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    Some people think I have a problem with buying Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard and I say yes I do! I don’t have enough yet:



    Damn! That’s a big army! How many points alone are the guardsmen?


    I seem to remember that at the time they came to about 10,000 points or so. That was an estimate since there were more than 1,000 models to be taken into account. I should note that that photo was taken several years ago and since then I have acquired more models as well as having repainted all the Praetorian 24th models.



    I have to dig into my HD storage and pull out some of my armies.  Most of mine are Vampire Counts Warhammer 1990’s versions.

    I have a small squad of Warhammer 40k Chaos Marines, predator Tank, Squadron bikes Marines, and 80 Space Marines painted in 4 different factions, 15 terminator liberators.

    It has been over 14 years since I have played and they have been sitting in storage for some time now.

    These little figures saved my life and kept my ass out of trouble when I was going through a troubled youth.

    Thanks for sharing!


    I had a few vampire counts as well. I converted a very old vampire figure to appear as if it was coalescing out of a cloud of smoke by gluing cotton wool to the back of the figure before painting it.

    40K has always been my main focus though. I’ve been collecting so long that I have figures in my collection older than some players I’ve encountered, for example squats.


    I collect Chaos Black legion, Thousands sons, Sister of battle, Imperial Knights, Adpetus Custodes and Space Marines. have few Age of Sigmar model. Played few games but I like painting them.
    One my friends stop collecting warhammer 40k when GW didn’t put out Squats codex out in 2nd edition.


    My Squat army is based on the Imperial Guard Codex, which is why you can see some of them in the photo above. I have even converted armoured vehicles to go with them, adding side armour panels to give them extra width and using Chimera tracks on the Leman Russes so that they end up short and fat. Just like squats.




    Right now I’m working on a unit of mechanised infantry and an artillery company to go with them.


    Astraeus super heavy tank

    My current project Astreaus Super-heavy tank.


    What Chapter/Legion are you going to paint it as?


    Blood Ravens cause love the lore of them and play video game series.


    So how do you feel about GW bending the knee, and giving the middle finger to fans and customers who called their bullshit out a few weeks ago?


    I haven’t actually seen or heard any of it. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook or anything like that and the stores have been closed so I’ve not been into them.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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