What if Future Trunks had his potential unlocked

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    In the Dragon Ball Super manga in the future timeline after the androids and Cell the Kai’s recruited and trained Trunks on the Kaioshin planet to prepare him for Babidi and Dabura dragonball_super___trunks_with_z_sword_by_rider4z_daih3xf-fullview

    what if in this hypothetical scenario the Z-Sword broke releasing the Old Kai and he decided unlock Trunk’s potential how strong would he hypothetically be?


    I honestly try not to think when I’m watching Dragonball. It is so over the top crazy at times, I try not to afix any sort of proper logical thought to it.

    Just gimme the next power level, scream while you do it, and blow shit up! heh.


    Son Gohan still the character with the biggest potential, but he chose another path. Being Goku’s son and trained by Piccolo could’ve made him a powerful damn beast… :D  but still, he decided to be a movie star instead lol But that was alright, it’s kinda how real life is sometimes.


    Power escalation in shonen manga/anime are always a problem imo, and Toriyama kinda wrote himself in a corner with the power level numbers. As they rise and rise with time, you end up near the end with some ridiculous billion trillion gazillion shit.

    This is one reason why I love JoJo, it’s not as much about having higher power level = automatically winning, but rather everyone have their own trick which they need to trap their opponent into. So you can beat a stronger enemy by being witty and some bullshit. And after each part, the power escalation nullifies as the new part has a whole new story and setting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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