What if the Borg assimilated the SJWs?

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    What if the Borg from Star Trek were real and we gave them all our SJWs to assimilate to become new Borg?


      They would not assimilate such an unintelligent species, they assimilate to add to the collective.
      After the first one they would deem no intelligent life on this planet and leave.


      In the series finally of Star Trek: Voyager:

      …in the series finale, “Endgame”, in which Admiral Janeway from the future tries to bring Voyager back to Earth using a Borg transwarp hub. During this episode, Janeway infects the Borg with a neurolytic pathogen which infects the collective and kills the Queen.

      That is what an assimilation of SJWs would do.

      A neurolytic pathogen is an artifical virus which intereferes with cognitive functions by inducing cellular neurons to self-destruct.

      Well, I don’t know about the “artifical” part, but they definately do effect the “cognitive functions” of those infected with SJW virus.  LOL



      This is funny in that the SJWs just want to destroy or assimilate things also like the Borg do…yet if the Borg assimilate the SJWs……it becomes the very thing to kill the Borg because the assimilated other assimilators? Lol 😂😀


        Katherine was a Great Captain, much like Kirk in her CHEAT to win and Fuck the regs and directive….


        The Borg judged the Kazon to be unworthy of assimilation. Why would they bother with SJWs?




        Would anyone fucking notice?


        Ironically, they would be more civilized. At the least the Borg behave themselves and don’t look disgusting.


        Ironically, they would be more civilized. At the least the Borg behave themselves and don’t look disgusting.

        What?  Really?

        The SJW’s becoming more civilized if they are absorbed into the Borg collective?

        If all borg drones are equal, then that is an SJW heaven.

        But then, the SJW hatred for everything else would make the borg more aggressive, and destroy all that would not add to the collective.

        So the Kazon would have been EXTERMINATED!



        Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the Borg devoid of emotion and behave like humanoid bees? There wouldn’t be any screeching or annoying sounds, just a bunch of cyborg zombies. Plus the Borg actually look awesome and have advanced technology (i.e. adaptive force-fields plus that cube starship). While it’s probably a fate worse than death to get assimilated, they at least have accomplishments and have useful tech while SJWs are basically useful idiots that could actually stop if the average person wasn’t so cowardly.

        I’m no Trekkie though so my knowledge of the Borg comes from Star Trek: First Contact.


        This was the NPC Meme. “Non Player Character” in video games that just gives you soundbites. The NPC meme is like the Borg in that way. One thing I heard recently was that you can never be “non-binary or intersectional” enough. We’ve come to the point where I don’t know what these drones are saying or what it has to do with anything. Another thing was the pronouns where they are words no one is familiar with and that people who don’t use these bizarre pronoun words are somehow bigots and nazis or something. Dan Bongino’s response of “You do You” is funny to me because it seems to come from the ghetto, which used to be “talk to the hand.” It’s like these genderless folk with neon hair and rainbow bumber sticker shirts that are like a walking ad for attention and you just want to tell them to back off and go away because it’s a foregone conclusion that no one knows how to talk to you.


        Nothing would change


        remember Bongino is a Bronx kid. They dont take any shit from anyone.


          Nothing, the borg only assimilates biology and technology, they are not interested in feelings and stupid ideas.

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