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    Those following Gary – Nerdrotic – The Nooner himself:

    Greetings friends. I have been suspended from Twitter for 7 glorious days and AZ from @HeelvsBabyface is banned permanently. AZ has a video on the subject and we will discuss it on FNT.

    AZ quoted a line.

    Someone in the comments (of u-tube) said rippa was also banned/targeted.

    Anyone else see an uptick of bans recently?

    (As a non-twatter user, I only get this info from other sources.)


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Why is anyone still trying to use Twitter as any form of social media? There is no battle to be won there. That is totally lost ground. Anyone who says, “We can’t retreat, we can’t make it look like we’re running away…”

    Get a freaking clue! The game is rigged on Twitter! There is no winning there! Let them have their echo chamber! When you push too hard they already block you and create secret circles, so why continue such a useless contest?

    “But, Roas! We need our DMs to communicate…”

    STFU…there is a thing called Email we were using for years before god damned Twitter DMs. And before that…we picked up a god damned PHONE if we needed to talk to someone!

    YouTube may be no better in similar ways, but at least if you play the game wisely there the battle continues. YouTube is a battle ground where we can keep fighting, but Twitter is nothing but a freaking sewer infested with SJW vermin, built by SJW vermin, and RUN by SJW vermin!

    Once and for all….GET OFF FUCKING TWITTER!!!!


    I never even made a twitter user because I never had any intentions to post or communicate there, but I do read daily stuff from there as it’s a good place to stay in touch regarding some news. Like people who get access to information about sport transfers, anime news etc before anyone else, twitter is a good place to spread it. But I do use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp regularly.


    I use Facebook but that’s mainly just to use messenger with my friends and family. I’m not a “LOOK AT ME!” person as I hate being the centre of attention. Anything I do post on FB is mainly what I’m watching and maybe a meme or two but that’s only if I’m motivated enough to do so. I would NEVER use Twatter. Er, I mean Twitter.


      I don’t participate in any of those platforms because I believe there is no reason to go on there and fight and argue. To get caught up in that is to get caught up in the division the elites so desperately want.

      So essentially I don’t really care what happens on those but ultimately it’s a losing battle for anyone who thinks for themselves.


        Twitter is a NO WIN situation for ANYONE on the wrong side of the “Agenda” ROAS said it well, it is rigged and you cannot win, they will get you in time.

        Now you have two options.
        1. Recognize it is only a matter of time before they get you.
        2. Get Political and get on Politicians to create laws that require equal treatment for all on social media, as it is a Public Forum broadcast over Government infrastructure giving them the legal ability to regulate it. I.E Enforcement of the First Amendment protections equally.

        Now many will say “no one” owns the internet. That has been the problem with how to regulate it. Well lets be honest It is transmitted via “Broadcast systems” who regulates broadcasting? The Government specifically the FCC in the US. Congress can easily make a law that states all Business must apply equal protection and enforcement to all on the internet and failure to provide the equal protections can result in punitive damages from fines and civil suits to FCC revoking business licenses for companies who do not apply their TOS equally and with CLEAR Rules. NOT guidelines open for interpretations but rules clearly spelled out so they cannot be misunderstood.

        They simply need to clearly define:

        1. What is hate speech
        2. What is Pornographic Content
        3. What is Graphic Content
        4. Copyright infringement vs fair-use in reporting

        The three biggies, but then also understand that reporting on “Opinion” or “News” where some of those things must be allowed to be used for context is also needed. And protected by the 1st Amendment.


          Yes, most of the social media sites are lost causes for really anyone. They are their just to mine your data.

          They want those things vague so they choose when to enforce “the rules”.

          And there is no such thing as hate speech. It is an invented term that is intended to be vague for the reason I just stated.

          If you give into using that term ANYTHING can be applied to it because it has no definition and never will.

          I give it 4 years or less before the Bible is considered hate speech.


          @Mustangride1 It’s gotta start in the states. State laws need to get passed, work, then moved to the Federal level by brave Senators and Congressmen ready to actually do something.

          Florida is already doing by giving people the power to sue Big Tech when they over step. That is the beauty of this Republic. The states are the laboratories, the testing grounds for laws that work and don’t work. FL and TX show us the way while CA shows us how to fail.

          Given enough time and the change in environment, ie. a Congress and Executive Branch that actually wants to do something as well as a populace that is sick of Big Tech overlording, then I think decent laws to regulate Big Tech can happen.

          Good or bad and somewhat doubtful it will go anywhere in this current climate, there is actual movement in the House right now taking aim at Big Tech monopolies.

          I believe that Big Tech has finally over reached, and by continually behaving badly enough people of sound mind are finally deciding enough is enough.

          Still….people need to just GET THE FUCK OFF TWITTER!!!!!


            Ya im not and never or will be on twatter.

            I knew what it was from the second I saw it, same with Tumbler, TikTwat and even Snapchat. Facebook is the lease evil of the bunch, but that aint saying much as they are just a step above. I use FB to stay in touch with family and friends and by friends I mean people I have actually met and been to their house and they to mine.

            I am finding myself more and more going to Odysee for viewing, and my personal thought is people need to be in it and just dump Youtube. Locals, Paywall is killing them for many people. It really needs to be removed so people can comment and interact with their favorite channels. It of all of them could be the competition for Youtube and Twitch even, I just shake my head at paywall sites.

            I have really looked at how “Divided” the country is and before I really looked I thought it was probably 50/50 Rep/Dem. After really looking its more like 80/20 and not on party lines but on (SJW and their Pushers) vs (The rest of the country) Problem is that 20% is in control of Social Media, Media and Companies.

            All its going to take from what I am seeing in the “real world” is a Company to come along and allow for a Social Media interaction styled like FB combined with One like Youtube, that has a clear set of Rules and enforcement of them. Could you imagine Facebook but where Live chats and Videos can be uploaded and you can send money to the creators and the Creator gets 80% and the Media Company 20% after taxes are removed, with no <partners limitation> I.E. you upload a video or go live and if people wish to pay you and you have opted in for being paid you get paid. Everyone prospers and the site grows.

            Oh ya that was basically youtubes original goals.


            Got yeeted for (re)tweeting the “All men must die” line when Jeremy mentioned it on FNT tonight.  I have no intention of giving them my phone number, or deleting anything.  Might try to scrounge up a throwaway somehow just to follow folks I like (and probably end up shit-posting a bit too).


            The game is rigged to silence you.

            That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to silence yourself.

            If you get censored on Twitter, it makes them look bad.  Not you.


            People are using the “ban” as a badge of honor.

            See, we got banned for sharing the truth, speaking the truth, etc.

            OH, I quoted someone, I got banned.

            But the one who made the quote stays, etc.


            Its more bad PR for twatter, IMO.

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