What is your favorite classic RPG

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    Patiently waiting for Super Mario RPG on Switch…


    on top: final fantasy and chrono trigger

    then everything else.


    I’m down for a Super Mario RPG. Picked up my first Paper Mario, Origami King, and it’s buckets of fun. Really miss a legit, old-school rpg though.


    Never heard of it.


    In my defense, never had the chance to pick up a Gamecube.


    I may get deletion threats for this, but I’ve been watching my bro play a lot of FFVII and don’t understand the mass appeal. Played awhile on it back in the day. It was fun enough, but it really was the start of the heavy scifi slant that FF took, minimizing the actual fantasy aspect. It’s a good game from what I’ve played and seen, but I don’t agree that it’s the best FF by far. FFIII is my personal favorite. The epitome of the series imho.

    Argh, FFIV gave me hope, had the legit FF flavor, but the dialogue was SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAD I had to stop playing after a few days. I tried, I really, really tried. But when modern day ghetto slang is used as the primary story element, I just can’t.


    If you have a PS3, an HD version came out for it years after the Gamecube release.  It’s an absolute masterpiece and one of the most underappreciated RPG’s of all time.



    Fan made Chrono Trigger sequels.. I’m playing one right now..


    First RPG I ever played was Pokemon Red. Still one of my favorites.

    Y greatly recomend the Golden Sun series for GBA and NDS, all the Elder Scrolls series from Arena (with all it’s bugs and limitations), the Harry Potter games for GBC (they’re SO good) and the Final Fantasy Tactis Advance games for GBA and NDS.

    And that’s all for now.


    My favorite classic RPG of all time has to be “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.” Even after all these years, its massive universe, complex mythology, and open-ended gameplay continue to enthrall me.





    Morrowind was immersive. :) I really didn’t like Cliff Racers, or whatever those things were, though! :P

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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