What’s your guilty pleasure music?

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    I wasn’t joking when I said that I’ve a lot of guilty pleasures😅!



    If we’re going to stick with the “Disney stars turned pop stars” topic…here’s mine😅. I admit that ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ was Miley’s best album though. Not been impressed with some of her post-Hannah stuff. Having said that, ‘Plastic Hearts’ made up for ‘Bangerz’ and ‘Younger Now’:

    Oh and let’s not forget Britney as well😅:


      I know this is not really a competition of who has the worst taste or is the most embarrassed but if it were I am going to win it.

      Been bumpin to this for 30yrs (damn I am getting old)…

      mic drop….


      If that’s your choice for the worst song in this thread, I’m not convinced. It might be cheesy but I would listen to that over most songs posted here.


        Worst song? Hell, no. I love that song!

        Worst taste for liking it? Maybe.

        Most embarrassed for loving it? Probably. :P

        As a side note I love this version as well.


          @DragonLady I’m jealous LOL. I have always wanted to see them live and just never have cause their shows were never close enough for me to rationally justify the travel. I did see Backstreet Boys when I was in Jr. High though but mostly cause my sister and cousins wanted to go. Boy bands weren’t really my thing.


          Here’s a few more artists that I like that are basically my guilty pleasure lol. Like I’ve said, I’ve got loads. Especially since I grew up in the 90’s.


          My guilty pleasure music is the Power Rangers music


          I took my sister to see Backstreet Boys and it was a really great show. Nothing but good things to say about them. Disney does some good stuff, but Miley Cyrus did some things that crossed the line and I’ll never be a fan of hers.

          Vanessa Carlton. I thought that image was Michelle Branch. Michelle Branch would be a guilty pleasure. I thought she was really great.




          Eddie Van Halen on this esoteric track.


          Some people ask why I still listen to such juvenile music. Then I see their heads bobbing along with the smiles on their faces and I know — they get it.


          <p style=”text-align: center;”>Power Metal. Lol Listen to Powerwolf and you’ll see why I feel guilty enjoying them lol there’s one song in particular that is a bit of WTF moment 😂.</p>
          Resurrection by Erection and yes I find it absolutely embarrassing but hysterical to show to people.


          I too have many guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to music. If the music is attatched to something, one of my nerdy likes per se…im all over it. I love funny music, parodys, songs written by comedians like adam sandler and Al Yankovic. But my tastes run all over the place. I found this guy around last year and i must say theres practically no song of his i dont like. They just sound good and all that…im sure my tastes dont mirror everyone elses, but ill give you a sample of what i like.


        Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 90 total)
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