What’s better the MCU or DCEU?

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    I want to know your thoughts on which franchise is better or worst?


    I’m a DC Comics guy, but I still have to say that as it stands right now the MCU is better than the DCEU.

    I do think the MCU peaked with Infinity War (Endgame obviously peaked financially but I believe IW is better and will stand the test of time) and the DCEU could improve if they continue to make fun movies like SHAZAM and Aquaman. But I can’t know the future.
    Also, Wonder Woman was my favorite movie from that year.


    Love DC Characters Better, But the MCU is definitely better…for now at least… can’t say the same for the next few years


      The MCU is more upbeat.   They don’t ever ask if mankind is worth saving.  DCU is dark, mostly demi-Gods.  Less relatable.


        MCU’s better, hopefully in the future it’s not gonna be a case of the higher you go the harder you fall

        DCEU had a very rocky start, but with it’s last few movies it’s been improving pretty fast

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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