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    Ukrainian Corruption Center reports northern border defense funds were diverted to fake companies letting Russians walk right across border in new Kharkiv offensive

    Lots of invaders coming into your countries.

    Someone’s paying for them.




    World War Z










    zelensky’s List

    Schindler had his list and now so does Zelensky. The Ukrainian leader won’t be saving anyone with it, however. Nothing good will come from Zelensky’s list.

    His list was put together by a Ukrainian NGO in order to determine which prominent American politicians and media influencers opposed the war against Russia. The group’s research was funded by US taxpayers. Of course! So we are paying them to tell us who is engaged in ‘wrong-think’ right here at home.

    They assure us the list is neither a ‘kill’ list nor an ‘enemies’ list, but if not what is the list’s purpose? Unlike the tyrannical regime in Ukraine, we’re supposed to have free speech here in America. People are still allowed to be against the insane war in Ukraine. (Wars are seldom sane, but this war is particularly crazy).

    American taxpayers have sent nearly $200 billion to fund the meat grinder in Ukraine. If the CIA and NATO hadn’t meddled in Ukraine and if US did not send Zelensky one dime from the get-go, the war would never have happened. The globalists, the bankers, the military industrial complex, and their media arms wanted the war. The American people do not want it—nor do they want to risk triggering a nuclear war that could destroy everything over preserving a democracy in Ukraine—that is not a democracy. Zelensky has shut down opposition media. He murdered Gonzalo Lira. He shut down churches and kidnaps men young and old from the street and murders them at the front. Ukraine set up bioweapons labs that were threatening to Russia. Zelensky wanted to join NATO, also threatening to Russia. Finally, Zelensky violated the Minsk Accords and began killing thousands of Russians in eastern Ukraine. This is all confirmed—it’s not a conspiracy theory. Zelensky has been extremely busy poking the Russian bear. Now he’s poking the American eagle.

    The globalists and their Deep State Swamp are determined to keep the war going and many—including me—despise them for it. The evil so-called elite want war because their dollar is doomed. The debt is reaching the point where it can only be paid off by printing exponentially more amounts of debt money. We’ve reached max monetary insanity. That means hyperinflation is on the doorstep, but real wages will not rise commensurately. War is a tool used by the globalist swamp to distract us all. People will not be able to afford to live—so they want to send them off to war to die. In any war, the poor and powerless suffer the most.

    I despise Zelensky more than I do Putin. Put me on the list.

    —Ben Garrison



    Heard on Redacted news.

    “Transplantation” is what they are calling it now.

    Organ harvesting is now legal without the consent of Ukrainians.

    Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 18-34-17 Zelensky signs law regulating transplantation




Viewing 8 posts - 241 through 248 (of 248 total)
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