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      The pride thing is not at all about pride.  It about tearing down the societal norms that hold society together and doing so with the full power of goverment behind it.  We are at the point where you are to kneel before this agenda or face being unpersoned.   In the end it’s about control and the controllers don’t care what agenda they use to force you to submit so long as you submit.

      Look at these pictures. Sure the flags are different but in the end these groups want you to relinquish your freedom to them.  In both cases each group has the backing of the state.

      pride flags streets uk

      nazi flags street




      Where the hell is that top picture from😲??? I could be wrong but I’ve a nasty feeling that it looks like London.


      I watch a lot of 4K walking videos. There were plenty of those flags in London. I’m out of touch. Maybe some of the youth can inform me, but do you have Rainbow flags in your classrooms? What about BLM flags? Just curious how much young people in high school or younger are harassed by this sexuality stuff.

      Regarding the lesbian flag, it is odd that it is an axe, when it should be a blade. Not sure if true, but I thought I heard a cop once say that lesbians are the most likely to pull a knife. That is pretty badass. The ones I have to stay far away from in life are the Lipstick Lesbians because they give off so much feminine energy that I just can’t be around them.

      One thing that I learned in life though is that it’s almost impossible not to be brainwashed by corporate. They’ve been hitting the youth with commercials our entire lives. I risk being out of touch now because I was hooked on TV and I had to ditch it. There is something that has happened to people and it’s something to do with the flicker rates, the injections that lead to partial autism and OCD and then, the marketing of harmful decisions.

      Here you go. London. When video plays, hit 2 on your keypad, or hit 5,  and you see the flags.


      Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 14-03-37 aa38cfa841b2d8ec.png (PNG Image 510 × 680 pixels)




        Yes I do believe that was London.  That was last year I think. I know for sure it was the UK.  I know I sound like a moron but I am not from there so I cannot reference such things myself I can only go by what the reports say.


        That Petsmart display is not at all uncommon.  I saw a similar one last year at Petco.

        The display brings up worthy talking points.  You hear “unconditional love” and especially “love is love” all the time in an effort to make all forms of emotion equal.  They are not.  If all forms of desire, love or emotion are equal then the person “loving a 5yr old” (I don’t mean the parents)  or “loving” (you know what I mean) their dog are just as valid and OK as a man and a woman loving each other in through marriage and bringing children into the world.  Clearly that is not at all the case.

        Morality cannot be subjective.  If it is then you have absolute anarchy (examples of this are Chicago and San Francisco) and then there is no society.  This line of thought very quickly should lead you to the question, well whom gets to decide that.  I personally believe only God does, any human laying that down will be biased and fallible.

        Just because a human has a desire does not make it something that is good, worthy or valid.  Actually most of our desires much of the time are out of place and unhealthy and we know this and most people refrain accordingly.  I might want to punch that dude in the face but I know it’s wrong and negative consequences will follow so I refrain.  I might want to eat Burger King again tonight but I don’t because I know that’s not healthy so I refrain.  I might want to not be “randy” and sitting at home alone but I don’t install Tinder because that’s is wrong and very negative consequences could follow.

        To be animal is to give into your instincts and desires without hesitation.  To be human is to not do the things you desire 90% of the time so you can do the things 10% of the time that bring actual long term contentment.   The left will have you believe we are nothing but animals. This is not at all the case for many reasons both religious and secular.  They just want you to act that way so they can control you through basic wants and desires.



        I thought so since I could just make out what looks like a Hamley’s (I hope that I’ve spelt that right😅) Toy Store on the right and a red London bus on the left. If so, that can’t be a coincidence that they’ve put those flags next to a child’s toy store🙄…

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