Trans-Identified Male Takes MASSIVE Lead Ahead Of Females In Ultra-Dist Cycling

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    Trans-Identified Male Takes MASSIVE Lead Ahead Of Females In Ultra-Distance Cycling Challenge

    Cameron Dixon, who now goes by Cara, is one of 13 participants listed in the “women’s” category of the TransAtlanticWay, a cross-country cycling challenge in Ireland. Dixon, who is from Stokesley, England, is currently topping the women’s leaderboard, riding almost 300km (approx. 180 miles) ahead of the next female challenger.

    Another day, another male destroying female sports.

    At the time of writing, Dixon has already covered 1767km (approx. 1100 miles) of the 2500km (approx. 1550 miles) challenge. The leading female cyclist is Jasmijn Muller of Brecon, Wales.

    HE has complete 70% of the race and the next closest competitor in this category has only finished 60%.

    If Dixon were performing in the male category, he would be ranked in a tight 4th place.

    But then this MALE would not have won, and won as easily as HE does competing against female.

    Earlier this year, Dixon took home the women’s prize during the Dirty Reiver gravel race in the United Kingdom, smashing second place by a significant margin.

    By how much?

    Dixon’s race time was 1 hour and 18 minutes compared to the top female participant, who finished in 2 hours and 23 minutes. He was the only person in the category to finish in less than 2 hours, and only three female participants finished in less than 3 hours.

    Finished at 55% of the time of the closest biological female.

    There is no fairness in allowing this farce to continue.

    (back in 2022) the governing body had temporarily scrapped their “trans inclusion policy,” which had allowed men to self-identify into female categories. The policy was suspended in order for a comprehensive review to be completed on whether it was fair to the female athletes.

    Which allowed Dixon into the races.

    …British Cycling decided to ban men competing in female categories after completing their 9-month review in May.


    Following the announcement, trans-identified male cyclist Emily Bridges called the move a “violent act” and likened it to contributing to the genocide of transgender people.

    While allowing males who call themselves female would otherwise be allowed to commit “violent acts” (like that volleyball player – gave a female a concussion, or the MMA fighter who broke multiple bones on their female opponent), and liking it to the genocide of biological female sports and accomplishments and females feeling safe to change/shower/etc in female ONLY locker rooms.

    But the CEO of British Cycling, Jon Dutton, was not deterred, and stood by the decision.

    “I am confident that we have developed policies that both safeguard the fairness of cyclesport competition, whilst ensuring all riders have opportunities to participate.”

    The new policy is due to come into effect at the end of this year, meaning Dixon will no longer be allowed to participate in women’s cycling.

    NO longer and NEVER should have been allowed to compete against biological females in the first place, IMO.

    I just hope in the records books at asterisk is placed by Dixon’s name and any other non-biological females, so we can recognized TRUE female records.


      That term is so bad, “non-biological female”. As mentioned previously it has the baked in assumption that there are other types of females, there aren’t.  A “non-biological female” IS A MAN.

      But to this article.  I am really sick of hearing about these incidents.  I honestly think the only reason the vast majority of people don’t point and laugh and or get angry openly is because they are afraid of the mob.  And that’s the way the mob wants it.  They want everyone to self censor themselves into conformity.

      I saw an interview with that guy who was the college swimmer playing as a woman.  He came out and said that he should be seen as a female and complete with a female because he is a female. How absolutely insane is that?  That is not reality and it is not the truth.

      Let’s be honest, whether you are a linebacker in a wig or someone that can easily pass for a woman YOU ARE STILL A MAN.  This idea that changing a few superficial parts on your body makes you the other sex can only be the case if the only differences in sex are what you see.  That is absolute insanity to even consider that.

      “Truly, whoever is able to make you absurd is able to make you unjust.
      commonly quoted as ‘Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities’” — Voltaire


      …and or get angry openly is because they are afraid of the mob.  And that’s the way the mob wants it.  They want everyone to self censor themselves into conformity.

      And that is why I refuse to self censor as you want me to.

      “Biological Females” are being erased from their own sports by “non-biological females”!

      A “genocide” against biological females sports!

      Call it what it is!

      Killips, who was born male, was in front of female riders Paige Onweller and Flavia Oliveira, who eventually settled for second and third place, respectively.

