Vic Mignogna & Anime Matsuri to launch new dubbing studio

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    Anime Matsuri Teams With Vic Mignogna To Launch New Dubbing Studio, Sparking Outrage From Voice Actor’s Critics

    This news sincerely surprised me. I honestly didn’t think Vic would find work again in voice acting again but I guess I underestimated his passion for that field of work.

    Also took note of some of the voice actors names on that list: A few of them, such as Tiffany Volmer, worked at FUNimation at one point and left, and have described it as a toxic work environment.

    With this and YoungRippa setting up Rippaverse comics, we can see what social conservatives have been saying for a few years coming to fruition: Most of the entertainment industry is beyond saving, because all arguments have fallen on deaf ears. Setting up parallel institutions and starting your own creative endeavors is the only real solution to the culture wars at this point.


      Looks like FUNimation ain’t gonna have the monopoly over anime anymore 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Good for Vic. I’m glad he’s finally getting work again!


      It’s good to see Vic Mignogna is getting work. Anime Matsuri has always treated Vic well. And I’m pleased to see he’s getting into the dubbing business. We need someone besides FUNimation to give us good, dubbed shows.

      Now if only the conventions in my neck of the woods would stop listeninbg to the haters and start inviting Vic again.


      Oh, huh. This will be quite interesting.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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