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      This looks f***ing great! Please be great, WandaVision’s the Marvel TV show i’ve been most looking foward to 😸


      Looks interesting. I don’t know what this is but I like the trailer a lot. I hope it’s not serialized garbage with filler dialogue and cliffhangers that go nowhere like everything else for the last ten years has been, but that’s probably too much to ask.


      I don’t know.

      The original “teaser” trailer look way better, IMO.

      This whole “when did you get married” scene is pure cringe.


      I thought the guy acted that way because that was some kinda nightmare scene. If it’s the way they really act then that would be my first disappointment.


        I’m not sure what the context of that scene is, but i’m interested to know why you think it’s cringe :3 ?


        A couple was is supposed to be “married”, and have no answer as to when/where they married, how they meet, why no children, etc..

        You would think someone like them, trying to live a “normal” life would have been prepared to answer such basic questions.

        Just how the scene was set up, how the cameras were used, to how the actors reacted…. PURE CRINGE, IMO.


          Fair enough

          Imo, one of the reasons everything might be so confused is that Wanda and Vision are so immeresed in their fantasy/perfect life that they completely forgot about those little details they need to answer such basic questions

          Guess we’ll find out how things actually are when the series comes out ;P

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            Are we getting WandaVsion for christmas? 🤩🎄🎁


            It still does no excite me enough.  I still won’t get disney+.


            Why would you get any paid subscription when there are ways to go around the paywalls to watch things?


            My wife Wanda <3


              Hi Vision, i didn’t know you joined G+G :3 Are there any other Avengers on the site?


              While such things are available, I would rather not.

              If they eventually end up of “free tv”, then I might end up watching it.


              If I hear it is super great, then I might consider buy the DVD season set… when it goes on-sale.


              But the stuff coming out as “entertainment” recently, has been anything but entertaining.


              This looks like pure cringe.

              I hate revisionist history. Here we have a ‘tv show’ that is trying to alter the history of a film that is less than 3 years old.


                That is not how time travel works!

              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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