What’s your first Digimon memory?

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      What’s your first memory part 3, this time dedicated to Digimon!

      My first Digimon memory’s actually from season 4, Frontier, as i’d watched that before watching re-runs of Adventure and Adventure 02. I remember instantly being fascinated by the Digital World and the characters. One of the coolest things about Digimon Frontier’s that the Digidestined actually Digi-evolve into Digimon themselves! Even as a little kid i found the character’s story arcs to be so heart-warming and relateble. Now rewatching the series as a grown-up (ok, maybe a (wo)man-child :D) and understanding a lot more about the world (our world, not the Digital one ;P) it’s made the stories that much more deep

      Happy to hear more first Digimon memory stories <3


      I can’t really remember getting into Digimon that well, unfortunately. But like with Pokemon I was lucky enough to catch the first episode on TV and I remember getting pretty hooked on the first season, tuning in to watch every episode.

      I remember watching bits and parts of season 2 but the “Digimon movie” and continued stigma of “Digimon is a Pokemon rip-off” at school sadly put me off the rest of the franchise for a long time.

      I picked up the media releases of Adventure tri. though. Saw all the old characters I loved had gotten older and was interested. I think the movies are pretty decent, if a bit hard to follow because I haven’t rewatched season one at all in like, twenty years. Still haven’t watched the last one, though, mind. Should try and find the time.


      I absolutely loved the original season as well as Season 2. I fell off after that.


        Thanks so much for the replies <3  I don’t write these to get answers, but this post’s one that’s very dear to me, so i would’ve been a little sad to see it remain empty



        Original series. First episode.

        Yeah, I’m that old.


        My first Memory of Digimon is the first episode because i watched it from the beginning and this is where they all get their first Digimon and evolve from there on.

        The first and Second Season was my favorite.


        First season first episode still remember opening song in my native tongue

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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