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    I like a little of everything, from U2, Radiohead, Bjork, and Miles Davis to Run-D.M.C., Metallica, British Sea Power, and Madonna. If I like it I’ll listen to it.

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    I like to listen to different and strange music.  I like Jerobeam Fenderson’s Oscilloscope music.  I like Wintergatan’s Marble machine and his music featured on a bell tower and on a giant fairground organ.  My Uncle makes mandolins and Banjos so I do like Appalachian music.  I like Techno, Electro swing, Ragtime Jazz, Big Band, Classical, Pop, rock, some rap songs, The only things I really do not like are modern Country and Christian songs because of the formula they must follow they all sound the same.  They also mess up the song by making the soft sounds equal to the same as the loud sounds.  They also tend to use the same 4 chords.  As you can see I have gone on a YouTube learning trip about music.  Here are some links to what I am typing about.  Auralnauts is a surprise bonus.


    Jerobeam Fenderson




    Petra and the Rez band are waaay better than Stryper.


    Music is journey for me.  It all started with Classic Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal.  Into the 90’s  Techno, Rave, Dance, R&B, Rap.  20’s Country music (limited)

    I have pretty much found my music experience expand so much that I have found a long range and lists of music I can enjoy.

    There is no real just one type of music I like.  If it comes from the soul and was made with talent I will most likely enjoy it.

    But there is no way I can deny that in my youth is was mostly Metal, rock, and deth Metal.


    Wu BeeBee, This one is for you.  This one was a hidden gem I found a few years ago and listen to a few times a week to this day.

    Very fitting for the times and quarantine.  Enjoy and have yourself a great day!  Sure you will find this come morning time.  Now that I am off to bed here.




    Space_Monkey  Hell yeah man BackWordz fucking rocks!

    Has been years since I have heard a really good metal band with so many different inspirations to it, with still having a very unique style to it.  I am impressed and so proud of those guys!


      Electronic, metal, synth wave, chip tunes, 80s music, and pretty much anything that catches my fancy. I try to keep an open mind so I don’t really hate any type of music. I generally avoid anything mainstream though, not because I’m some kind of elitist. I just find much of it to be garbage and propaganda.


        Mostly electronic, hardstyle, techno, dance music, classic rock, heavy metal, various types on country.


        I mostly listen to hard rock, classic rock, j-rock, metal and some country.


        melodic doom/death metal, prog/post rock/metal 90% of the time


        Instrumental metal/heavy metal and mostly old school video game music. That’s all I listen to.


        Mostly film/tv/video game/ scores. I like songs from just about every genre. However, most of today’s pop is not great to me


        Films scores Number 1! (not to be mixed with a movie soundtrack.  ie: Batman’89 Danny Elfman did the score, Prince did the soundtrack.)

        Industrial Metal (Rammstein, Hammerfall)

        Rock (KISS)

        Dance (Ace of Base, 2 Unlimited, Cathy Dennis, ABBA)

        Instrumentals/Electronica (Daft Punk, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis)

        Big Band (Glenn Miller, Henry Mancini)




        Screenshot_20200625-230805~2SABATON 🇸🇪 Song is Lion to the North 😎🤘💯🔥🔥🔥🎸!

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          Eminem, 50 Cent, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda is awesome, Ellie Goulding, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Video game soundtracks and other random stuff. But I mostly listen to rap instrumentals.

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