Wolverine (Logan) is the most “DC” character in Marvel


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    I always had this thought, I don’t know if anyone else thinks the same. But Wolverine would be a pretty dope character if he was a DC one. I think in Marvel he is so limited and most of the time without any support.

    Of course he still pretty badass and even got his own movies and stuff, but if he was DC he might had become even more popular.

    He is, by far, my favorite marvel character (I’m a DC guy thou)… but his style doesn’t really suits marvel, I think.

    Any opinions on this? And does DC have any character that could be slightly similar to Logan?  Maybe Lobo? I never read any Lobo comics thou, I guess they’re hard to find. I just saw him in the justice league cartoon once or twice.



    I don’t know what DC character would be like him, but will say that it’s super interesting how some characters just get all the stories and writers. Logan, Conan The Barbarian, Luke Skywalker, etc. There are a select few that become these all-time great characters. Green Arrow might be most like Logan in DC. I’d have to see an extensive list.

    Off topic, but Bruce Wayne and James Bond all my life kind of came off like the same guy. They both had high-tech weapons and gadgets and cool cars. That cheesy era they even had the same stunts with hanging from helicopters and things like that.

    DC characters were more like gods. Marvel characters were kind of vulnerable. The Punisher is another Marvel character like Logan. Stan Lee’s thing  was great because it was always some wimp who came into power on a fluke. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers were all kind of dorks before something happened to them. The cool thing about it is that they were good men before and after. I think most people, if handed great power, would turn into bullies and tyrants out for payback.


    Are you saying that because DC has become so dark and depressing since the New 52? I can’t say he really fits there so since DC is either Street level or “I can give Superman a fight” level. Either Wolverine is going to be the most overpowered character or the one that gets beat up the most.


    Wolverine would fit in perfectly with characters like Lobo, Guy Gardner.

    An anti-hero who does not mind getting dirty and vulgar when needed.




    I don’t think so. Their Wolverine parody, Lobo, had to be an over-powered character to fit in with the other common godlike characters. I’d say Thor, Hyperion, Thundra, the Inhumans… have a DC vibe but not Wolverine or the X-Men in general. I think the X-Men are very particularly “Marvely” and the closest DC has ever come to them are the Teen Titans or some of the Wildstorm stuff (which are themselves X-Men clones but never got near the vibe like WildC.A.T.S. or Gen 13).


    I get your point, but maybe you’re looking at it more in the Superman, Shazam perspective. I was looking at it kinda in the Batman, Deathstroke perspective.
    But I have to agree with those points. ;) Cheers


    Great timing. I just re-watched The Wolverine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolverine_(film) . It’s from 2013 and they did a good job on it. He’s in Japan against the Black Clan ninjas and The Silver Samurai. Wolverine and the X-Men has some bad films but that money was used to get Marvel into cinema. What a leading man Hugh Jackman really was. Carried that company into the future. I agree with a lot of critics of the X-Men films, but The Wolverine was a really well done film.

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