Thoughts on 2020 MTV VMAs

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    other than the fact it’ll be a steaming pile of shit,  noticed its on 12 different networks, I’m already predicting that the ratings will be worse than last year


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just making me wish for rock to come back into the mainstream. Seeing all the KPOP stans on Twitter and pop trash is just cancer. Although I like The Weeknd though and think he makes good music. Just hope for the cycle of music to come back to rock at some point soon.</p>


    A bunch of no talent assclowns dancing and lip-syncing to some droning  repetitive beats.  Most of them are just supplying an aesthetic, as they can’t sing, write, play any instruments or even read sheet music.  But they will be “important voices” because 95% of them will make a point to ramble out leftist mantra while reminding us dumb plebs how much orange man is bad.  Oh yeah and a bunch of “Get out and Vote” rubbish from people who probably aren’t even registered to vote.


    I guarantee they’ll be bashing Trump and praising BLM and Antifa


    Why does everyone sound like the biggest boomer here. I see people are salty because rock is getting more and more irrelevant each year :-D


    people still watch mtv?


      Can’t wait for overprivileged rich celebs to tell me once again that I have to give up my mystery privileges, oh wait, I’m not watching that shit, they will be preaching to the choir and change no one’s minds.


      It’s a notch below the WNBA in my viewing priority.


      MTV hasn’t existed in this dojo since like 2003.

      Which is sad given how amazing the network was early on, especially when their news division hit its stride in the early to mid 90’s, and The Real World was opening our generation’s eyes to race relations, homosexuality, and the AIDS crisis.


      Once MTV stopped being a Music TeleVision network, I could not care less for its shows or awards.

      There are so many awards and award shows, it is like they give them out like candy on halloween.

      The prestige of winning an award has been diluted by how many there are.


      was wondering if they posted how the ratings were


      5% drop in ratings from last year despite being on 12 fucking networks.


      Hoping it would’ve been more

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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