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    Here is a question I have often wondered about…why doesn’t Batman just kill the Joker? The Joker is probably the most dangerous and insane DC villain ever to exist that him without any super powers had killed so many innocent people in Gotham City and the world. If Batman just murdered Joker…he might save billions upon trillions of lives in the comics.

    Batman is just stupid and naive in the comics for letting Joker live just to kill another day.


    It is part of Batman’s Code of Conduct.

    Batman’s code of conduct isn’t an arbitrary set of rules that can be broken or bent in service to a higher power — it is the higher power. It’s what makes Batman, in his own mentality, the anti-criminal. Batman has resolved that killing is wrong, and so not killing is an inviolable imperative.

    His parent’s died by a gun, so he swore to never use a gun.

    Batman also swore that everyone deserves to face JUSTICE for what they have caused, and allow the JUSTICE SYSTEM to do its thing.

    That also means Batman believes in JUSTICE, not VENGEANCE!

    And killing is vengeance, not justice.

    Also, Batman working with the GCPD, and working with the Justice League and other Superheroes would not work if Batman was a killer.


    Making Batman a killer is just making him into another Deathstroke, Lobo… aka bounty hunter.


    They did try to make the character of Batman into a killer (when Azreal aka Jean-Paul Valley) took on the Mantel of the Bat in the story arc known as Knightquest, making him into a very violent Batman, using blades and lethal force… did not work.

    That was because in the previous story arc, Bane’s breaks Batman’s/Bruce Wayne’s back in Knightfall.

    This all took place in the mid 1990’s.



    right now with all the multiverse going on, there’s probably at least one batman that already killed people.

    But yeah, the original batman doesn’t kill, no matter what.

    And… the original Joker is … not that evil… i mean… it’s complicated xD he is a murderer, but I think there are villains worse than him.


      You wanna know the REAL reason why Batman doesn’t kill the Joker? Because it means stories will end.

      Manga kicks Western Comics ass because they have full, complete story arcs. Beginnings, middle and most importantly AN ENDING.

      Western Comics are a joke. Even if there IS an ending it is temporary until some body decides to resurrect A or swap character B. Its a never ending convoluted mess.

      If Batman really wanted to end the threat of Joker… Why not just banish his ass to the Phantom Zone? Well, even if he did, he would escape. And now back to the original problem.


        The writers of Comics want strong characters fans know the name for, its a marketing stroke of genius, It allows for the marketing of a “known” to fans of it. People love certain “bad guys” and having the known is how to sell, be it the comic books, games, movie are action figures. KNOWN = MONEY. Most know = MORE MONEY.

        Kill off a character at the end of a comic instead of having him/her a way back is shooting your finacial cash cow in the foot. Think about it, would you remember Joker or even know about him if Batman killed him in 1940 or even 1960. Probably Not he would just be another in the long line of Murders Batman committed in  the long line of Vigilante Justice making Batman not a Hero but actually a Villian.  Super Heros believed in Truth, JUSTICE and the American Way…. A self appointed vigilante killer, is not exactly that.


        The Batman Who Laughs is a known killer.

        As is the Owlman from the Crime Syndicate.

        But not THE BATMAN!


          Here’s a question: It Batman rounds up the Joker, why doesn’t the office holders kill the Joker? They have had every opportunity. You would think the Army would do it or something. Batman gets the flack. But he is just one guy.


          Because American superheroes have a no-kill rule and think it’s moral to follow it despite it causing more death because super-villains escape every time to cause more havoc. It’s probably safer to live in Silent Hill than Marvel or DC Earth.


          Because as a civilian Batman knows it is not his place to be judge, jury and executioner. To decide who is worth life or death, that is a role for the state. Batman already treads a careful line between hero and vigilante, so he tries to set himself as an example to others. If he kills Joker, then how would he justify to other heroes, aspiring or veteran, not to kill?

          Of course, laws are not perfect. In a just society someone like the Joker would’ve gotten the death penalty several times over, so Gotham’s own legal system must be so inept, broken and corrupt to the point that he gets away with “insanity plea” every single time (when in most versions of the story he isn’t insane in the medical sense; Joker knows perfectly well his actions are morally wrong, he’s just doesn’t care. He’s out to prove his worldview is correct). Of course, it speaks volumes just how broken it is that someone feels the need to take matters into their own hands and become a costumed crime-fighter in the first place.

