Video Game Soundtracks, Part the Second

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    Starting a second thread for people to post their favorite playlists for video game soundtracks, seeing as not everyone has a fast computer and Internet connection speed. I’d suggest if you’re posting more than one video, avoid posting embed videos if you can and simply post the hyperlinks. It would help avoid having to create multiple topics in a short time frame.

    Anyway, one of my favorite background tracks is Jeremy’s Soule’s music for the Elder Scrolls series, notably the exploration tracks. Morrowind and Oblivion made my teenage years amazing and I would sometimes leave the game on overnight back then just to listen to this amazing score.




    Bonus – The Dragonborn soundtrack.


      Really like the Morrowind soundtrack, the beginning reminds me of the music in Avengers Endgame when all the portals open up before the final battle

      Mind teaching me how to post hyperlinks? I know it’s probably getting old, but i really, really suck with tech 😅


      Two ways to do it: Under the “text” tab simply click on “link” on the bar and two fields will appear: Copy and paste the direct link you want into the “URL” field and put whatever text you want next to the “Link Text” field.

      Alternatively under the “visual” tab, highlight the text you want, then click on the “Insert/edit link” button (it’s next to the “Insert Image” button). Then copy and paste the link into the field that appears and click the blue enter button.


        Mario Kart Wii

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          It worked! 🤩 Thanks @FallenOmegaStar

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          Also mentioning Jeremy Soule reminded me he composed the music for Knights of the Old Republic – Roundabout the same time he did the music for Morrowind, actually, so the two soundtracks are very similar to one another and are almost interchangeable.

          Dantooine Jedi Academy
          Sith Base
          vs. Sith
          Bastila Shan’s theme


            Sme of my favorite soundtracks

            Grand Prix Circuit





              So, I believe I posted in the other thread, but it seems like I can’t see the post?

              Anyway, I’m a big fan of the soundtracks of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors games. Dynasty Warriors (which favors a rock-based soundtrack) and Samurai Warriors (which favors a more techno-based soundtrack).

              Thousand Suns (Dynasty Warriors 7) [This track also has a pretty smashing good remix in DW8)

              Incident at Honnoji (Samurai Warriors 2)

              Surging Chaos (Western Army) (Samurai Warriors 4)

              Strength, Weakness (Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends)

              As honorable mentions, the soundtracks of the two Nintendo collaboration Warriors titles, Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors, were also pretty good. But as nice as the remixes were, the original tracks of those two games were amazing. ‘Eclipse of The Moon’ is probably my favorite track in HW, and maybe a contendor for favorite Zelda track in general.


              Forum code can be a weird sometimes and will either reject your post or won’t register it. I believe it can be something to do with automatic logging out due to inactivity or posting too many links in one post.

              I’ve said in the other thread I’ve never played Dynasty Warriors, but have played a number of spin-off’s based on other IP’s. If one were interested in getting into the main series, which do you think would be the most optimal one to pick up? (Note that I’m not looking to buy a game soon, would just like a mental note keep in mind before my next purchase).


              Remembered one of my favorite MegaDrive games: Rocket Knight Adventures (and its sequel, Sparkster). Back in the 90’s many companies tried to cash in on the success of Sonic the Hedgehog with their own animal mascot characters: Sparkster was one of the more well-received ones, if perhaps short-lived. Its premise was great: Steampunk fantasy featuring an Opossum knight with a rocket pack defending the realm from invading evil kingdoms, while saving the princess, fighting his arch-rival, and sometimes kicking arse in his own giant mech. Shame it never really caught on.

              Mountain Range
              Deep Space Chase
              The Pig Star (yes, really).
              Boss theme (or alternatively, THAT GOD DAMN TRAIN FROM HELL).


                Was playing some Sonic The Hedgehog on mega drive last night, every time i remember how frustrating it is not to have a save button 😅


                  I’d say Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition as my recommendation. It’s on the Switch, and it’s basically the DW8:XL released on PS3/PS4 with all the DLC already on the disk. I’d say it’s a pretty meaty experience, so long as the gameplay loop of the Warriors games appeals to you.

                  Just don’t expect to be wowed by the story. DW8 does take quite the step back from DW7 in this regard (though it’s a solid step forward in terms of gameplay, maybe watch DW7’s telling of the story on Youtube if you’re curious after playing DW8). Also, stay far away from Dynasty Warriors 9, there were lots of bad design choices in that game, so bad and so unpopular among the playerbase, that the DW8:XLDE that I’m recommending here might have very well been damage control.


                  Sonic 1 doesn’t get enough love (and whenever it does it’s always bloody Green Hill Zone). Lots of good tracks which get overlooked.

                  Labyrinth Zone – Was never good at water levels as a kid but I can beat it fairly easily now (boss is still annoying, though).

                  Starlight Zone

                  Scrap Brain Zone


                  Some of the best end credits music from the 3D Zelda games:

                  Ocarina of Time
                  Majora’s Mask
                  The Wind Waker
                  Skyward Sword

                  The Wind Waker in particular is an amazing main theme. A true delight at coming to the end of an incredible journey.

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