TikTok is Spying on People

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    Nothing new. China is the enemy.



      So damn glad I ditched social media.


        Of course.   It is owned by the Chinese government.


        So does facebook, and it’s amercian compagny, so ?

        we are spied from the birth,


        Yep, they have gotten on the inside and will spread the rot they have created to hurt this country from within.  They are already inside the gates now.  Just another reason of the long list of reasons why I will never use that site or even promote it.  It is shocking just how much people give up these days.

        The gates are not even locked, they are wide open.  We are witness to the systematic destruction of the west.


        Any app or smart device (with original root) made in China is able to spy on its users. I know this for a long time because I deal with that on a daily basis. But sometimes their spy is just for marketing reasons, just to sell information to other companies and stuff, and put random apps on your phone or computer once in a while. But they can track you down if they want, using keywords search.

        This is why India, at the moment, has a movement to stop Chinese apps, they even created some apps that clean your device from Chinese apps (lol).

        The main problem is that most people don’t care, and the people that care can’t do really nothing… Unless Trump do something like he did to Huawei…


          Everything is spying on people watch the movie Enemy Of The State


        Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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