will monster hunter 6 be for the modern audience?

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    just an interesting discussion i want to unclose. alot of companies these days are trying to please this modern audience. they feel as if the original audience they garnered over the past few years are not worth it, but what is truly worth it is the twitter audience. i remember hearing about capcom having a woke presentation to their employees. they mentioned how women characters cannot be rescued, how last of us 2 is a good example….Yes! capcom, the company who made monster hunter, you know, the game that was diverse since its first one! they think that last of us 2 is more diverse than whatever they put out throughout the years. it frightens me that such interesting games can get woke.

    i fear that the next monster hunter game will be woke. lets not forget that capcom will be working with sony for this game; sony loves to censor stuff, even if it is just a piece of clothing. no blood, no hot armor, no gendered options, no fun is basically whats going to be 6.

    if monster hunter 6 goes woke, many woke people will come out of the woodworks to defend the shifts. they will say sort of things like:

    *go touch grass
    *the game was always woke
    *you are an ist for not liking it

    if only these companies realised that getting all those twitter likes wont translate to more revenue.

    what do you think of this? do you think my fears are wrong or right?
    let me know!


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