This looks just like folks in a war doesn’t it?

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    Clearly this Ukraine thing involves some sort of shenanigans.  This is very weird.



    I dont know man, Look at Sauron and how happy he is with the Rings of Winter on his hand, he does not even seem upset Jon and Galadriel are coming north of Hadriens wall with an army of Manbun elves to take them from him. Truly inspiring and sends chills down my spine how calm he is.


    Dude, how can a leader laugh and joke (or even have time for an interview) when supposedly your country is under attack and your people are dying left and right.  I mean WTF man.


    I’d be laughing and having a great time if the US was sending me billions too.

    Have a read :


    There is plenty of pictures of Churchill, FDR laughing and smiling in WW2, Pictures of Teddy also having fun. Life still goes on and you still have to laugh and have fun. I even know of troops in Combat that were singing and laughing having a good time. …. The interview could also be one to play on the Russian troops minds.


    Pictures of other world leaders smiling during WW2 is no way a comparison to sitting on a pretty stage somewhere being interviewed by a TV (non-war correspondent) while you cut up and laugh.  The Ukrainian thing is shenanigans.   I have no doubt Putin wants Ukraine but the reasons for it are not what we think in my opinion.  Clearly the west has had a dirty hand in the Ukraine and I have no doubt Zalinski is a puppet for that side.

    Much like all the middle east stuff is a mess due in part to western interference, so is this Ukraine stuff I do believe.


    The propaganda war and media circus is part of any war.

    Besides, he’s not really doing anything except giving his little speeches. The US and UK are running the war and are sending Ukrainians into the meat grinder. Zelensky is just a puppet and does as he is told.

    You will see, once Ukraine is liberated, people there will rejoice and celebrate, just as they did in Kherson and other freed cities.


    I do agree that doing Vogue photoshoots ans these interviews during the war is a bit messed up, but thinking there are some weird conspiracies because someone is having a bit of fun to have a break from the 5 month war is just a stretch.

    You can say Zelenskyi is western minded, because that’s a big reason for the war. Russia didn’t like the fact that Ukraine was transitioning more and more towards the west instead of being a puppet state for Russia like Belarus is. Zelenskyi’s objectives were to get rid of corruption and the amount of racism and to make Ukraine a modern western European society and thus being able fill the criterias to join EU but still maintaining diplomacy with Russia, which clearly wasn’t an option for them and their dwarf dictator Putin.



    Actually Zelensky is a western puppet in my opinion. This is yet another example of the west getting its claws in a nation for mostly monetary gain.  And in this case ,like most other times, it went south because Putin got pissed/concerned and invaded.  I don’t think it had anything to do with NATO aspirations as much as just having a western controlled state on his border.  There is also something to be said for the economic value Ukraine and who controls it here in this equation.



    Zelenskyi being a puppet of the west is just something Russia says to justify their actions and there isn’t much to back it up, and I see no correlation with ”the west getting monetary aid”. Who exactly? And how?

    And even if it was true, anyone would rather be a puppet of the west than Russia. It’s a fact that since Yanukovych got removed from presidency (after heavy protests and revolution since he was Putin’s lapdog and a Soviet idealist who wanted to keep Ukraine as a puppet of Russia) the corruption level has decreased and Ukraine had a rise in the index of democracy and started to develop into a modern western country. So even if they were ”puppets” of the west, it’s a huge benefit for them.

    I am so confused by all the conspiracy theories about someone pulling the strings and controlling from the shadows. Who is controlling now, what is the goal and how are they achieving it?


    “Zelenskyi being a puppet of the west is just something Russia says to justify their actions”

    It’s a silly statement because it DOES NOT excuse an invasion or a war.

    The goal was to make cash off the Ukraine.  Same reason the USA or UK etc gets involved with “nation building” in the middle east.  Just ask the Biden’s about Ukraine.


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