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      No it’s not TLOU2, I don’t think that’s particularly woke TBH, but that’s another topic entirely. The wokest trash game is XCOM: Chimera Squad. Or as I like to call it Diversity Squad.  It is the worst thing I ever saw, the writing seems like it was done by SJWs with the intelligence of 10 year olds, and all the characters in that game are karens of various sorts. And there are zero white male characters in the game. The only representation of white males in it comes in a form of a picture of a fat slob corporate ceo hanging on the wall on various maps of the game. The banter of in game characters focuses on how women are better at everything and the jokes are all equally unfunny. Of course the only brawler character in the game is female, and deliberately made as ugly as possible, you know down with that male gaze.

      And this makes me extremely sad, as XCOM2 was / is my favorite game of this generation as I’ve clocked over 1100 hours in it. And my most anticipated game was XCOM3, until I saw Chimera Squad. If anyone from Chimera Squad is working on XCOM3, it will be a disaster of epic proportions.


      Well if Angry Joe loves it so much with that shit eating grin on his face then that tells me everything that I need to know.


      You don’t “accidently” slap a woman’s face onto the 3D capture of a man. LOU2 is the definition of woke. If what you’re saying about X-Com 3 is true, then that’s just another version of woke. And a serious disappointment. I’ve enjoyed X-Com going back to the original on Playstation. Hunting down alien baddies is a fun pastime. Stopped playing Borderlands 3 (completely done with Gearbox) because of this exact type of woke dumpster fire. Oh well, at least there’s still X-Com 2. Still need to finish the Chosen update actually.

      What about the independent one that was done by X-Com people? I think it’s called Phoenix Point. Developed by the creators of X-Com. Tried that one out yet? Supposed to be pretty good, from everything that I’ve heard. Need to see if it’s out for Xbox yet. Oh, yeah, here’s a link Phoenix Point – XCom spiritual successor


        Big budget wise maybe, but you have no idea about the woke indie garbage that is out there, shitty games made by literal SJWs full of their ideology.


          You don’t “accidently” slap a woman’s face onto the 3D capture of a man

          That’s actually a myth, just because you haven’t seen a woman who looks like that doesn’t make it a man. They used a real woman for the character, whether you like it or not is another question. But woke propaganda? Hardly.

          Gameplay of Phoneix point looked kind of underwhelming compared to xcom2, it looks like it was made to compete with xcom1. Besides they took the bribe and went epic exclusive, so I’d not buy it either way.



          Never played xcom.

          I would say tlou2, life is strange 2, nba 2k20 (wnba just because); fifa 20 (the street soccer mode story is woke af, I had to quit, it’s unplayable) and even The Sims 4 can be quite woke.


            There is a difference between a woke story and woke propaganda. Chimera Squad has woke propaganda.

            The mere existence of gay characters doesn’t bother me at all.  What bothers me is when the in game characters constantly talk about ideology even when it makes zero sense.

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              The worst I’ve ever played, personally, is After Party, unless I’m forgetting something.
              In general, if the advertising campaign has, even a hint of, wokeness, I’ll avoid the title all together.
              I also do not buy ANY modern game staring a female without looking into it first.
              Japanese made games are an exception to this rule.


                I don’t buy any game without looking into it first, why would you buy anything completely blind?

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