Which SEGA console was the best?

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    I love talking SEGA.  They are a classic brand, and I love that the recent Genesis Mini has rekindled excitement around them (seriously, if you haven’t picked one up yet, it’s totally worth it).

    Which SEGA console is the best of them all though?  Is it the Genesis?  Master System?  Saturn?  Dreamcast?  Or are you a defender of the often-ridiculed SEGA CD or 32X?



    Objectively, it’s easy to say MegaDrive – That was SEGA’s most successful console after all, and it boasts an excellent range of games.

    But the Dreamcast holds a special place in my heart. I just loved the innovation SEGA put into it and nothing else quite like it has come around, since. I think even the Saturn holds a certain novelty, even if it did poorly next to the N64 and PS1.

    As for the M-CD and 32X… Yeah, they weren’t great. But at least the MegaCD had a few things going for it, such as some classic J-RPG’s, visual novel games like “Snatcher” and enhanced ports of MegaDrive games. You could at least understand the appeal of it at the time and it might’ve done better if SEGA brought down the cost.

    32X is the real deal, though. Had to take it out of my system because it was actually causing my MegaDrive games to crash, something that never happened before (thankfully none of my cartridges seemed damaged, but I’ve heard of others who haven’t been so lucky). Makes you wonder what exactly SEGA were thinking, releasing another hardware add-on after the last one didn’t do too well. No wonder they lost consumer trust they couldn’t recover.


    I want to say Sega Saturn just so I don’t have to worry about Segata Sanshiro coming down & giving me a pounding.

    Okay, serious answers, the Genesis is the best of their system, success wise. But my honest personal favorite is the Dreamcast. I just appreciate how ahead of its time it was during its short life. I’ve played my share of it back then via a friend’s. Later on, I found myself deciding to get one.

    Feels good to play something like Typing of the Dead (I even acquired a second Dreamcast keyboard for the sake of a second player being able to play). And having the original (& better) version of Grandia II.


    Remember Segata Sanshiro. He died for our sins.

    Saddest anime death ever.


    I wish Snatcher would get a re-release on modern consoles.  The SEGA CD version remains the only official English release.  I didn’t discover until recently that Snatcher was actually one of Hideo Kojima’s early games.  I’d love to play it someday.

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