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      Wow that’s incredible! Post a picture


      My very first Pokémon memory were these LOLLIPOPS and the Pokémon was in the candy, did anybody else have or remember these? #Memories WCCtykH-KZJO6wEYxjClV-4PWs26V_uPsBpwUlBnMQ4


      I don’t think it was my first memory of Pokemon as the TCG was already out and just like every other elementary school kid I was into it, but it was my most memorable.

      My oldest brother said he would buy me up a copy of Pokemon if I could pay for half the price.   I remember dragging the lawnmower behind me as I went door to door asking the neighbors if I could mow their lawn for a couple of bucks so I could buy Pokemon.  When I got enough money to give to my brother, he gave me a choice of Blue or Red and I choose Red keeping Blue for himself.   I would then choose Bulbasaur for my first ever digital Pokemon.

      On a side note he would later give the Blue version to my younger brother after he bought the Gameboy Color Pokemon Yellow Special Edition.


        I didn’t know they made Pokemon dildos LMAO


          Wow! those are so cool! Anonymous you have a dirty mind…


          My first ever memory of Pokemon was little me waking up at 4am  and turned on the Tv and Pokemon was showing
          seeing Pokemon for the first time it was amazing, from there Pokemon became everything for me, i started collecting Pokemon cards, small Pokemon figures
          sadly i couldn’t get the Gameboy games cuz there were not really selling in my country (>_<)

          I want more Pokemon!


          First Pokemon memory for me is a combination of the airing of the first episode of the TV series and playing Pokemon Red Version on my hand-me-down Nintendo Gameboy Pocket.


            mine was probably back in 1996 when I got exposed to it by my Japanese friend. When i went over there, we would watch Pocket Monsters on their Japanese TV. all in Japanese. Showed me the monsters and their real names etc. Had all kinds of merch found only in japan too. Then went it got popular in the states in 1999 especially through the trading cards, I hopped in. But I knew most about it already because of my friend.


            Getting Pokemon Red because I watched the anime and fell in love with Vulpix so I had to get the game to get it. :D


            At the time this aired, I’m sure most of us didn’t know what the heck Pokemon was…..

            But since then, Pokemon has blown up into a million dollar franchise. That commercial was how I knew of it. In 1999 I thought it was just a fad and it would go away. But one day in high school, someone let me play Pokemon Blue on their gameboy and I was hooked ever since. My first game was Pokemon Yellow.

            Now in 2020, me and my wife are playing Pokemon Sword/Shield.

            As for the anime, it’s fine, not really my thing. I did end up watching all the movies (thus far…), though.


              Awww <3

              pikachu love


              Watching the First episode of the anime and loving Pikachu and then picking up Pokemon Blue at launch. I had a friend that got red so we traded ALOT so we both could finish our Pokedex. Getting mew though was my favorite memory of all because of the weird way you had to do it.


              Finally found this thread again. So today I dug out the gold pokemon “cards” that Burger King was giving out way back when.

              Pokemon Gold 2Pokemon Gold 1

            Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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