White Woman Forces her 4 Sons to Worship a Black Woman

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    This is beyond sickening and disgusting.  You still think women are mentally stable?  Every single problem in this nation has been caused by SJWs and Democrats.  The vast majority of which are women.  It is time we faced the reality that women are not stable over the long term.  Many are mentally ill.

    This video flat out proves this and if you are a woman, I flat out don’t care if you get pissed off at this truth.  If America falls, it will be because of your fucking stupidity.  Only in the West do we cater to women and what area of the world is having all the problems?  The West.

    Now you see why in one video.  They are fucking idiots.


    I take it Niko finally got banned and this is his alt account?


    Incredible logic.

    The majority of Democrats are women, and a lot of Democrats are crazy SJW types, so all women must be crazy SJW types!

    Even I, as an ostrich, am not able to stick my head up my ass that far


    Ah, yes, we can surely bring more women to nationalist causes by insulting, degrading and belittling them at every turn and painting them with the same brush as the unhinged virtue signalers. This will totally help them understand what’s at stake and not drive them away at all.


    Niko’s profile did dissapear a few days ago 😂


    and if you are a woman, I flat out don’t care if you get pissed off

    I’m assuming i should be pissed off, but i truly am not at all, i’m laughing my ass off 🤣🤣🤣

    Truth is, i know too many crazy women not to be able to understand why these women are giving us a bad name 😅

    Here’s a piece of advice @Gamer101, don’t assume that everyone, or even the majority, of a group is just like the vocal minority, ’cause that’s exactly what crazy SJWs do, and you never want to bring yourself down to their level


    Saying a truth few people want to face or hear.  You are correct.  Only in the western nations is this going on.  The insanity of women is clearly seen from Maxine Waters to Pelosi to Warren.  Then the young ones are all crazy and self-centered.


    Sub creatures like this put the victory of the Suffergates into question.

    Frankly this child abuse should be repoerted to the athorities. But it wont be cause the cops are afraid of these bitches too.


    Niko probably finally got locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Or maybe he’s in jail? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was him


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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