Who gives a shit about the Andor Show?

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      I am from the OG of Star Wars. I saw it 10 times when it came out in 1977. I was alive before there was any Star Wars.

      I GREATLY enjoyed Andor. The imagery & acting was well done. I was on the “who cares about Andor” thought beforehand myself, but within the first episode I was hooked. I loved the tone and atmosphere of it, and seeing all the inner workings of the Empire. It was a very visually stunning show. I am not going to go on about it because it’s clear others couldn’t stand it. But, it’s nice there will be something for everyone and this was my kind of Star Wars.

      K-2SO will be in season two btw. It is shooting now.


      I watched it after all the good reviews. I will say, the first 3 episodes were *really* good. All scenes with the imperials were great. Up until the heist, the show was engaging. After the heist, it fell apart. Good acting, but the story became nonsensical. The revolution in particular was silly, and the prison episodes were tonally off and felt like they were trying to do a Schindler’s List in space, except none of it made sense.

      But credit where it’s due, those first episodes are probably the best that Disney Star Wars has come up with so far. Even the pacing was almost good, which is rare for TV shows, which are usually stretched out to fill airtime.


      I gave up after the 3rd episode.

      The thing with Lucas stuff is that it’s always top quality production. But it they don’t know how to hold an audience.


      I got the through the entire season of “Andor” and man was it a struggle to get through. It was a very boring show


      Opinions about TV shows can vary greatly among individuals, so it’s understandable that not everyone may be interested in the “Andor” show. “Andor” is a forthcoming live-action Star Wars television series centered around the character Cassian Andor, who was introduced in the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” The show aims to delve deeper into Cassian’s backstory and provide further insight into the Rebellion era of the Star Wars universe. While some fans may be excited about the “Andor” show due to their fondness for the character and the world of Star Wars, others may have different preferences and interests when it comes to TV shows. It’s important to remember that not all content appeals to everyone, and people have diverse tastes and preferences. Ultimately, the level of interest in the “Andor” show varies from person to person. Some fans may eagerly anticipate its release, eager to explore new aspects of the Star Wars universe and new led blades lightsabers for combat, while others may not feel as strongly about it. The beauty of entertainment lies in its ability to offer a range of options to cater to different interests and provide something for everyone.


      The show might be good but a lot of people don’t care. It happens when a company sh!ts all over the IP that people love and then insults their fans when they voice their displeasure.

      Go woke, go broke.



      This “show” came out Sept’22 and has been memory-holed.

      As all disney horrible fan-fiction leads to jake soy-walker, it is DOA.

      You want REAL Star Wars, George Lucas APPROVED Star Wars, then read the EU.

      Mara Jade >>> Rey


      You want REAL Star Wars, George Lucas APPROVED Star Wars, then read the EU.

      Mara Jade >>> Rey

      And Thrawn and Pellaeon >>> Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.

      Mara jade is no longer acceptable. She didn’t do everything herself while berating Luke. She had those things… what do you call them… oh yeah. Interesting character traits.


      Mara jade is no longer acceptable. She didn’t do everything herself …

      That is because Mara Jade is NOT a mary sue.

      Her character and skills develop over time.


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