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    Anyone else here like retro technology like VHS Tapes or Laserdiscs? I’m honestly very retro. I still have my VCR hooked up to my 4K TV and every now and again, I’ll watch a VHS tape for the heck of it. I don’t know about anyone else, but is it weird I want to buy the Pixar films that are on VHS? At least for the sake of it and if I buy them off of Ebay, Disney won’t get a cent of money for the purchase.


    I’m not gonna pretend and be nice about it…

    …yeah, wanting to watch VHS in the era of HD is weird :)

    You couldn’t pay me to watch a VHS copy of anything ever again. Such lowpicture quality is an afront to my  eyes at this point. The day we got DVDs and then Blu rays was a marvelous evolution for visual entertainment, and I’m never going back.

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    At least getting a movie on VHS, you KNOW it has not been “edited” to appease snowflakes, SJWs and those easily offended, and it is not WOKE garbage.


    Nope. I collected Laserdiscs in the day, but the quality is terrible in the age of HD and 4K.  It’s not that I want everything to look like it was filmed yesterday, but the newer formats do a much better job a capturing all the grit, grain and texture of older films, that got smeared out on low rez formats VHS, LD and DVD.   What I do miss is  the look of film, as most stuff is shot on digital now and has kind of a sterile and flat look.


    Yes! I just got my VCR working again a few days ago, and watched Digimon The Movie 🤩 which i got on ebay for 3 bucks 😁 I was actually plesantly surprised by how good the picture quality was, being retro tech

    Have one more retro tech to join the VHS and Laserdisc, anyone remember the VCD?

    low rez formats VHS, LD and DVD

    Serioulsly, you’re complaining about DVDs? They’re the second newest physical media format


    VHS wasn’t all that great. Yeah, it was great for the time, but when DVD came along it was like a beam of sunlight shining down from the heavens. My first DVD was X-Men, and I was astounded at the clarity. We still get largely un-edited content on DVD’s, and you can always get a region free player for the ones that are difficult to find in the U.S.


    My first DVD was X-Men

    My first DVD was Lilo & Stitch 😸

    I recently found X-Men DVD for 1 buck at a flea market 🤩


    used to have aVHS-i found there are some movies that are on only VHS and hard to find.


    I never had Laserdisc but still have VHS tapes. It’s strange that some VHS versions of movies are probably better then the remade DVD versions like Jungle Book for instance. Like no unnecessary editing in movies in the smallest detail you’d notice, despite better colors and everything. Another downside would be is that not everything you’ve seen is on DVD. Like there are some animal movies I have like the Predators of the Wild series or Trials of Life by David Attenborough. Though technically there’s a Laserdisc version for the latter and Trials of Life is on DVD for the UK.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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