Xbox games going more woke than PlayStation?

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    Yes, sadly Microsoft’s games are becoming more and more woke and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Sure, no one is surprised, much less myself but I was hoping Microsoft would walk back their woke BS after they saw Bud Light and Target’s stock and value fall, but sadly shortly after seeing them get backlash, Microsoft made a woke statement claiming they’d be making games more “diverse and inclusive” by pushing alphabet community characters in their games.

    This has lead to such “creative” moves like making the main Fable trailer showcasing a Man’s face on a woman’s body which HeelsVsBabyface pointed out in his videos not too long ago. Clearly the trans level developer who we all clearly see where they took the facial “inspiration” from which was not the actress they falsely claimed was the face model (because whose going to believe a woke company wouldn’t do this). Anyone with two functional eyes can tell whose face they used and I can tell you, it’s not the actress they claimed.            They also went and attacked HeelsVsBabyface for pointing this out which tells me “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    Ultimately, we are going to see a lot of woke identity politics being pushed by Microsoft and sadly, not one of the true Xbox fans and gamers will benefit from these games when they launch.

    Whether you are part of the alphabet community or not, this won’t benefit gamers in the least and will ultimately ruin Microsoft’s entire game development franchise. Sure, we will still be able to play all our favorites on gamepass, Sure we will still get all our games we want to play, sure we can even boycott the voice chatting on the internet but at the end of the day, the games are going to fail to meet expectations and will fail to continue investments with Microsoft. Unless Microsoft plans on changing their strategy, I would not be getting any excitement from Microsoft first party games moving forward.


    I mean, how do you screw up a Halo game? This entire previous installment showed us that they do not care about continuity, they don’t care about who handles their IPs, they simply don’t care and they don’t have the foresight to see that we are the consumers and we have demands that they simply won’t meet expectations on.


    I’m only playing Xbox for third party games that aren’t woke and I won’t be investing in their games any time soon.


    Agree with me or not, this is what to expect. Sure the games might not be “that woke” but unfortunately, “not that woke” just sounds like: not worth buying to me. PlayStation and Xbox are going eat themselves pandering to ESG scores and woke identity politics.

    It won’t ruin Microsoft as a whole, but it will ruin the Xbox division eventually because bad choices equal bad outcomes and no company is too big from falling.


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    Both Xbox and PlayStation are altering their games to reflect varied ideas. While some may see this as ‘woke,’ it is about embracing inclusivity and sharing diverse stories, which enriches the gaming experience for everyone.





    Just don’t buy games you don’t like. The issue is some snowflakes think a game is woke for having a female or black character. There was a whole ass thread here about someone complaining how woke Hogwarts Legacy is because one of the main characters is black and there is a minor trans character


    @SuperSoynic_Speed @thomassparker1399

    In some cases, you would be right, but that’s sadly not the case because in every single one of these games, IDENTITY politics and AGENDA is being pushed over story and that’s why they’re woke.

    See, the fact that they had to make a black character just to be black or a trans character to be noticeably trans is woke content in itself.

    Does it ruin the whole game, that’s also the level of woke we are dealing with here. I also wouldn’t call someone a snowflake for calling out woke identity politics.

    Diverse and inclusive can exist without pushing a narrative which is more often why these games include characters like this in the first place. Sadly these games are woke to some extent and sadly people don’t want to pay for that.

    I remember back in the day where a black character could just exist and no one bat an eye, San Andreas prime example. The main character was black, a first for the GTA franchise, follows a classic 90s gang story, good writing, and probably one of the best games of the series.

    Please tell me where the agenda was pushed? It wasn’t, it was about a man and his rise to gangster glory. It was just a good story and had humor and had fun, a term often ignored in modern gaming.


    Today we see woke studios like naughty dog refrain from using terms like “fun” which is the entire point of a video game, wouldn’t you say?

    Now take Forespoken. The characters were annoying, unlikeable and often use race or slavery as a plotting device rather than just an appearing black and moving on. Let’s also look at The Last of Us Part 2, normal guy who saved a girl’s life and then gender confused creep who murders a good guy. Please tell me how this wasn’t motivated by an agenda?

    It was and that’s what makes it woke. ESG scores pushing investors made these games woke by promising better interest rates for companies who push woke agendas.

    Diverse and inclusive doesn’t work if the games suck. Games do not have to have characters that look or think like you to be diverse and inclusive. Video games were only about exclusivity when it came to IPs, not people.

    Ultimately, you can pay for woke garbage, that’s your money. You do you, but these games are still woke.

    Even Diablo 4 has gone super woke, focusing on strong female characters rather than the namesake of the game Diablo. Why would you pay for something that doesn’t respect the source material or previous games and focus on identity politics?

    It doesn’t take away from the gameplay, but I can still play all the other Diablo games if I want a Diablo fix too, so why bother?


    Great responses btw, I can definitely respect how you guys see the good intentions, but I won’t be agreeing sadly.


