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      Given the amount of insanity bombarding our country, this shouldn’t surprise anyone…

      “Roger Goodell Encourages an NFL Team to Sign Colin Kaepernick”



      idk lol i dont see any room 4 him.


        Goodell is so thirsty and desperate to keep his job.  Its hilarious to watch.


        What owner is going to cosign that circus and invite it into their organization? He’s literally the polar opposite of Tim Tebow! Same Circus different side of the spectrum!


          If race is why kaepernick does not have a team then explain M, Vick going to jail and then playing again or A. Peterson still playing after his issue. He had a year on his contract but he used his opt out clause instead of fighting for a starting job or show he was good enough to be a starting QB. He is just not a good enough QB.


            The Stupidity of Colon Krapernick:

            -Dates a Muslim woman, yet Islam had 27,000,000 black slaves.
            -Dates a Muslim woman, yet Islam killed 110,000,000 blacks.
            -Says he sacrificed, by signing a $100 million contract to play a game.
            -Says he doesn’t like oppression but pushes shoes made by slave labor.
            -Says whites are racist, yet whites adopted him and gave him the life he has now.
            -Says he hates the police, yet supports Castro, who used the police as enforcers.
            -Says America is racist but visits Africa where today, Africa has more slaves than in the entire history of America.

            The guy is an uneducated, hoodrat, and nothing more.


              By the way, on top of being a complete hypocritical idiot, he also had the worst game in NFL history:

              Colin Kaepernick’s day ends with 4 pass yards and 5 sacks. First QB in NFL history with 5 sacks and fewer than 5 yards in a game. 4:28 PM – Dec 4, 2016


                I quit ESPN last week because I couldn’t handle being told I need to listen because of my skin color. Now with the NFL players claiming victimhood, I expect a whole lot of kneeling, which is why I’ll be skipping the NFL for a good while.




                  Kaep has not actually wanted to play football in years. He has had multiple chances to come back already and has always found someway to make sure it doesn’t happen. His entire marketing value is in being the martyr and activist.  The sports media fools that keep swinging from Kaep’s nutsack, seem to forget the guy got benched for Blaine Gabbert.


                  Didn’t he just sign with a media company? This seems like a publicity stunt, and hes laughing his ass to the bank.

                Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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