Trudeau Liberals finally criticize China as it finishes crushing Hong Kong

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    Trudeau Liberals finally criticize China as it finishes crushing Hong Kong

    China’s approach to crushing Hong Kong is really very simple.

    First, take away individual rights by introducing a national security law to protect the state rather than the people.

    Second, declare it a threat to national security to question, criticize or object to the new law.

    Third, jail anyone who disagrees.

    The effectiveness of this simple formula is on display as trials get underway for dozens of Hong Kong people charged with subversion under the new law, imposed by Beijing a year ago.

    And it is surprising too that these same steps are being taken here in the west as well.

    The taking away individual rights and freedoms is something that is very real.

    It would be naive in the extreme to expect Canada’s government to display a hint of backbone in responding to Hong Kong’s destruction, despite strong commercial and personal links dating back decades. It simply isn’t in the DNA of Canadian governments to take strong stands on international matters. We prefer to moralize loudly and wait for others to take the lead. It was good news, therefore, that the Group of Seven countries finally got around to confronting the reality of China’s nature at its recent summit, even if it comes years after the threat became evident. Having other countries sign up for a concerted effort to slow Beijing’s repressive expansion is the kind of safety blanket Ottawa looks for before signing on. If countries like the U.S., Great Britain and Germany are willing to take the brunt of the action, Canadian politicians feel safer tucked into the rearguard.

    It’s too late to hope to save Hong Kong, but it’s not too late to protect Taiwan from similar treatment. It’s no secret that Xi aches to crush it under the same authoritarian boot.

    They did it in Hong Kong.

    They are doing it in Xinjiang, China.

    Tibet is practically an occupied territory of the CCP.

    This unchecked aggression and threats to stability to the world MUST be STOPPED!


    Hong Kong protester given 9-year term in 1st security case

    HONG KONG (AP) — A pro-democracy protester was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison in the closely watched first prosecution under Hong Kong’s national security law as the ruling Communist Party tightens control over the territory.

    And now we see the first conviction.

    President Xi Jinping’s government imposed the security law on the former British colony last year following protests that erupted in mid-2019. Beijing has tried to crush a pro-democracy movement by jailing leading activists and has reduced the public’s role in picking Hong Kong’s government.

    And the dems are wanting to do the same with protesters against their ‘rule’.

    Tong’s sentencing is a “hammer blow to free speech” and shows the law is “a tool to instill terror” in government critics, said Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific regional director, Yamini Mishra, in a statement.

    The law “lacks any exemption for legitimate expression or protest,” said Mishra. “The judgment at no point considered Tong’s rights to freedom of expression and protest.”

    But it does.  Pro-CCP expressions ARE allowed.

    Just like pro-antifa/por-blm riots ARE allowed in the us.

    Only certain “expressions” are not allowed.


    Considering this should violate the treaty that China signed with the UK in 1997 (which expires in 2047) that transferred Hong Kong from the UK to China and gave Hong Kong certain autonomy from the CCP, shouldn’t the UK take some sort of action against China or are they just worried of escalating the conflict into World War III?


    Even though the British Empire caused a lot of trouble, I think the world today would’ve been better off if it were still around, imagine if the British still had the worlds most powerful military and maintained their conservative doctrine of “muscular Christianity”? or in other words, a modern version of how they were like from WWI to the Korean War? if that were the case we wouldn’t have to worry about communism at all.

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