“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,”

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    I’ve seen some of the footage from these marches and the kids either are uninterested or are horrified at what they’re seeing all the while while their parents are applauding them. How is anyone NOT being arrested and put on the Sex Offenders Register for this??? I get that not all of the LGBT+ community is like that (I knew some from previous forums and they were genuinely nice people whom I’m sure would’ve been mortified at a lot of what’s currently going on) but sadly, these activists are putting them in a bad light and are doing nothing for their cause.



      Great post, totally agree.

      “This is why it’s so important for them to Groom the kids at school, where you are not present. They give the children the seed & then tell them to plant it in the Garden in their home. The seed is a weed that will choke out the flowers & rot away the foundation of your house.”

      This is brilliance.  Please take that sentence you wrote and repeat it everywhere.  And the thing about that truth is this.  It is not something the current leftists invented.  This is a Marxist tactic to separate children from parents as a communist state believes the children are theirs.  This is something Mao leaned on heavily to pit children against parents.  He would encourage them snitch on each other for disloyalty to the state.

      I too am a person of faith.  And as such I want to comment on your statement about judgement.  We are certainly called not to judge a person, (“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” –Matthew 7:1) I believe that to mean we do not get to judge them as God does.  We do not get to pass final judgement upon them on them in any capacity we are simply to love regardless.  This does not mean we turn a blind eye to the actions of a person.  We certainly get to judge the actions of a person and to realize they are either wrong or right.  We do not do this from a position of hatred, we do this out of love for what is right and holy.  We do this so we can help that person if possible or possibly use that moment to let others know that is not righteous behavior.

      Clearly humans are called to defend and protect children. And I can speak on this only as a man,  but I know God has instilled in men the innate feeling and disregard for self to protect both women and children at all costs.  This is not something we should override through fear of the state or fear of anyone else.  We must be like the elephants when a calf is in being hunted by lions.  They will circle the calf, put their backs to to it and fight all threats that come with absolute fury.

      Pressure coming from a group or parts of the public do not define right and wrong.  A leftist’s moral compass has no needle, they do as they please to get what they want. However, God’s morality does not change.  My point is we should all do what is right regardless of what’s on YouTube, Twitter or any other BS.

      “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” –Thomas Paine

      “Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”― William Penn


      NBC: Don’t worry, LGBT people were always ‘coming for your children’

      “The ‘coming for your children’ chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists,” according to NBC. So there you have it. Gay and transgender Pride marchers said they were coming for your children for years, not just this year.

      We knew the alphabet mofia was always going to be going after our children.

      Bet you feel silly for being so “outraged” about it now, don’t you?

      It just that the legacy media have up until now, refused to report on them.

      According to NBC, this is simply “one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people,” as evidently, it is very important for them to reclaim the word “groomer.” Not only that, but NBC News assures us that “Ten percent is not enough: Groom! Groom! Groom!” and “Kill, kill, kill, we’re coming to kill the mayor” are also totally normal chants that you should accept and about which you should not be the slightest bit concerned or disgusted.

      Just the groomers/pedos in the alphabet mofia wants their immoral and non-consensual acts (a minor cannot consent to sex/sex acts) to be not just normalized but legalized.

      While NBC is assuring you that there is nothing wrong with Pride marchers chanting about grooming children…

      It is completely wrong!  You sicko!

      …several Pride marches continue to feature nudity as part of their parades…

      And they call this a family friendly event?

      Then they twerk as close to the kids as they can too?

      …LGBT activists and Pride marchers have decided that there is nothing more important than shoving their sexuality in your face and, more importantly, the faces of your children. That is why these activists are demanding that pornographic books be allowed to remain in children’s classrooms.

      The groomers/pedos want your kids badly, so they can sodomized them, and have them before sex acts for and with them.  SICKOS!

      Anything else will lead them to accuse you of “denying their existence” or some other such nonsense.

      No, we don’t deny your nonsense.

      We just need to jail those sickos for their illegal creating, sharing, producing, and being part of child porn, doing child sex, etc.



        “one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people,”

        This is propaganda of the highest order.

        I have recently come to the conclusion that the propaganda runs deeper than we realize it’s in many of the words people use and how things are phrased.  We need to start paying attention to such “verbal slight of hand” and point it out openly, refuse to accept it or use it ourselves.

        Look at the point this has gotten to.  Any disagreement of protected groups turns into an accusation of hatred.  And this is down to the point where descriptive words are now tagged as slurs.  This is actually very strategic because this means those words (just like groomer was) can be censored online.  Not only does this assist in stopping the use of the word and it’s organic spread but it also stops things like tags and hashtags so that these things do not trend or show up in stats and timelines.

        We must understand the vast majority of this stuff we see in this realm of culture is not at all organic.  It is almost all strategic.

        If we zoom out as far as we can on this.  The LGBT movement (as it sits today) is not what is driving this.  They are just a tool of the government used as a shield to chip away at freedoms.  This movement is just doing exactly what the goverment (or maybe WEF) wants.  Think about it.  What changes or calls are coming from this?  Destruction of parental rights, censorship and compelled speech just to name a few.


        A bit off topic, but prayer is being banned in certain locations in Ireland. They used that whole “hate” thing, but I think it goes deeper.

        This is something for an atheist, is what sense does it make to ban something that is not real? It’s something I am not into that much, but this makes me think there is something to it.

        Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 07-09-46 (23 818 unread) - bryce89119@yahoo.com - Yahoo Mail

        Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 07-10-10 (23 818 unread) - bryce89119@yahoo.com - Yahoo Mail



          It’s very simple.

          A communist state (say like China) wants only allegiance to the state.  The state essentially becomes god and it shall have no other god before it. So the goverment will demonize religion and this has been going on for a long time in the west.

          Hate speech is just a way to control speech, period.  It is simply a tool of censorship.

          The other interesting thing here is notice how over time belief in God has been equated to hatred of LGBT.  This comes from LGBT and no where else I am aware of.

          I have said for years eventually the Bible will be considered hate speech and will be banned.  This will eventually lead to Christianity being banned.  Clearly these laws in Ireland are a huge step in that direction.

          Christianity threatened the power structure 2000 years ago and it still does today.


          RIP to the Boy Scouts of America.

          Agree with GV’s post above, but just wish we had some Cat Boys in the know to reveal the intel to us about who was behind targeting the BSA for destruction. That would be helpful.

          Would be a good topic for a book from Andy NGO or maybe the Girls from GaysAgainst Groomers to reveal the trail of intel behind the targeting of the Boy Scouts of America. It comes off to me as inauthentic and destruction of an institution from other enemies, which is why I am not pointing at gays. Wish we had names and faces behind all of this. This is a disgrace.


          They’re trying to do the same thing in the UK with making these clubs “exclusive”.

          Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides all used to be for girls.

          Cubs, Beavers and Scouts all used to be for boys.

          Now they’re changing it so that “everyone” can be in them.


          I remember when this happened 6 years ago, when girls were allowed to be in Boy Scouts. That’s when I learned about the woke insanity that was taking place at the time.


          Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides all used to be for girls.

          Cubs, Beavers and Scouts all used to be for boys.

          Now they’re changing it so that “everyone” can be in them.

          Except in the US/Canada, where IIRC cubs beavers and scouts MUST accept girls, the girl organizations can still discriminate against boys joining theirs.

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