      Onweller kept it classy in a post-race message.

      “For those following women’s road cycling, you are aware of the UCI rule that this is currently allowed. Rather than sharing my personal opinions about the UCI rule, I think it’s most important to recognize that all athletes, no matter how they identify, should have a space to compete and race,” she wrote in a blog post on her website.

      “Additionally, underneath all helmets is a face and a person who deserves respect, dignity and a safe space to ride bikes.”

      This is an example of SAID-Self Censorship.

      Being afraid of being attacked by the woke mob and the alphabet mofia, SHE was forced to speak “classy”.

      This is what people in Nazi Germany were forced to do.

      This is what people in the Soviet Union were forced to do.

      This is what people in the CCP controlled areas (China, Hong Kong, etc.) are being forced to do.

      This is what people in what is in theory is supposed to be a free-democratic society…

      No, self censorship is what tyrants and dictators do.

      This is exactly what the woke mob and the alphabet mofia and their marxists allies want.

      Making speaking the truth a crime, and a crime against their agenda.

      Calling you an extremists for pointing out facts that they deliberately avoid.


      Just like calls against Bud Light.

      Just like calls against Target.

      Just like calls against woke school boards and teachers.

      The silent majority is starting to find their voice and are saying enough is enough!

      “Leave our kids alone!”

      Save female sports/spaces for FEMALES!


      The time for a culture revolution against the agenda/narrative is awakening.

      We see this happening all over the world.

      And the sooner we can rid this extremely toxic far alt-left ideology the better place the world will be in.



        And that is why I refuse to self censor as you want me to.

        “Biological Females” are being erased from their own sports by “non-biological females”!”

        I am not trying to censor you, I am not at all certain why that is a conclusion you would jump to.

        My point that I have mentioned is the phrase is a leftist invented phrase that literally has no meaning except to infer there are types of females.  There aren’t.  There is solely just females.  You are either born one or you aren’t.   To use that phrase is to go against the very argument you are trying to make.  An argument that I agree with 100%.

        If we agree on the fact that you are born female or you are not then the word is just useless because at that point any female would of course be a biological female as there can be no other kind.


        The leftoids claim anyone can be female/woman at any time (even thought they can’t / refuse to define a woman).

        A fully bearded body builder/trainer can declare on an entry form “I am female for this even” (when common sense shows this is false – this person is NOT a female, but the left said HE feels like HE is a female, then HE is a female.

        HE even stated HE did this to prove has stupid this Idiotic narrative/agenda is, and the policy for that event (and all other such policies).

        There are BIOLOGICAL FEMALES.  There are no OTHERs TRUE females.

        The term is used to clarify this fact.  To say just “females” means to fall into the trap of the left that trans-females, self identified females are the same as biological female, which they are NOT.

        That you understand this, is great.  That other might NOT (since words have meaning and added BIOLOGICAL to the term means alot more than not using it).

        That the leftoids does not is why I will continue to state the scientific and medical facts/truths!  And that means using the accurate terminology “BIOLOGICAL FEMALES” then that is what I will continue to do.  Saying I do not and should not is a form of wanting someone to self censorship, IMO.

        I will love the day when we can just call a woman a woman, a female a female, but sadly the society we are in does not.

        Just like using the term “trans-identified male” is the more accurate statement than to use “trans-woman” or a “male self-identifies as female” when they are not female.



          Dude, I am super confused how we agree on premise but think different about the phrase.

          I see where you are coming from but I think you have it backwards. But hey, maybe I do, but I do not think so at this point.

          “Biological Female” was not devised to identify true females because we already know who those are because they were born female. It was devised to infer there are other types of females, there are not.  These other types of females are not females at all, they are men.

          The left did not invent “female”.  And since the beginning of time we all knew and agreed on what that meant. It’s only the last few years where some people want the term to mean essentially how you feel.  And as such (to my understanding but admittedly this is anecdotal) began to use the phrase biological female to differentiate between those whom were born female apart from those whom magically became female through their feelings.

          There is already and has always been a word to identify someone who wishes to be perceived as the opposite sex and that is transgender. That term used to infer surgery and a term such as cross dresser or transvestite covered everyone else.

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