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    Should the sequel trilogy be completely wiped? A multiverse? Left alone? Made into Legends?

    Take the poll and let Disney know how the fans feel about what they did with STAR WARS.

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    What Should Disney Do With The Sequel Trilogy



    So many mistakes, so many moments to undo… it would require something like this:


    The Sequel Trilogy needs to be destroyed and decanonized immediately. As well, Star Wars to be put on a vault. Although Star Wars should have been put on a vault anyways rather than getting a Sequel trilogy.


    Uh let see…how about torn in to little pieces, burned and thrown into a black hole.


    Burn the masters.
    Burn all of the production notes.
    DE canonize the rat franchise & sell it back to George.

    Then Make the EU starting with the Thrawn trilogy in animated form. The REAL Thrawn not the rat knockoff.


    Start a Star Wars Matters Movement, go on protests, tear down some of the toys in the nearest discount store, cancel the Disney Trilogy and pretend it never happened?!


    Honestly, I say just sweep it under the rug, don’t talk about it for a few years, and just let time forget it.  Make a new sequel to RotJ in like 5-10 years.


    Not all of the EU was good, not at all. I do think Dark Empire and Legacy series were better sequels . Not perfect, but more fun, creative and visionary.


    Sadly by the time they started making the ST, even George, these actors were much older and years had to have went by even in the Star Wars fictional universe . You cannot really do direct sequels like Dark Empire or Heir to the Empire unless you recast or move the events 35 years ahead or whatever like TFA/TROS did. The characters are also well past their so-called primes and much of their lives have been lived .


    I don’t think Disney/Lucasfilm handled the ST well, they got a lot more wrong than right.  I think the “trilogy” format was a mistake too and hindered them as an added disadvantage. They should’ve told the story over the course of 6 films like Harry Potter or something. Them shitting completely on Luke was uncalled for and just out’ve left field.  Han Solo going out like he did was fine, since just about everyone knew how Ford felt about the character and Star Wars. Carrie killed herself with drugs, I never understood why they treated her and her character as a saint. I know Leia is much loved to an extent but a Luke she was not, and never was.


    With time travel of sorts available in the Star Wars universe, anything is possible. But Disney/Lucasfilm tends to double down on the stupid rather than learning as long as some of the bad apples run the ship.


      I loved Deadpool 2 ending


        The EU wasn’t perfect, but given the sheer number of books etc within it there were going to be at least a few mis-steps, the sequel trilogy and the Disney movies as a whole is mostly mis-steps.


        Throw it into a sarlacc pit where it can be digested over a thousand years.


        Nothing… Damage is done, they fucked up big time… Even if they say that the fans were right (the fans are right) it still wouldn’t wash down the rotten taste of the disney trilogy down…


        I am more concerned about the too much control that these so-called Liberals in not just Hollywood/Lucasfilm/Disney but the world and our culture. We have that and the systematic deconstruction of free speech and blacklisting like never before as the western world descends into a chaotic world of corporatism, faux  and crony capitalism and green Socialism.


        As for Star Wars currently I am more concerned with whackjob Headland’s Disney- series. Kinda unbelievable how blatant ant-male and sexist she and her show is and its so accepted and  embraced by certain fan sites like the Jedi Council Forums  If you speak out you risk mods warning and  banning you for rule violations or being sexist,lol.


          They should load up a rocket with all the sequel trilogy materials and shoot the rocket into the sun.  I watched Mauler’s videos the past three days and frankly, I had forgotten just how terrible those movies truly are.  They are so God awful that only complete, insane, lunatics like the movies.



            This post is not meant to be offensive in any way to anyone here, Needed to get that out of the way.


            This is my first post on G+G forums and wondered if anyone would like this Idea. I think it would be great if Star Wars puts in a cheap cameo of Kathleen Kennedy in either the anime or the next movie and have the Imps kill her or the Rebels arrest her. What do you think about that everyone?

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