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    Okay I got all my stuff pulled out of storage and getting things dusted off and some of these guys put back together.  These are getting pretty old now a days.  I started collecting Warhammer about 1991.  I went with the Vampire Counts, undead army.  As I just thought they looked really cool!

    I am going to get my table top set up again and I will be doing tons of photos to share with everyone here.  I see we have lots of hobby heads and Warhammer fans around here.  This is a quick photo I snapped off of just a couple of the dudes I have.  There will be much more to come to share.  With the full list of figures I have along with how many points and what not.  I created lots of custom figures that I fixed together with spare parts.  Made some of the skeletons duel wield instead of weapon and shield.  Some have 3 heads while others are painted RED inspired by the Castlevania red skeletons that regenerate.

    I have different types of zombies and undead, painted each group with a different style.  Such as like Desert rotted Zombies, bleached and sun burned.  Water logged zombies, zombies who spent to much time underwater and have more bluish tones, Plague zombies, blood zombies… ect.  Same with Grave Guards, skeletons and Ghouls.  Each are painted with a different theme for their squad.   Some skeletons I have missing arms, heads for undead effect.

    Ty's Warhammer

    I have taken box sets of Empire figures and used Skeleton heads on them to turn them into undead custom squads.  Chaos Knights who have been raised to serve Vampire Counts.  I had tons and tons of different sets that I revamped into undead to give much more flavor to my groups.

    As honestly I very rarely ever played the game.  I just loved painting them.  I can tell you it kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was growing up.  And helped me stay clean and sober when I was going through a rough time in my life.  These little figures did more for me than just being used to play a game.

    It was part of who I was and still is to this day.  Granted I have not even touched these in over 13 years now.   Glad I was able to find this place and get inspired to pull them out of storage.  They should have never been put in there in the first place.  As my wife loves all this stuff too.  So it is not like she demanded I put them away or sell them.  I just figured they were safer in storage than in my house with a little one in the house now.  But the boy is getting to the age were he is going to love doing this!   As I still have like 35+ figures all sanded and primed just waiting to be painted and put together!



    If you have any Vampire counts or undead feel free to share them here too!

    Many more photos and set up will be coming as the weeks roll into months.   Cheers gamers!


    I miss mini gaming.

    I think I know where my box of orcs are…but I know my best pieces are missing after multiple moves…maybe they are in that box…I hope my Grimgore is…he was my boy.


    They are not 40k but I set up Lord Soths 13 skeletal warriors last year using reaper products.
    Each of the 13 looks more or less like this dude. Tried to make them look burned with the layering.

    Soths knights 01


    When I was done with the 13 I repainted Soth as well. I had 2 from all the way back in 89 that were looking their age. on top of that that was when id started painting so I figured id fix them up too. Not the origional sword. That vanished some decades ago.

    Loren Soth 01


    Really good job on the layering man!  I love the Dragonlance Lord Soth the Knight of the Black Rose.  Dragons of Spring Dawning was one of the first big books I ever read!

    I really love painting undead for some reason most of all.  Them and Orc types.  I just love the dirty grimy look you can give them.  I would always sand them down a bit to get rid of those excess tabs from the molds, then paint them a flat black.  From that flat black it would always fill in the cracks and bones with the right look and feel.  I did a lot of custom colors too.  Lots of blood and make them look worn and battled.  Different colors of blood from fresh blood to dried blood that was always more of brown tone.

    I started painting when I was about 8 years old when I got into D&D for the first time.  My first paint jobs were very sloppy and after each time you get better and better and learn new tricks.  Being able to take swords and weapons and take a sharp exacto and chip into making marks and cuts.  Giving each figure their own personal feel to them.

    For a long time I would name each figure and give them a backstory, I have note books of written character figures that we ended up using as NPC in some of my games so it worked out for me in the long run doing all that DORK work. Hahaha.  Sometimes I could just entertain myself for hours and hours thinking of who this figure was and what their backstory was.

    Even the undead hordes got their own tragic backstory.  Maybe I will toss in a couple backstories with some of my models.

    I am picky about how I take the photos and the set up I use.  Always try to give it that immersive look when setting up models.  Or do shots with the right amount of lighting can really make a photo stand out.  Now a days we have filters and stuff that can do all that.  But back before we have photoshop we had to deal with what we had.  Good times man, thanks for sharing!


    I like the color scheme you used on those guys!  Red and gold always work well for royal undead!


    I will break out my 40K space Marines after I get all my fantasy ones logged and photo graphed again.  Shame I lost most all of Polaroids of these from my past.


    I have some old vampire counts as well. So old that one of my vampire lords is a figure by Marauder Miniatures. Are you old enough to remember them? I’ll try and dig this out since I did a slight conversion to make it appear as if this figure was coalescing out of a cloud of smoke in true vampire fashion.


    Indeed I am.  I started D&D in the summer of 1983.  I was 6 years old then.  Marauder Miniatures started coming out around 88 I think.  I have a bunch of their models. The pewter ones.  I started collecting and painting Warhammer in 92.


    I think I recall my local comic store giving me a brochure for that company once in 89 but they stocked Ral partha so I looked at it and stuck with what I had access to.

    then that shop went under about the same time that TSR died. New shop only carries the WotC plastic crack. I get nearly all of my material from Reaper now.


    I finally remembered to dig the figure out:

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