Why would you drop the borders in all the western countries?

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      I have pondered this much especially given the current lack of borders in the USA.  One thing to note is this is not new and we have been working toward this for decades.  Ironically Reagan while governor of California set the precedent for this I believe.

      I was thinking the point to the limitless immigration was to have permanent class of slave labor which keeps wages low.  This might just be a short term goal however useful for the political puppets and their affiliates.

      But I heard Tim Pool mention something recently and I think he is on to something.  He mentioned a town in Sweden that decades ago was flooded with immigrants from Somalia I think it was.   And the town was not a city so thousands of immigrants made up a sizeable chunk of the population.  Well these folks did not assimilate and recreated their culture in Sweden. After they had children and they came to be young adults they knew nothing of Swedish culture, laws or values.  This group of folks simply did not recognize anything Swedish including their laws or government.

      So within one new generation they cut off a part of Sweden essentially from Sweden.  I think this is the goal across the west.  Import enough people from somewhere else and within a generation or 2 almost nothing is left of the host country.  This will naturally erase borders, destroy all systems, morals, values and leave nothing but a number of tribes that I assure you the government will rule with an iron fist and occasionally toss scraps too so they can be controlled.  It’s more Mad Max than Demolition Man I think.

      People say all the time, communism always fails.  Yes, but it works 100% of the time for those running it.  And that’s their only goal.



      In order to destroy the culture and the rule of law, you need to replace the current populations.

      How many “no-go zones” are there currently in Europe?  Ghettos where police and fire and EMS refuse to go into?

      A cancerous growth.

      Then you add in a judicial system that has been told to “look at race/religion/sex” instead of a “blind” judicial system.  You get a tiered system where people who do the same crime get such different outcomes, instead of treating everyone “equally under the law”.

      Rules to thee, not for me!

      So certain people gets special treatment, and that includes the elites, the rich and powerful.

      Yes, the Oligarths/Technocrats (and their “experts”) wants a SERF class to please their every whim.


      Haven’t wanted to comment on this, but some think that World War 3 is happening and we are losing. We mentioned AOC getting heckled in New York and then, the same thing happening in Chicago, and now, we read above that parts of Sweden, too. Really, what happened to the island of Lampedusa in Italy is the same thing happening all over. One big dump wave and demographics and voting and sovereignty is gone in one fell swoop without a shot fired. Never voted for in our “democracy.” In one day, an entire region will never, ever be competitive again in a “Democracy.”


      Immigrants have always brought their culture with them but since the rate of immigration was controlled there was sufficient time for integration to take place.

      Now? Hmmph.

      It’s coming…


        “Haven’t wanted to comment on this, but some think that World War 3 is happening and we are losing”

        I see what you are saying but, I would really call it social engineering that has been going on since the 60’s.  It just accelerates as it goes.  For there to be a war you would need 2 sides in conflict.  Right now it’s just the international elite forcing their will via policy and economics.  No one is holding a gun to your head commanding you to not eat steak.  They just make it so expensive you choose not to.  Honestly, an actual war might be less insidious.

        “Immigrants have always brought their culture with them but since the rate of immigration was controlled there was sufficient time for integration to take place.”

        They brought their culture yes, but they assimilated and were very happy too.  They added their own flavor to the melting pot but were happy be part of it all.  And I think that had a lot to do with motivation and intent for coming.  You knew when you came over it would be tough and you had to work hard to make it and you were down for the struggle to succeed because you had that opportunity.

        Now they come, purposefully encouraged, because they are offered entitlements and promises that will never be delivered.  And they have no idea that those promises will lead to misery and they are somewhat responsible for it.  They are not bad people.  They are just being used like everyone else.

        “It’s coming…

        I was thinking about that yesterday.  The way society is so specialized now (in the 1st world)  and everyone depends on everyone else it’s essentially a house of cards easily brought down by evil people through tugging on just 1 thread of many.  And here is the thing.  It won’t be gradual, it will start and be over in a flash.  All it takes is for the loss of electricity which stops food and water.  After a few days of that you will have chaos, then violence, then mass death.  That scene from “I Am Legend” when Wil Smith is driving through New York (I assume) and there are just cars and stuff left everywhere and no people.  Well, I figure it takes a few months tops to get to that point.

        I am not trying to cause despair or loss of hope.  Neither is appropriate right now.  But what is, is realizing where we are soon headed if we continue to let the political class have it’s way with us.

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        You look at Europe, where MOST of these illegal immigrants are all military aged men.

        Economical migrants or an overt invasion.

        The US southern border, how many are single military aged men?  How many are on a terror watch list?  Hoe many are getting in from nations that the US has a BAN on people coming from?

        And the DEMons and the biden cartel are openly allowing it to happen.

        But it is racists to vet people who want to come into the US… legally or illegally entered.  BS!


        Short answer. No. And by no, I MEAN HELL NO.


          It’s not that “immigration” is broken.  It’s doing exactly what they wish.  And the entire BS of politicians (looking at you AOC) whom feign shock and concern when they did this makes me insane.  They sit there and to your face, call it a crisis, and they just need your money and freedoms to solve it when they KNOW they created it.  That level of evil is scary and concerning.  AOC had people in New York yelling so loudly “close the borders” that you could barely hear her when she said they can fix this they just needed to be able to give the immigrants work permits.  She might as well have been taking money from families and then stating to solve that she just needs your wallet.

          These people are not stupid, they are not insane, they are doing exactly what they intend which is creating their desired results.

          Period.  End of story. Anyone thinking otherwise is either a shortsighted fool or a propagandist.

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