Why can the little guy make a decent film but the bigshots fall flat on their fa

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    Thanks for posting this. I used to peruse the Fan Films in search of things like this. Well done, low budget filmed scenes by people. This is the direction the superhero thing should have gone in, with a dark and gritty and serious tone. Instead of comedy and musicals, they should have gone Noir instead.

    I used to do youtube searches for Fan Films and click thru them to see good ones. Some of them were adequate, but this one was exceptional, at least in terms of action.


    I can remember seeing a fan made trailer for a Magneto origin story film during the first solo Wolverine film days. It was very well made and better than any trailer that’s currently being released from Marvel. Wish they’d gone with that direction, as much as I loved ‘First Class’.


    I agree with you on this, especially with Marvel films. That’s why I didn’t want Disney near FOX and the X-Men films because at least FOX tried to keep them serious whereas Disney were trying to make them even more “kid friendly” with each release to the point where it’s now getting silly. Don’t get me wrong; I like a good comedy relief moment in any film as well as a good musical number but it HAS to be at the right moment and not random. This was why I preferred ‘Batman Vs Superman’ over ‘Civil War’. ‘Civil War’ relied WAY too heavily on comedy on the hero vs hero scene. ‘Batman Vs Superman’ kept it dark and serious with the occasional comic relief moment in it. I’m not saying that everything has to be dark and serious like DC but I do agree with a lot of people that the MCU should’ve grown up with the fans.


      The big studios are not trying to make the most entertaining movie they can.

      They are making either a propaganda film (THE MESSAGE) or attempting to follow a formula that allows them to have some success but all over the world and as such attempt to appeal to the entire globe at once while not offending the entire globe at once (China plays heavy into that).

      This also goes for gaming at this point.


      I loved this video, it was great. I watch a lot of fan films & have been working on 1 of my own for Silent Hill.
      So the reason why the little guys can make this & the big guys cannot is very simple.
      The big guys often make good stuff, but then Kathleen Kennedy comes in & says : “Put A Chick in it & make it Lame!”
      The small guy does not have to worry about Diversity check boxes, they just have to make sure they make a good movie or clip so the Big guys will like it before they bend it over in front of us while they look us in the eye & ask “Do you still like your Super Hero now?”
      Now take for example the new Candadian garbage show Robyn Hoodrat. The show that Director X originally wrote was very far off from what the CRTC demanded he remake it into, the slop we see today. These are the Factual sell outs.
      The reason this happens in Canada is: We actually have a governing body that decided who gets seen & what we have to do to get seen. Let’s say you have a show. On your show you employ 13 actors. The CRTC will tell you that you have to diversify your cast & it MUST include at least 1 indigenous person, then they will give you the lesser races that are worth less & less points until you get to the white male at the bottom of the list. The  more check boxes you tick, the more points you get, the more money & advertising the show will get. This also applies to Youtube in Canada more & more. This also applies to other employees like make up artists, lighting…etc.  Oh yeah, this also applies to how many genders are employed as well.
      It is truly a hilariously racist system. You might factually say that THIS IS the systemic racism.
      Canadian shows are so mind numbingly generic. Even our “Centrist” comedy shows like “This  Hour Has 22 Minutes” has become so dull, you would swear that Mayonnaise is a spice for them & that being from Florida is Exotic. I hate American  shows as well but I really cannot stand the smug & arrogant Trudeau like shows that Canada produces. Then we have the gaming industry equivalent that is raping games all across Canada & the US, called Sweet Baby Inc. They are from Montreal, my home town, like Steven Crowder. We have a culture  of Niceness that has turned  into a culture of Obedience.
      So yeah, this is why we can’t have nice things & why the little guy will always  make a better product until he becomes the big guy.


      Well said giga vega…And everyone else.


      If only beaureaucratic red tape and all the suits hands could be removed from entertainment, wed have something grand.

      I think at this point ill hitch my horse to the little guy instead of the suits from now on.


      great post



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        Godzilla Minus One proves that people who are actual artists, visionaries, and talents can make a fantastic movie without all the expense and drama. If you watch some of the videos from behind the scenes, you can see these people have FUN making the movie as well.

        A lot of the problem with Hollywood, is Hollywood.

        1) The continual corporate interference and micro-management during the movie making process including coming to the set

        2) In recent years the inclusion of DEI and one sided political ideology

        3) The fact that the majority of the people directing traffic in Hollywood don’t care about movies, haven’t made movies, and are not artists of any kind.  Imo that is the main problem.

        With technology advancing and also becoming more affordable there will be more independent content. Recently we have the AI that can now make movies scene by scene, this will be extremely helpful to independent film makers.


          Angel Studios.  Making good movies that people like. They are the ones who made the Sound of Freedom


          Mother Cabrini.  A strong woman.  But I guess since she wanted to save children and not murder them because they are inconvenient, few will hear of this movie.


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          Godefroy Ryckewaert
          Ruben Maldonado
          2 names to think about.

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