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    Since I never dated in my life because of my lack of social skills due to my Aspergers and also that I am a millennial living in a time period where even asking a woman what the time is these days is considered sexual harassment…

    …..I thought would now talk about what I find attractive in a woman if I ever somehow in someway by some thin margin of very very good luck got myself a girlfriend of wife one day in my near future.

    I want a woman who is very very beautiful on the inside…but she has an ever better outer beauty.

    Meaning to summarize what I mean by this statement…I want a woman who has good looks and good personality at the same time.

    Cause in my life I deal with too many people throughout the years constantly telling me either that I could only ever get a woman with only good looks and no good personality or get a woman with good personality with no good looks?

    In my opinion I want a woman who has a very very legitimately good down to Earth personality but who is also so physically beautiful enough to be a model but she is too short to meet the required height to be a runaway model.

    I want a woman who is Woke free unlike so many of the women I see around me on a regular basis both online and offline and I want a woman who won’t constantly accuse me for having male privilege or tell me how she is paid less than me because she is female.

    I can’t stand women like this because there is nothing more annoying and unsexy to me than a wahman bitching about all of us males as being sexist and that women should run the world.

    I like women not wahmen.

    Women and wahmen are two different things for me and it seems there are too many Wahmen these days that don’t want to be true equals to us men but instead want to be sexist back to us men as revenge against sexist men in the past decades ago did rather than learning from the past and embracing true gender equality that doesn’t have authoritarianism in it.

    While women which are few and far between these days want equality between the two genders and hate authoritarianism being injected into gender equality. Also women are more attractive on the outside and the inside unlike wahmen, and learn from history and embrace gender equality.

    I want a woman who is very empathetic, warm, kind, supportive, accepting and would be very very understanding of me even though my Aspergers Syndrome makes it hard for me to socialize properly with others without accidentally offending them.

    I could never really make a friend, nor keep that friendship with that friend for a very long time nor can I stop myself from being an asshole to that friend at some point in our relationship….what I hope for if I ever get a girlfriend is that she is the first person outside my family to legitimately like me , accept me and be loyal to me to the very end even though I’m not always the best to her because of my lack of social understanding and accidentally offending of others.

    I wish that life would just give me a break for once in my life and give me at least one really really good long term relationship that would last a life time with someone outside my family who would be good to me like I was their family to them and they wouldn’t give up on me not matter what and who would even love me even though I can be a jerk to this person at times due to my lack of social understanding.

    And I would love this person to be my girlfriend if I could ever get one because if I fell in love with a woman I want our love to be everlasting, a happy relationship where we are both there for one another, no one is master and no one is slave in our relationship, we worry for one another and we cherish each other.

    And I want my girlfriend to be the type who loves cosplaying and is a geek like I am, who won’t bitch at me for collecting toys but instead is very accepting and supportive of me for wanting to buy a Dragonzord to add to my collection that might take up space in our house.

    Hell I want my girlfriend to be the type that collects toys like I do, and she is the type that might even cosplay as one of the female Power Rangers I have a crush on then have some private time with me so that I get to live out my fantasy of making out with a beautiful female Power Ranger.

    I have a thing for beautiful women in skintight spandex body suits.

    Just a fun random thing I wanted to write.



















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