Welcome to 1930s Germany

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    Today is the first day of a Fraud President and 1930’s Germany.

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    Thank you for watching the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

    And join us in a few months when we’ll inaugurate the 47th President of the United States, Kamala D. Harris.

    P.S. Does anyone else find it ironic that Kamala Harris’ middle initial is “D”?


    @Ryder_the_Great  a few months?

    I can’t see them waiting a few months before they force the 25th on sleepy/dementia Joe.

    A few weeks at most, but not months.

    Then the dems can claim to not only having the first female VP, the first non-white/black female VP, but then the first wahmen president, and the first non-white/black female president.

    And remember, Kamala is NOT black, she is a South Asian/Indian American.

    She credits that largely to a Hindu immigrant single mom who adopted black culture and immersed her daughters in it. Harris grew up embracing her Indian culture, but living a proudly African American life.

    So, if you hear them claiming Kamala is African, that is cultural appropriate!



    They’re not going to use the 25th on China Joe.

    They are already trying to set something different up. Notice how all of a sudden for the last month, once the courts dropped all the challenges, the drive by media is slowly reporting more and more on the Biden scandals as relates to the PRC? I think this is a plant by one segment of the Democrats to put pressure on Joe Biden, who will “resign due to health reasons”, though they may try to have him hand in there for 2 years so that they can have Kamala to run 2 times, since she would only be President for less than 2 years (its a Constitutional issue).




    He…he’s in the Oval Office..one of the most secure places in the world….an…an…and he’s wearing a mask……..




    because he has to enforce the propaganda.


    He has to wear a mask (that is scented to smell like teenaged girls hair).

    That is the only way to keep him from going completely NUTS, IMO.


    So apparently the official white house youtube account unlisted the inauguration because it had more dislikes than likes


    So apparently the official white house youtube account unlisted the inauguration because it had more dislikes than likes




    The DNC will want to keep Gropin Joe in office at least 27 months so Kumalong can run for President twice.

    However I expect that whore will shank him in the next 30 -45 days cause she has no morals and knows nothing of Constitutional law.

    Lastly she is not native. She is the daughter of a native Jamacian man and his red dot Indian wife. Frankly im not sure either came here legally or that she wasnt born in jamacia. (No the 14th does not create citizens from the seed of illegals.)



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