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    Project Hero Studios is looking to give gamers a fun experience with our future products, and we want to know what people on this site desire in a game.

    I know you don’t want political propaganda and condescending messages in games, I’m right there with you. Oh, and no scummy microtransaction practices.

    What genres do you feel are getting stale?

    What are games lacking in lately? (Gameplay, Story, etc)


    A non-laggy version of slither.io :)


    I really miss “Silent Hill” games.  I love spooky atmospheres with mystery and suspense, but little-to-no-gore. I also enjoyed “Fatal Frame” games; they were almost too spooky!

    I might have liked “Resident Evil 7”, which reminded me of Silent Hill games at the beginning,  without the chopped off body parts and gore. RE7 was too gross for me to continue, unfortunately.


    I’m sick of Open World Busywork Checklist games.
    Ya know, the type of stuff Ubisoft is known for and Sony is getting increasingly known for.

    While I understand they are easier for smaller budgeted teams to make, 2D indie platformers and walking horror simulators have gotten beyond stale.


    There does seem to be an oversaturation of Open World games. Linear is due for a comeback.


    I just want that feeling of immersion. Where I can get into a game and really feel it (without the need of VR). Games like Resident Evil when it first came out made you really feel the game (suspense, shock, horror, surprise). Whether the feeling is fun, laughter, excitement, the thrill of driving a fast, well handling car or doing barrel rolls in a jet through the mountains (my personal favorite), the game should bring you in and make you feel something other than frustration, anger and annoyance. This includes actually caring about the characters and the story.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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