    Your right, I also won’t be buying woke games, but I am still going to stand up and say it’s woke garbage.

    Also, Female characters should be attractive, sex sells after all. That’s where I’ll end this, down with woke ideas in video games, they don’t sell.


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    • This reply was modified 10 months ago by Salvince.

      “Just don’t buy games you don’t like. The issue is some snowflakes think a game is woke for having a female or black character. There was a whole ass thread here about someone complaining how woke Hogwarts Legacy is because one of the main characters is black and there is a minor trans character”

      I agree with that overall.  Don’t like it, don’t buy it.  That’s what’s going on for Target and Budlight.

      Did some people think Hogwart’s was woke?  Yes.  But your breakdown of that is just pushing the propaganda of hatred via focusing on identity which is what you are claiming others of doing.  The claim was not that it was woke because of the black character(s) itself or possibly a trans character (I don’t think she was trans just because she had a deep voice) but because those things did not really exist in 1800’s England.  And one could argue forcing that into it the game of that time period just for virtue points is woke.

      Now, did I care?  No.  Did it stop me from playing what is a really well done game?  No. Do I think intentionally being incorrect for virtue points is silly?  Yes, but it’s my choice whether to buy it or not and I did.  I personally did not find it woke, I would refer to it as slightly factually incorrect and I did not care.



      @vknid absolutely. Hogwarts legacy was tolerable to say the least. Plus I have a fiance’ who loves Harry Potter stuff, so I had to buy it for her B-day and ironically, it PO’d a lot of woke people so it really was a slam dunk against woke crowd even if it went to a woke developer.

      I can hold my ideals back if it means I can make my future wife happy and make woke losers miserable. Two wins in my book.

      Still, I wish they didn’t put those characters in there, it simply should be about enjoying a game.




        ” it PO’d a lot of woke people so it really was a slam dunk against woke crowd even if it went to a woke developer.”

        I honestly DO NOT care about the politics of an author, writer, game dev, actor, and so on.  If we get into the game of “I don’t agree with X so I won’t consume their stuff” then you will hate everyone and everything because 100% agreement is not possible unless you are in a cult IE the Radical Left.

        Now the caveat to me not caring, is that I don’t care UNLESS you make me care.  I can without issue separate the art from the artist unless you inject your politics into your art.  At which point I write you off as an ideolog and not so much an artist, and I do not purchase your wares.

        “and make woke losers miserable. Two wins in my book.”

        In my opinion, there is zero value in intentionally making someone you disagree with upset or “miserable”.  All that gains you is some level of personal satisfaction while fanning the flames of societal division.  I find that a very selfish act that ,while you might feel like you won a battle with someone, it just contributes to everyone else losing the war.

        I find such focus very misplaced.  If you want to stop that tyrannical army from marching forward and destroying the ideals of America go after the generals and not the powerless foot solders who have mostly fallen victim to their obsession with the self.

        If your political motivation is simply to make others upset or angry because they are not on your “team”, then you don’t understand what “team” you are on because you are just doing the bidding of the political elite whom wish to keep us divided as possible so they can rule over us with an iron fist.


        I’m sorry you feel that way, but unfortunately that is not the case at all, that you projecting what I think.

        First, this has nothing to do with my “disagreement with a author, writer, dev,” you’re putting that spin on this conversation and pushing it onto me.

        Let me clarify for you:”I do not want woke BS placed in my video games.” Quit pushing YOUR NARRATIVES into my discussions.

        I know what I said, but you clearly don’t know what I said so let me spell it out for you: I don’t care if you’re a liberal, conservatives, or independent: putting your agendas in video games you expect ME TO BUY = me not buying them.

        Let me give you an example: the writer who originally wrote the warriors was a former communist and a reformed socialist, I absolutely HATE SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS (WHICH ARE THE SAME THING TO ME), but he wrote an amazing book that became an amazing movie and an amazing video game.

        That’s perfectly fine, but the movie itself was majority based on an old Greek story about an army being 1000 miles from enemies, and escaping home, it wasnt about how communist Russia was such a great place to live.

        Are you starting to understand what I’m saying? Are you even reading what I’m writing?


        Second, where did I disparage anyone from having a conversation? How am I being divisive by having a conversation where I disagree? Parts of conversations are about disagreeing, I’m fine with that, I also agree plenty too. How am I making anyone miserable?

        Speak for yourself, not others @vknid. You’re doing what socialist liberals often do: make false claims about someone you’re talking to and then project it onto them and then pretend to care about others.

        You’re the only divisive person here because you’re literally doing everything right to try and aggravate me and it’s not going to work. If you don’t like being a moderator, then don’t moderate.

        I actually enjoyed the conversation soynic and Thomas were talking about. They simply don’t mind the woke BS, that’s cool. That’s their thing. I said that in my first response, but I still have a right to disagree.

        Wasnt it you who said: “you’re not going to agree with everyone.” Now you’re against me being objective against what others think.