          At the end of the day though Batman is a child’s superhero semi-realistic fantasy story and some suspension of disbelief is required for enjoyment. The core values of the story is having the courage to stand up for yourself and others, not an “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” which I view as another subject matter.


          Cuz then hell be unemployed.


          Because he’s too popular. Batman’s rule is just an easy way for the writers to keep recycling his rogues gallery ad nauseam.


            If you become the very monster you are sworn to protect against, what’s the point?


            But see, this is the kind of moral simplicity that doesn’t realistically compute. I mean, taking out the joker wouldn’t make batman a monster, it would make him a quiet hero who saved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who would have died otherwise. That is the point. How many people has the joker killed over the years because of batman’s stubborn, and often illogical, refusal to take any sort of meaningful action against him, and his ilk of villains.


            Then why has not the courts in Gotham ruled for the death penalty for the Joker?

            If the courts won’t do it, and the police won’t do it, and fellow criminals won’t do it, why should Batman?


            And it IS a comic book, using fictional characters, in a fictional city/setting.

            Realistically compute?

            How about all those aliens?  That does not realistically compute!

            Flying and superpower?  That does not realistically compute!

            Demons and deities in a physical form?  That does not realistically compute?


            People having morals?  That does not realistically compute?


            Batman brings villains to face justice, not vengeance.  Killing makes him no better than the criminals he is stopping.

            And yes, it WILL make him a monster.  For it Batman does it ONCE (killing the Joker), what will stop him from doing the same to the next super-villain?  Or the one after that!


            Batman is NOT judge, jury, and executioner.  That does not realistically compute?


            That is like saying why shouldn’t Superman take over the world and prevent war and crime of any kind?  That is what Lex Luther could never understand, that with such great power, why not use it for personal gain?


            This leads to such stories like the Injustice League, or the crime syndicate.

            All who oppose their RULE OF LAW, are killed.  A dictatorship!  Totalitarianism!


            No thanks.


            Gotham doesn’t seem to have the death penalty, barring a couple of exceptional cases. The reason why batman even exists is because Gotham, and all its rules of law, are utterly broken and corrupt. Most of the time old man Gordon is the only honest one in a bureaucracy of thousands, probably tens of thousands. Batman exists to do what Gotham cannot, or will not do, in order to protect its citizens.

            Batman is failing to protect the citizens of Gotham by allowing the joker to be judged by the same justice system that has allowed him to escape countless times before. Batman knows that the joker won’t be contained for long, he expects it. Yet he still goes along with the same old dance of catching the joker, joker escapes, kills a bunch of people, and then captures him again. This is why the joker feels like they have a ‘special’ relationship. Again, batman knows that the joker will escape.

            I’ll leave those blatant strawmen on the ground, where they belong.

            Dude, one of batman’s most famous lines is “I am vengeance, I am the night, I am batman.”. But it doesn’t make batman as bad as the criminal. Hypothetically, let’s say batman does kill the joker, of which he may have done so in tkj. Batman has just saved countless lives. I mean, it’s like saying that if one jew escaped from the chambers and killed hitler, that he would be as bad as the man himself. That is ludicrous.

            It won’t make him a monster. People act like if he were to snuff out the joker that batman would lose any sense of himself and become a one stop mindless murderer, which would not be the case. Never mind the many cases where batman has killed before, and kept his sanity. And no, batman is not judge, jury, and executioner, in the sense of someone like dredd, but he exists as someone who has to do what others cannot. How can batman look at the joker, who stands on a mountain of dead bodies, and not make the hard choice.

            Even most hardline batman fans will kinda accept that this fact about batman is largely contrived and is really only done so they can keep on selling batman comics with his popular rogues gallery. That are perpetually escaping and mass murdering the innocents of Gotham. This is why most manga heroes kill their enemies. And that doesn’t turn them into people who are quick to kill, and will inevitably turn into ruthless totalitarians. But even they realize that some people are too dangerous to be left in the hands of a largely incompetent, or incapable, justice system. Some of them would rarely do it, but in exceptional cases (joker), they will, because they know the stakes. And with batman stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the stakes, he is condemning many people to die at the sadistic hands of the joker.

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