuly clear these guys really never cared about any of this shit. They are nothing more than critics and grifters unwilling to sacrifice or risk even a sliver of their comfortable little neckbeard corner of the internet to try to foster anything of value.

            This place is a fucking neckbeard farm. It’s a fucking cult. It’s see no evil, hear no evil, for the delicate sensibilities of the Stans guiding every aspect of this community.

            It didn’t have to be like this, some level of authenticity and attempt to make a great comic, or a great comedy sketch, or a sketch comedy show, or something of a level of quality could have been made. Attempts to give others exposure who are fighting in the trenches to make entertainment while this little sphere gets heaps of funding and exposure thrust upon them for this massive circle jerk.

            This whole machine operates on the same cult of personality as Hollywood, and in this machine of see no evil hear no evil as everyone cowers away from speaking the truth, quality things cannot be made, meaningful culture cannot be made.

            There are more and more elephants in the room that are just building up poisoning this scene. And it all came to a head on FNT this week with that Danica guest. These guys are burned out feeding this audience its hate, they don’t believe in this shit any more, they’ve shilled garbage over the years which makes all their criticism of movies meaningless, they’ve backed their incompetent friends professionally and grifted fans for their $$$ which makes all the cultural criticism meaningless as well, then they wax poetic about how they’re above personal attacks after talking shit about women’s toenails for years on end.

            It’s frustrating to watch, it didn’t have to be this way, but this is the bed they’ve made over the years. Many asked them to grow a little, to put a little bit of money where their mouth was, to do things of substance and to have a bit of actionable principle, but they chose the bubble, they chose the easy, sweet grift money. In the end, they grew into another cult of personality incapable of producing anything of value, just like Hollywood.

            Shout out to Pierry Chan (i’m sure i’m butchering the spelling), that dude did consistent and amazing work producing great entertainment, and Gary too for putting together a quality team and herding cats making great content. But overall, this scene just ended up being a huge mass of wasted potential.

            There was so much talent here, so much positive energy to fight, so many great personalities, so much good will to foster and grow into something positive and good. All flushed into dirt, all in service to the same mundane comforts and reach arounds.


            I realize this thread is more than cringe at this point

            This thread is cringe because this is the 2nd one you made to crying bully for Ethan while he almost nighty attacks people that chose to ignore him because of how he acts.




            I’m lamenting this community’s fall, its wasted potential.

            Funny This community continues to grow and more people are making Comics, Movies and Books.

            While the dude you still prop up as god gift to earth group is rotting from his own doing, To the point he would rather stream attacking this community over working on his years late comic people gave him hundreds of thousands to do.

            Eric was the crux of this all falling apart. His entitlement, his petty politics and exploiting of friends. Every single hire he made who valued brown nosing over talent. He created a massive cult around himself where he deemed himself above all criticism and took for granted all the hard work and discerning eye it takes to create a product of cohesion. One can only imagine how many people whose critiques he outright ignored and pushed forward with full confidence in his untested vision.

            You run around and make up bullshit about eric on ethans word, while we have proof ethan does everything he claims eric does whats that called again?

            Ethan must have a special room just under his seat for you to be huffing his farts this hard man.



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