        You clearly care about everything I’m saying or else you wouldn’t be responding. You rather continue to see woke content pushed and ruin the video game community, that’s you. You simply don’t care about original work and effort that video games had and it’s being turned into woke agenda BS. That’s cool if you don’t care something I enjoy it being ruined. If that’s the case, why are you even responding?

        My only political motivation here is to state the obvious about an industry that’s on the verge of going tits up because people are pushing woke BS in video games, a platform that was very non woke and fun for a very long time.

        I find it selfish you feel the need to take off topic subject I provided and tried to make this about me.

        If you don’t like what I have to say, stop being a moderator. You’re the divisive one here. Why are you on a forum you can’t handle the objective opinions of others?

        I didn’t sit here and call anyone, any names, there’s no war here, just conversations.

        And as for your “generals over foot soldiers” remark: what are you even talking about? I cant have a conversation with people without them being up in arms against me? I’m not fighting war with anyone here, I’m disagreeing and doing so respectfully.


        Do yourself a favor and just stop moderating. You clearly can’t handle the objectional opinions of others, if you even take the slightest criticism I have about a woke company and turn it into something about “me being the problem.” You’re the problem, you are acting foolish. You act nothing like an actual conservative and you put your words in the mouths of others which id expect from liberal arts college drop outs. You’re a condescending, arrogant, and absolutely divisive person who needs to take a chill pill.

        If you want to have an adult conversation without side barring, Ill be waiting in a zoom room.




        Here, @Vknid Let me fill in what you’re gonna say next:

        “You clearly can’t handle the objectional opinions of others, if you even take the slightest criticism I have about a woke company and turn it into something about “me being the problem.”

        Is that what you’re doing though? I’m giving you my thoughts and opinions but you’re getting aggro at me because what I say doesn’t align with your ideologues and agenda.


        My response will then sound as such:

        No, I was having a perfectly sound conversation about the woke narratives being pushed in games and uglification of female video game characters which is part of a woke agenda and then you came in here and gave your “hot take” on what I’m talking about is divisive.

        Overall, I’m not into it bud. If you want to stick to the conversation topic, be my guest. If you want to build up this narrative that I’m getting upset about your opinion about me, be my guest to leave the conversation for another time.

        You have every right to have an opinion about me, but the problem is: the conversation was about woke companies pushing agendas into a medium that should not be pushing agendas.

        Stop side barring this conversation about me being miserable because the only thing that makes me miserable is condescending blowhards like you who try to dissect everyones thoughts as some personal issue.

        Now here’s how you should respond and the response I think you rather would say to me:


        “Salvince, you should not let these woke games consumer your thoughts. People want to play some of these games, you should let them because they’re still fun and people will just ignore it either way.”


        If you had said this, I would have been absolutely fine. Id respond thusly:

        Thank you for your take, I also think I take too much inventory in these games being made and I know other gamers will look the other way. Good for you if you can overlook all these games woke agendas and still enjoy yourself. I simply just don’t enjoy them and don’t want to buy them as a result.

        “I’m happy other people are still having fun with these game, I don’t though because they aren’t fun to me. I am absolutely happy other gamers will not let these woke agendas stop them from gaming. Good for them. I’m not stopping either, but I’m taking inventory on where my money goes. Good for you if you don’t mind. I’m glad we could have this conversation.”


        We all draw our lines on what we enjoy, what we are willing to stand and fight for. My fight has always been against censorship and agenda pushing. It’s happening in video games, that’s what I want to fight against.

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          “Here, @Vknid Let me fill in what you’re gonna say next:”

          “You clearly can’t handle the objectional opinions of others, if you even take the slightest criticism I have about a woke company and turn it into something about “me being the problem.”

          No, I was not going to say that at all.  I was going to ask you if you’re just skimming over my posts without reading them thoroughly. If that’s the case I get it, I am for sure wordy without a doubt. Because post after post you explain what you think I mean but respond to a meaning that is entirely incorrect.  You end up bloviating for multiple posts where you just repeat things I say using different wording or just speak to points like we are battling each other when we actually agree on the same points.  I am not sure why you have to be all aggressive and angry about it I do not believe, even in disagreement, I have acted that way towards you in the least.

          If you want to have a conversation cool.  I am all about it.  But I ask you to read my stuff all the way through if you are going to respond so we can understand fully where each of us is at.  If you are simply looking for a fight so you can attempt to “make woke losers miserable” then I am not interested because that is of no value to me and I am not woke.


          Because every time I read your stuff, it just sounds like you wanna argue.

          I didn’t skim at all, the way you’re talking just sounds like you want to have a separate conversation altogether. I’m glad we can agree on the same talking points but honestly half the time when I read your work it sounds like you’re trying to pick me apart in a separate conversation.

          It’s not that I’m skimming, it’s that everything you write just sounds like a completely separate conversation that sounds like you want to criticize me personally than to talk about the topic.

          I read your words, that’s what it sounds like. Bloviating or not, that’s what I’m reading.

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