Will Elon Buy Twitter Today?

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    Let the watch begin…

    The possible coming far Left Wing meltdown will be the greatest thing EVER!

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    I hope so, I’ll wait a while to join twitter If he buys it, wanna see If he actually changes it and uncensor people like Donald Trump or Alex Jones.





    Well now…

    Will he un-ban the banned?

    Will he stop shadow banning?

    Will he make public all of Twitter’s alleged data manipulation practices?

    Will he require all users to be “authenticated”?

    Interesting times ahead.


      I am enjoying this…. I warned people he wasnt playing but they said I have no clue, Ive met the man, he does not lie and puts his money where his mouth is. The meltdown is making 2016 election night look like small taters, now wait for the encore, he already said he would invite Trump back, which means all he has to do is flip the unban switch and THE  Trumpenator is back…..

      GET YOUR FREE LIBERAL TEARS they make coffee taste so much better



        “This will be a day long remembered” – Darth Vader

        Now he needs to buy Youtube and let freedom reign!!!

        For the first time EVER, I am actually scrolling through Twitter reading all the victory. I really never used it much before.

        I saw a guy said this is all about White Power. Do these mindwashed twitter lunatics think EVERYTHING is about White Power? Utterly ridiculous.






            No one should be celebrating really.  If Elon is serious about free speech, even a little, this is not him winning the war this is just him agreeing to fight in it.


            Anyone want some popcorn? I believe I’ve some somewhere in the house!


            the meltdowns are priceless





            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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