Will masks and lockdowns come back?

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      Many are talking about this and who knows how it goes.  I think the already massive backlash to it might keep the mandates from coming back but I noticed something interesting after a recent grocery trip.

      My thought here is that just because mandates are not a thing does not mean people won’t behave as they were.  At my latest grocery trip there were already people in masks.  And I live in a mega red area so I would imagine in other places some portion of people are already wearing masks or will when prompted to by the media.

      What I am trying to convey here is that as much as it was called a conspiracy theory to refer to covid as training, that was indeed an outcome.  People are already acting without being prompted.

      Plus they don’t have to enforce anything this time to claim that mail-in ballots are needed and all that jazz.  So the required political need can be accomplished without the force if you look at it that way.


      Sheep/npc looking for their next download/commands.

      Where I live, because this past summer we have been getting more days with smoke and days with air quality alerts, seeing people wearing masks when outdoors (for smoke/air quality) reasons I can understand.

      But when it has been proven that unless your are in a medically graded n95 masks, the average mask is only good for the first 15-20 minutes max.  And since the virus is smaller than the gaps in the weave of the masks…

      And the usually “this is gonna be a bad season for colds/influenza/covid” like every other years (even when proven otherwise). get your masks and boosters ASAP!  non-sense.

      Yet in the US, where there is a POTUS election around the corner, this timing is as always suspect.

      “We can’t have you vote in person.  Mail it in!  You can’t ask for proof of ID as then we would have to remove our MASKS!  No! ! ! ”

      If anything, it has been shown that lockdown versus staying open, rates were nearly identical, if not better where there was no lockdowns.

      The DEMocrats are so desperate to control people, the need to control people, make people so dependent on the government for everything, they will gladly give up their constitutional rights to feel safe and secure, even if they are NOT.

      After the first round of lockdowns/mandates, the government discovered what worked, what didn’t, and whom they can easily control with their fearmongering, and those that resisted their totalitarian demands.


      The groveling and boot-licking by Americans was scary. Not in character at all. I was so disappointed. Probably the only guy that responded well was Ian Smith Fitness when it comes to gyms. All the gyms around me closed. They say it’s going to be climate change lockdowns next but the conditioning is on getting people programmed to be locked down and to do as they are told.

      Regarding that, some talkers said that the only survivors of the fires in Hawaii were those who disobeyed the government. That is something to think about. What also bothers me is that some of the intellectuals that I read who warn the public against state authority went out and got vaccinated and boosted. Another troublesome thing was that churches complied with it and some religious people chose to obey this.


      You know the only reason they are doing this is due to elections coming up. They want to get away with the election fraud they did last year with mail in ballots.


      It’s all a fucking scam to them.


        “You know the only reason they are doing this is due to elections coming up. They want to get away with the election fraud they did last year with mail in ballots.”


        “It’s all a fucking scam to them.”

        I think that is understating it, it’s social engineering.


        I really hope the masked mode doesn’t make a comeback. The past times during the pandemic was incredibly tough for me. I’m a huge fan of live socializing and all sorts of events. In fact, I’m currently preparing for a Halloween party, and the thought of having to go back to strict lockdowns and mask mandates is quite disheartening. I’m even considering mobile bar hire to add that extra touch of fun and sophistication. Everything else has long since been ordered and paid for. Having experienced the joy of organizing gatherings and parties, I must say that the pandemic forced us to get creative with our celebrations. But nothing beats the excitement of seeing friends and family in person, without masks, and enjoying the festivities together.

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        I really hope not. As someone who is part deaf I found it very hard the last time round trying to hear anyone with the damn things on. I’ll go spar if I’m told to “mask up” again this year.


        @DragonLady that was the case for me as well. It also felt hot as hell wearing them too. So far it looks like we’re in the clear, but I don’t want to jinx anything.

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